=NicA= full text


 =New ideological concept of Absolute=


HERE IS: NEW physics, biology, cosmogony, economics, jurisprudence, sociology, philosophy.

HERE IS: A realistic (scientifically and economically grounded) action plan for the revival of a Healthy ecology throughout the Planet.

IT IS SAID, HERE: that we all urgently need to understand, change and do so that Our Civilization does not perish in the coming decades, but continues to develop endlessly in complete harmony with nature.

HERE IS: Unified Field Theory (Unified Theory of Everything), a logically proven explanation of how from NOTHING appeared SOMETHING and how this SOMETHING has developed and continues to develop as Our Universe.

HERE IS: scientific and logical explanations for the anomalies, which where still unexplained.


Author — Igor Kasyanov.


Translation and correction — Oles Skorchenko



Do not be afraid of the flight of thoughts.

And do not let other people’s authority press on you.

Remember, that the Noah’s Ark was built by the amateur

But the “Titanic” was built by the professional.





Remark # 1

The graphic logo of this philosophical, scientific, economic, social ideological concept (New ideological concept Absolute) — looks like this: =NicA=.

Remark # 2

Everything flows — everything changes…

The flow of information increases dramatically. And more and more time is required for its familiarization, studying, memorization, processing and transferring. It is required to “keep in mind” a larger and larger volume of different knowledge. And to know, remember and correctly execute, all unnecessary difficulties in the spelling of some languages — nowadays it becomes «inadmissible and unjustified luxury.»

Well, who wants to be considered an “ignoramus” who writes ignorantly and with errors (especially if, in something else, this person is a cool specialist) ?! Indeed, the main thing in any letter is to more accurately convey all the information, all the meaning and its nuances; rather than boast handwriting, or spelling.

The conclusion suggests itself: changes are needed.

All the languages which exist on the planet, over time, either transform , adapting to changing conditions and situation, or die off, or merge with other languages. The same thing happens with language writing: spelling rules, the number of written characters and punctuation rules is changing.

The original of this book was typed in electronic form and printed on paper (A4 format) in 2014 in the country of Ukraine — in Russian language.

As for many other languages, in which one is written with letters, but something completely different is read, it is advisable to introduce transcriptional spelling and reading of words (that is — to write as you 

read). And if for some frequently used monosyllabic sounds in some languages there are not enough letter symbols, then it is advisable to introduce additional letter symbols. And it is also desirable to strive for :

 — To pronounce — as it is written. (There is such a rule, for example, in the Ukrainian language). Well, the fact that, in one and the same note, we propose in one case to reduce the number of letters (sound symbols), and in the other — to increase, says only that it is necessary to act wisely and according to the circumstances.

Transmitting any information verbally, for a better understanding of the listener, we use the pauses and intonations of our voice; and with the facial expressions and gestures — we give the informational picture even more emotionally informative coloring.

This is precisely our emotionally informative picture; carrying in itself both «dry» information and our attitude to this information and all our feelings and characteristics of the soul …

Transmitting the same information in writing, the role of pauses and intonations is taken by the written punctuation marks. But the rules for their formulation, as we have said, are imperfect.

Punctuation marks and the rules for their formulation should give the author as many opportunities, as possible, to express the information precisely in his (the author’s) meaning and interpretation. After all, this is precisely his (the author’s) informational picture, written individually by him on paper, or in another medium.

Therefore, in this book, for a better understanding , the rules of punctuation are changed and simplified. So:

Comma is placed when, according to the author, for a better understanding, you need to indicate a pause (usually in the case of division of sentences into semantic blocks, as well as in the case of the listing, separation of concepts, etc.).

Dash — an extended pause (when you can insert some additional word, phrase, or a preposition. It is also used to transmit direct speech, or to separate semantic blocks.

Semicolon — although a sentence

is finished, but the same thought continues.

Ellipsis — the thought (information) is not finished, think it through by yourself …

Colon — before a direct speech or quotation, and before listing something, when you can say before that: «Namely:».

Quotation marks («») — are used in case of direct speech or when a word or phrases have a double meaning. And also, when in a sentence or phrase you need to highlight the name of something.

Parentheses ( ) — addition, explanation.

Question mark, exclamation point and dot — as usual.

Changing the font format and underlining — drawing attention to the word, phrase, thought …

Remark # 3

Very often, people, under the same word, mean completely different concepts, information and emotions.

For example, by the word communism, some people mean everything best, others — everything bad, and some mean — something unclear.

In verbal form, it is at least somehow deciphered by intonation. But in the writing form — you can understand it whatever you want … And there are thousands of such examples. This is especially harmful when translated from language to language. And it also happens when it is impossible to describe something in one word, or it is very difficult. Especially — new and unknown.

In order to more accurately convey the meaning of information, in this book, a new punctuation mark is introduced: the sign of semantic identity (, =).

The sign of semantic identity (, =) is placed between the words and the phrases, which, approximately equally, fit the description of what is being described.

For example, let’s turn to the Bible in Russian and read: «In the beginning was the word.» There is a not quite accurate translation of the ancient word LOGOS into Russian; (After all, someone should say the word or invent it. And that means — someone was already existing (before the word). It similar applies to translation into other languages.

Therefore, using the sign of semantic identity, this can be written more informatively correctly: «In the beginning there was a word, = logos, = information, = thought, = awareness, = feeling, = reason, = intelligence.»

In some cases, for a more harmonious picture of the text, the role of the sign of semantic identity is played by sharp brackets <>.

Since the book will describe many new and controversial things that are very difficult to explain with words — this new punctuation mark is very, very useful.



All of us are children of the Earth. But what kind of children are we ?!

We are killing, destroying, our Home planet and are already dreaming of how we will colonize and kill other planets, as well.

Who will allow it to us ?!

          What do we know about the universe and its laws ?!

We do not know: where everything came from, nor how, nor why.

Some say: «The Big Bang.»

Others say — created by the God.

What exploded, why, where did it come from?

And if created by the God, then who created the God?

And most importantly — where? Where did all this happen?

Where did the space come from, this monstrous emptiness with well-defined characteristics? (For example: you can put a kettle in it and boil water and pour it down, or up or sideways. And then swap the top and bottom …)

To say that all this has always been, mean to get away from the answer. Everything should come from somewhere. And at the very beginning, there should have been nothing.

But how to explain what cannot be explained by modern sciences? How to understand anomalies? (These are just laws of nature that are not yet known to us).

We all fear = wait for the End of the World; because we know, understand and believe that this cannot last forever.

Oil on Earth will end during our lifetime. All other fossil energy sources: gas, coal, uranium, etc. — will end very soon.

 What’s next? Where to get the energy?

 — To decompose matter into energy, or to take it from space — we do not know how and, with a modern approach to science, we won’t learn it soon.

Well, what are we going to fly on? Biofuel ?! And to drive on electricity, using for its production all alternative natural sources ?! Or start to decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen ?!

— That’s also an option. Though they are temporary. Yes, and to the stars, with such options, we will not fly …

But we will not live up to these options if we do not change anything. Because, at such a rate of pollution, we will soon drown in our own garbage, choke in our own toxic waste.

 And even this is not a fact. Because, earlier we can die in our own wars, from our own weapons. To perish in global catastrophes caused by our inharmonious rash actions that are incompatible — neither by Earthly Nature, nor with common sense at all.

Of course, in this situation, the End of the World — will not pass by us!

And we know the reasons:

  — This is our anger, aggression, envy, greed and thirst for power.

Even the peaceful religions, preaching goodness, love, compassion and patience — we have managed to put in the service of war, conflict, contention; justification of cruelty, terrorism and human stupidity.

We can humiliate, kill, hurt, destroy, take away — to enjoy; to prove our superiority and power.

Wolf’s laws? No, not wolf’s! You can’t meet such chaos in the animal world. Behavior, leading to self-destruction is a purely human abomination! (Unless, of course, we consider deadly viruses and germs. In the “decent” trinity we are, isn’t it?!)

But the worst part is that all these abominations are profitable. No, not to the nations, but to those who are in power.

— And those in power, are those, whose moral qualities are most consistent with the prevailing scale of modern values and dominant morality.

— And the prevailing scale of modern values is money, gold and material wealth.

— And the prevailing morality — is the service of these values, the extraction and accumulation of them — at any cost.

The main essence of this scale of morality is greed, the desire «all for oneself»; and all the rest are rivals, competitors, or enemies.

 It is precisely these moral qualities, these emotions, in this system, that drive “such persons” — forward and upward.

And the fact that there is an abyss ahead of us — for «such persons» — doesn’t matter.

Well, others will not go upstairs.

 To reassure the «lower classes», there are double standards, double morality, false goals, deceit, fooling and repression; and advertising, advertising, advertising — of the prevailing scale and the prevailing sick morality.

If anyone normal breaks through to the top, with the help of circumstances, then they will be «eaten» very quickly.

The “lower classes” will rebel a little … Without any particular sense. Everything will be back to square one.

Those who are “on the scale” will float. Those who are more honest — will drown. And who wants to «swim» — must pay !!!

How can we break this circle?

How to change the stereotypes and direction of our intellection to avoid the End of the World, but to move to the Way of the endless development of society?

What is the value scale that we need? What system? How to revive the Planet, harmony, justice?

How to fly to the stars, in terms that are comfortable from the point of view of earthly human life? Where to get energy? How to understand what is alien to us and what is new? How to harmoniously fit into that interplanetary life?

What is this, Our World, = Our Universe? What does it mean — life and what does it mean — death ? And what is after death? Is the crystal alive or not? What about the mountains? What about the forest? What about the sea? Is there life on Venus? What is a soul? Subtle world? What about ghosts? What about God? What about time?

           =NicA=  answers all these questions.

Prepares, proves — and gives an answer.

         The concept =NicA= consists of five parts:

                                                         Part 1 «New Look»

         “We will take a fresh look at seemingly obvious and familiar things.”

                                                         Part 2 «Universe»

         — Explains and proves: how it all began; as from NOTHING — appeared; what is an energy, field, matter, emptiness, Our Universe, God, spirit, human, nature.

                                                         Part 3 «Versions»

         — Explain the mysteries of nature, in terms of new knowledge.

                                                         Part 4 «Society»

         — We can’t live like that, it’s clear, because we’re going to an end. So how should it be? And why?

                                                         Part 5 «What to do»

         — We explain: where to start, and how to act in order to achieve the desired changes.

         For a better perception, understanding, memorization and retrieval of information — all parts of the book are divided into information-semantic sections; and informational and semantic sections — into informational and semantic blocks. For ease of search, all informational and semantic blocks of the book have a single numbering system.

         As the saying goes: «Even the endless path — begins with the first step.»

         Let’s step …




Part 1. New View

Section 1.1. Finite — Infinite


Block 1.1,1


Our human life is designed so, that everything in it has its beginning and its end. This is because — we ourselves are born and die. And our memory is limited by this period. But we live in the universe. And we are the part of it!

 And any scientist will tell you that the universe is infinite; and any part — must have the signs of the whole. But what signs can infinity have ?! Of course — endless!

 And what is infinity, in our general understanding?

— This is something so infinitely large, infinitely long, infinitely distant and in general — immeasurable, incomprehensible and foggy, with blurred borders.

Because when we start to imagine infinity, then at the edge of our image of a “mentally drawn picture” there is always blurred and uncertainty. We can mentally advance further, but blur and uncertainty will also advance. And this will continue until we are tired of this activity.

 We can say that we mentally moved along the path of infinity. Or we can say that we mentally increased = expanded our personally imagined infinity.

Scientists say that, according to the redshift effect, the Universe (which is infinite) is expanding. And then, perhaps, it will begin to shrink. And it turns out that infinity — is very strange: it expands (how it can expand — if it’s already infinite?), and then it suddenly begins to shrink … (and what will remain there, after compression, when the infinity will pass?! …) In general, there is some misunderstanding on all of this. Let’s figure it out.

Block 1.1,2


Let’s start with infinity, or with infinities, if there are many of them. Let’s see:

Let’s take a point in front of us and draw a line from it to the right and let’s, mentally, continue this line to infinity … And it turns out that this infinity has no end, but its beginning is right in front of us. Well, if we look at this matter from the opposite endless point of view, then it turns out that there is no beginning, but the end — is just in front of us.

 Now let’s draw, from the same point, a line to the infinity to the left … Up … Down … Side … It turns out that our point is just in the center of all these infinities. Now we can move this our point relative to this center of our infinities, with completely measurable coordinates. We can also move our infinities relative to each other, and we can display with numeral the coordinates of their movement relative to our original conditional center.

Now let’s take, at some point, a piece of emptiness and mentally expand it to infinite size … Let’s take another several pieces of emptiness, at several points, and let’s also mentally expand them to infinite size …

 Well, now we can move these imaginary void = spaces, mentally taking them as conditionally central points, left and right, put them into each other, increase and decrease; in short — to make any actions with them.

Let’s call all of these and similar infinities, an external infinities. This will also include endless rows of numbers, ranges and coordinates.

Now consider another option:

       Lets  take a ruler and draw a specific final segment, for example, 20 cm long. Now divide it in half. Now we got in one segment of 20cm,  two segments of 10cm. Now we’ll again divide these 2 segments, of 10 cm each, in halves, and we’ll get in one segment of 20 cm, the four segments of 5 cm. Now lets halve the segments of 5 cm long, again, and we’ll get in one segment of 20 cm, the eight segments of 2.5 cm long. And so on …

          When will this operation end? Never !!!

The number of segments will be more and more. Their sizes will be smaller. But where is that line, when it will not be possible to divide the segment again? There is no such line! It’s just our thinking stereotype interferes us to realize this verity, because of imaginary sizes of a pencil, or an atom, or something else …

 But the fact remains: there is a specific segment, a specific size, and dividing it into smaller segments, can go on indefinitely. Yes, the size of the segments will decrease and decrease, tend to zero … But will never, never, reach this zero.

Now let’s take any volume of any shape, for example, the system of a pyramid with a ball attached to the side. And let’s begin to reduce the size of this volume, each time for a half. If the volume is reduced proportionally in both parts of the system, the shape will be preserved. If we simply reduce the volume of the part, without worrying about the whole form, then the form will change, but the reduction procedure itself, in both cases, will be preserved endlessly.

The volume will tend to zero, but will never become zero, in the meaning, that it will never completely disappear.

Let’s name such infinities — internal infinities. This will include infinite series of divisions, and an infinite number of shades, and infinite components of the ranges.

Well, what we have? It turned out the following: we can confidently say that, firstly — with infinity, we can perform various actions.

Secondly, any objects, subjects, processes and everything that is the part of the Universe, initially carry the signs of infinity, which, in fact, in an infinite Universe, is correct and logical. (And even all that, what from our point of view, has an undeniable end and beginning, is just a link in an endless chain).

And finally, thirdly — infinities can be both different and the same, and of any shape and size, and there are infinitely many of them (infinities).

 Using the infinities, we vested them in the form of our mental images <feelings, sensations>, we took specific physical objects or drawings and performed certain specific actions with them …

From this follows one of the most important for us in the future characteristics of infinity — infinity can be fixed: as a feeling, as an information, as an object; and the actions can be performed with it, as with a single unit.

And from this follows the paradoxical, at first glance, conclusion that even the most infinite and comprehend infinity, in fact, is not so absolutely comprehensive and not so absolutely infinite; and it has its own, albeit blurry and almost unattainable limits. The universe is infinite — but measurable.

So, after all, our scientists say that although our Universe is infinite, it is quite likely that there is both the Anti-Universe and parallel Universes . And black holes — «from the same song.»

Of course, it is possible that somewhere, in the depths of their souls, they (scientists) believe that all this happens in a comprehensive and boundless void (of unknown origin …).

But we will explain this in the second part of the concept =NicA=.

So — we have considered infinity. The general definition of physical infinities can be expressed as follows: infinities are systems or objects, being inside of which, it is impossible to reach their limits, according to the laws reigning inside. Black Holes, by the way, is a very good example here.

Block 1.1,3.

         Now let’s consider the exact opposite of infinity — the point.

First we derive a definition — and what do we actually mean when we say: «A point on a map. A point in the sky. A hot spot on the planet. Events develop at this point. At this point in the Universe there is a large cluster of galaxies.»

When we consider and mean something as a point, we consider it in a system that is many times larger than the size of this considered . Exceeding so much that the size of the object itself, in such a system, can be neglected. Because, in this case, it really looks like a point. For example, some small village on a large map of the World; and even more — some house on the surface of planet Earth. Similarly, the cluster of galaxies in one place, in the infinity system of our Universe, for us looks like a point. And for a cluster of galaxies — we look like a point. Everything is relative.

It turns out, that the main thing in such considerations is the system , which is used by those, who consider the «point object». That is: for us — our «near World» surrounding us — is incomparably more important and more valuable than some distant, far away cluster of galaxies.

 But at the same time, we still mean and believe that the World around us, and around this cluster of galaxies, is incommensurably larger, in all its manifestations, than this galactic cluster in one of its «tiny» places.

So, it turns out, that depending on the viewing system, a point can be considered as a point on a map, a city, a planet, a star, and a cluster of galaxies …

Is there a limit to this series of actions?

Of course, there is no such limit!

Whatever infinitely huge size we would consider — in a system of infinity of infinities, this size can be represented as a point.

The conclusions follow from this …

The first conclusion — is the definition of what can be considered a physical point:

 As a point, we can consider = regard any object, if the system in which it is considered, is so large, that the size of the object can be neglected. (Again, black holes are a good example).

And the second conclusion: any infinity can be considered as a point.

And, based on the logical proofs and conclusions of the previous blocks, it follows, that any point can be considered as infinity.

This implies one of the most paradoxical, but also one of the most important laws of the structure of Our Universe, = Our World:

 — The point is identical to infinity.

(Identically, means — the same < the same things in principle, that has the same characteristics, has the characteristics of both >).

 And it turns out, that Our Universe can be considered both as a point and as infinity.

The Universe has the characteristics of both. (The unity of opposites). And, an infinitely large amount, in an infinitely small volume — is quite natural and possible. Just, depending on what and how … Everything is relative. (Again, a great example is “black holes”.)

 By the way,  scientists felt and knew this earlier. But they did not dare to derive clear and specific formulas, rules, laws, formulations — for some reasons. The reason is the inertness of our human thinking and the narrow angle of its (thinking) direction. And one of the main tasks of the first part of this book is to correct this situation, overcoming inertness and stereotypes.

Section 1.2. What is the size.


 Block 1.2,1.

         Well, what do we get?

Infinitely large in the infinitely small … And anyway: the point is equal to infinity … Well, then how to distinguish between big and small? So what then is the size?

— Travelers know that it is very difficult to determine the size of an unfamiliar object in the snowy tundra, in the open, calm sea, and in the sky, “by eye”. There is nothing to compare.

Well, now lets’ imagine what happens, if everything around us: homes, and furniture, and the Universe, and ourselves, begins to increase (decrease) proportionally, including intermolecular and interatomic and other forces and energies, and atoms and particles themselves ?! What will we feel or see? Just nothing !!!

 Because — no matter what we compare with — all proportions and comparisons will remain unchanged!

So it turns out that the size, = quantity

, is just the ratio of the sizes of things around us, = the World surrounding us, relative to our own and average human sizes.

Section 1.3.


Where is the reality — and where is the illusion (that, what seems real to us).  And who and how perceives them.

(That is, where reality, = actuality

, and where the way it seems , in short — deception, = mirage, = half-truth, = untruth. And who and how do perceives all this).

  Block 1.3,1.


— Do you see the gopher? — No! — But it exists!

 — Do you see the water in the desert? — Yes! — But it does not exist!

 — That is about our whole life … Our organs of perception are imperfect.  Our feelings, sensations are imperfect. And the conclusions, made on their basis, are also imperfect.

Block 1.3,2.

         Take a look at the starry sky at night. What will you see? Anything, but not the truth …

 Light comes from some stars for decades, from others — hundreds, thousands, millions of years…

Maybe, the half of these stars do not exist any more … Maybe, a myriad of new appeared …

Maybe so — maybe not … But the fact remains: we see a «hodgepodge» from a huge range of different times, without any guarantees for the truth of what was seen.

— Take a look at the propeller. — There it is. — Turn it on. — And it disappeared.

 — And the cinema — everything is so smooth and holistic … But in reality — everything is jerky and in frames.

— Gophers … Mirages … Holograms … Starry sky … Moving and disguised objects … Cinema …

It turns out, that very, very often, what we see is different from the verity (truth). And this is only about visibility. But how much, in fact, can we generally see in the narrow electromagnetic diapason of radiation that we perceive (the so-called optical window); this small segment of the information we perceive, on the background of an infinite spectrum of these electromagnetic radiation ?! If we would perceive a different diapason — both light and the World would be different for us.


Block 1.3,3.

         Humanity is divided into those, who believe in God, soul, spirits and devilry; those, who do not believe in all this; and those, who doubt and seek evidences.

— The main argument in favor of the fact, that there is nothing of this is, that the vast majority of mankind has never seen and never felt, never had contact, nor touched anything like that.

Let’s say that it is so! Now let’s consider this topic and analyze it:

— Electromagnetic waves — in general, and radio frequency ranges — in particular, have always existed since the creation of the World. But humanity has never seen, felt or touched them until it invented the corresponding devices.

 — Radio waves are not visible and imperceptible to us — and we are the same for them. Radio waves exist in their World, with their obstacles, their channels …

— Each range of these waves has its own properties, its own world of obstacles and channels. And for each other, they are imperceptible and are placed in the same space, absolutely not interfering with each other.

Of course, all this is so, until certain limits would be reached (limits of power, density, sensitivity, etc.). When the limits are exceeded, contact occurs, but these are very rare cases. So, after all, not everyone communicates with spirits and not every day.

Figuratively speaking, it is very difficult to explain to the mosquito larvae, living at the bottom of the pond, what air is and how those, who emerge from the larva, fly on it after larva’s death.

Maggots, = larvae of a fly, also do not know the sensation of flight. They are full and happy in a pile of shit! They do not see flies. Their task is: to eat shit, burrow into the ground and cease to exist, turning into a cocoon = chrysalis. Well, the flies, that hatched from them, already see the maggots, and their heaps of shit, and they can fly, and can already choose a place where to lay their maggots in order to continue their race.

We create, control and see the virtual world, created by us. The Virtual World, in the vast majority of cases, does not see and control us yet.

We understand the laws of the virtual World. Virtual World — don’t  understand our laws yet.

It is all about the ranges of existence, and the difference in their properties and capabilities; it means — in the existing range of limitations of perceptions and interactions. For some — the world is limited by one kind of frames, for others — by other kinds.

Therefore, what ‘s surprising is that the human soul (if it exists), after clinical death, sees and hears us — but we do not see (and hear) it ?!

(And if we assume that the soul does not exist — then who sees and hears us ??? Both us and own lifeless body — from the side ?! So, there is no one else, but the soul !!!).

Therefore, what’s surprising is in that, that the souls of the dead can see us, try to influence and communicate ?!

Therefore, what’s surprising is in that, that the God (if It exists) sees and controls us, but we do not see and control It ?!

— Some of us create a virtual World, that is useful for us, = the Internet, while others input there viruses and all the filth, that can destroy this virtual World.

Therefore, what is surprising if the God, invisible to us, (if It exists) creates our harmonious World; and the devil, invisible to us, (if it exists) inputs into our World any muck, that can destroy our World ?!

In the process of writing =NicA=, there is a strict rule: not a word without a proof. The word about God is yet to come.

Meanwhile, let’s draw the conclusions:

— Real is not only what is visible and felt (and the visible and the felt — can distort reality); but what is invisible and imperceptible, in this moment and at this point, may also be real.

 — And since relative to any visible point, the number of other, invisible points — is infinite, then the invisible and imperceptible reality is infinitely greater, relative to the visible and perceived reality.

Block 1.3,4.


Why, after all, we, so often, poorly distinguish the true real from the seeming? A mirage — is real in itself. Here it is! Yes, but the fact is that there really is no water — it only seems so.

And all because this surrounding reality, for us, as a physical living body, is just an electromagnetic signals transmitted along nerve fibers, from our sense organs to the brain, and translated by the brain into images and sensations. Our senses are imperfect.

Block 1.3,5.

          Well, what do we obtain in the terms of our human brain? The world around us — is electromagnetic signals. Sleep is — electromagnetic signals. Hallucinations are electromagnetic signals. Sensations, thinking, actions — electromagnetic signals …

Well, where, in fact, in this electromagnetism are WE ourselves? Where is this personal Self, = Our Essence, = Our consciousness <that, which is main and unchanging, identifying us in any states and dimensions>



Maybe this is our personality? No — because a person changes with the memory loss, in a dream, under the influence of hypnosis and chemicals.

Then, maybe this is our body? No — because the body changes with the time, and with the help of a surgery, and with the physical influences …

Smart scientists would say: «This is an individual genetic code» — actually, they are going to clone people according to this postulate.

But here’s the thing: the thousand-year-old experience of mankind shows, that during the deep meditations, tremendous emotional shocks, and during the clinical death, our own Self,= our consciousness, sees its own body from the side, is aware and perceives everything that happens around it (body).

And not only that — the flow of consciousness and perceived information does not fall, but increases sharply. What happens outside the walls, in other places, in other realities — becomes accessible, and at the same time, the brain practically does not produce any electrical signals and practically does not respond to any electrical signals. And that insignificant minimal connection with the outside world, which can still remain in the body, cannot convey even a small fraction of the usual life stream of information; not to mention a sharp increase of this information flow.

In addition, in order to see your body from the side, the point of observation = perception must be outside. Not to mention the fact, that no mirrors will help to see through the walls, and move through them. And even more so — into different ranges of realities, = plans of being. (These are light spatial tunnels, and encounters with other entities, and other realities. In general, all that is known from the centuries-old generalized experience of mankind.)

Since the body remains motionless, the conclusion is clear: the point of perception, = awareness, = observation, in these cases, leaves the body and moves independently.

But what is this point

? Or who locates in it? Can it be our neighbors or relatives? — Not! This is ourselves! But our body, here it is — just in front of us. Then, who sees it? Our consciousness — is the one !!!       Actually, we ourselves, personally, Our Essence, = our true Self. That, which is called in the religions — our soul , = our spirit. (The differences between soul and spirit will be explained later).

Hence the conclusion: Our Essence, = our consciousness, does not disappear outside the body and can leave it (the body); and can exist independently in surrounding realities, including those realities, that are inaccessible to our material, = physical body.

 It turns out, that the body — is just the carrier of what is called spirit, = soul, = Our Essence, = our consciousness, = our Self. And it turns out, that loss of consciousness is not its true loss, but only partial amnesia our Self, in the period of time, when consciousness was allegedly lost>.

Block 1.3,6.


Our life … Our dreams … Daydreams … Visions … Exit from the body … Flying in the tunnel … All these things are quite different. And the realities are different. But everywhere we feel, sense, see, observe, experience, act somehow , or remain inactive, desire something, strive for something, plan something. In general, we perceive and live. We live our personal and unique life.

— So what are we in our core essence? Or rather: «what is the Self, = Personal Essence, = our personal consciousness»?

And what exactly the reality is ?

Based on the foregoing, we conclude, that the true Self, = personal consciousness, = Personal Essence, = spirit, = soul, is conscious observation, = feeling of oneself and surrounding reality; source of action on the surrounding reality and interactions with it. And this concept is intangible!

There are so many realities, that one can say — infinitely many; and they are all so different, one might say — infinitely different, which means that any SOMETHING — is the reality. And it is right. Mirage — it exists! Hallucination — for someone it exists … Literary hero — is also described; and in this literary work — it exists …

Another thing is that it is necessary to group and classify these realities somehow.

We will not try to embrace the immensity, but we’ll simply group and classify all realities by type, from our human point of view.

From a human point of view, all realities can be divided into three types.

First type:

Subjective, = personal reality — that which perceives the true Self, in which it lives. That is — what the true Self perceives as life realities, the constituent parts of its living space and vital activity; what it (the true Self) lives in, what it affects, according to its (true Self’s) opinion and conviction.

 Here — everyone lives in their own reality. Someone — only in a purely material aspect. And someone — in the world of spirits, and in the world of dreams …


 Second type:

Objective reality — is what society perceives = public consciousness. (The generally accepted framework in which this society lives). There can also be many such realities. It all depends on the views of society on the world. The aborigines, living in harmony with nature, have an objective reality — filled with the spirits of mountains, rivers, forests

Among the adherents of the scale of values of modern civilization, objective reality is filled with things, dollars, gold, fear …

Objective reality, as well as subjective reality, can change over the time. If the views on life, knowledge, scale of values are changed …

Third type:

— Absolute reality. It is infinite in its manifestations, because we are always on the stage of constant knowledge. And this knowledge affects changes in the perception of objective and subjective realities.

Well, now the main, shocking, revolutionary conclusion:

The most valuable, the most important thing for us is Our consciousness, = our own Self, = our soul. Because everything else is temporary, it can be changed, you can do without it and so on. And without one’s own consciousness — nothing is needed.

  Because Own Consciousness — is Own Life!

And, if the most valuable and most important thing for us — is intangible (and consciousness is intangible), then the main, basic, most valuable reality for us — is also intangible !!!

But we, in our material period of existence, don’t really guess about it and don’t really think about it.

         Block 1.3,7.

 Now, on the basis of the logical reasoning, we make the final logical conclusion, that our consciousness, first of all, is a self-awareness . And secondly — it is personal, = individual perception, analysis and awareness of all information, coming both — from outside, and arising inside consciousness itself.

Which, in turn, leads to radiation — into the surrounding reality. That, just by their appearance and presence, leads to changes in the environment. (In the last resort — new information has appeared. So, action and work have been done!) And it turns out, that the consciousness, = spirit, — is the source of feelings, desires and action. And the body is the material carrier of our non-material spirit, = our true Self; and it’s an instrument of influence and contact, as well as an instrument of visualization of «visible perception» and individualization of the immaterial spirit in the material world. (Just like — for the contact and influence on the Internet < the virtual world> — we need a computer, and for visualization — a computer image). Body — materializes the intangible signals of the spirit.

But by the “physicalisating”, “chemicalizating”, “mechanizing” of signals of the spirit — the body drowns out something in them … What for? And this is another question, which we will consider a little later.

Section 1.4. Intangible concepts (IC).


Block 1.4,1.


So, consciousness, = spirit — operate with such concepts as feeling, desire, information.

And are they (these concepts) — material? Let’s consider.

 — For the beginning — Let’s separate the information itself from its carriers and transmitters, which, of course, may be material, also.

— Well, is the information itself — material? Let’s think …

The abstraction — no borders, no shape, no weight, no color, no smell, no strength, no interaction. How can it be material ?!

The conclusion — information is intangible, but its carriers and transmitters may be material.

 We can think and analyze in different ways about — what is the essence, = quintessence, = generalized formulation of the concept of information

But the conclusion is always the same: information is a set of distinctive features, something, expressed with intangible symbols,=images.

Being intangible, information has in itself both quantitative and qualitative differences. That is, information is an intangible quantitative-qualitative concept. In abbreviated form — IQC. In the original in Russian — нематериальное количественно-качественное понятие. (НКП)


Block 1.4,2.


Is the feeling — material?

— In any case, this «thing», = something, is more structured and limited than abstract information. And the feeling itself already contains an information. (At least — about its existence and difference from other feelings).

 But first, let’s separate the feeling of its materialized concept — the sensation. After all, if we separate all the accompanying sensations of a certain individual, = person, from a feeling of love, then love — will still remain love. And the hatred — still remain hatred. Simply, the sensations — are the feelings, transformed into an understandable (perceived) range for our physical body. (Range of biochemical and electromagnetic oscillations). In the same way, as the range of fluctuations of radio waves, that we do not perceive, is transformed by the radio receiver into the range of sound vibrations, perceived by us.

 And it turns out, that the feeling itself (due to its certain structure and limitation), although is closer to the matter, than abstract information, nevertheless, is not the matter, according to the modern concepts.

But this is no longer just IQC (intangible quantitative-qualitative concept), because, except the quantity and quality, feelings are also divided in their strength. One and the same feeling — can be stronger or weaker by its power.

Therefore, feeling — is an intangible quantitative-qualitative power concept (IQPC). In the original in Russian — нематериальное количественно-качественное силовое понятие (НКСП). And where is the force,=power — there energy is certainly exist!!! …

Desire,=aspiration, is also — a feeling.

Block 1.4,3.

         The fact that consciousness,=the spirit — is an intangible concept, we have already found out.

 So, is the spirit = consciousness — an intangible quantitative-qualitative concept (IQC)? Of course — yes! (At the same time, we take into account that there are a lot of consciousnesses, and they differ in quality: there are good and there are evil …)

Is it possible to consider the spirit as an intangible quantitative-qualitative force concept (IQFC)? Well, of course, yes! After all, they even say: «Strength of spirit.» (Of course, different consciousnesses, = spirits, differ in their strength). But the spirit,=consciousness, is also the source,=the radiator — of the

 feelings, desires, information … Well, if the spirit radiates, it means — it adds, changes, builds, transforms. In other words — it creates!

So, about the spirit, we can say, that the spirit is — an intangible quantitative and qualitative force creating concept (IQFCC).

 But we’ll talk about the spirit later.

In the meantime, a clear and rather interesting system of transformations looms: from an absolutely abstract, to a more structured, strong, creative …

Block 1.4,4.


And it is right. Because, before something more complex appears, less complicated components,=details must appear first.

 And in general — before something appears — an idea,=sketch,=image should appear, (symbols-images of information about the plan).

 Because with these symbols-images of information — IT (conceived) differs from NOTHING and from others SOMETHING. And these are —  intangible concepts (IC).

Therefore, the most absolutely initial principle — must be intangible. This is definitely so !!!

And «scientific materialists» cannot but admit this. (Unless, of course, they are not absolutely «stubborn»).

 Well, since there are a lot of non-material concepts, and in our universe, according to the logic of things, they should be initial , then we will conditionally divide tangible and intangible concepts,=things — into the ranges. (According to the principle of separation of the electromagnetic waves — into the ranges).

 All the intangible concepts: information, feeling, spirit, soul — is the IC-range (range of intangible concepts).

And all the material concepts: matter, field, energy (in its modern sense) is the MP-range (material-physical range).

Block 1.4,5.

            Is there an evidence in ordinary human life, that intangible concepts (IC) are perceived by our consciousness? There is — snoring! Why don’t a human hear its own snoring ???

Well, when the person sleeps soundly, it does not hear anyone else. But it often happens, that a person is as if dozing. Because the situation does not allow to sleep, but tiredness takes its toll. It seems to a person, that it is not sleeping. It hears what people around are talking about, what the radio or television is talking about, or it hears that there is silence around … And suddenly, somebody pushes this person into the hip and says: «Do not snore!» How is it? How can this be explained?

And the explanation is as follows:

          — because of tiredness, the consciousness is disconnected from the body, but internal self-control does not allow consciousness to switch completely to another reality — to fall asleep. And consciousness, as it were, “hangs” between two realities. And what is the snoring? This is the vibration of the body organs and the sound vibration. (The material vibrations of material bodies, transmitted through the material carriers, = conductors). And the intangible consciousness has already disconnected from the material body by “exiting” from the material reality. So, how the intangible consciousness can perceive the tangible vibrations? The consciousness — simply have nothing to perceive it. It (consciousness) has no material ears. For it (consciousness) — sound vibrations are — as radio waves for us. And it (consciousness) has already been disconnected from the body — of a “peculiar radio receiver”, by a “peculiar exit”. Then why does consciousness hear the speech ???

  Because the speech — is not only a sound vibration. Sound vibrations —  are just a carrier. And the main component of speech, its essence, meaning, purpose — is the information. Transfer and exchange of information. And information — is an intangible concept. The basic origin of information, also, is an intangible concept — spirit! And the mind perceives intangible concepts (IC) , because it (the mind) is a — IC (intangible concept) by itself. That means, that our consciousness, = our true Self — perceive the information, but not the sounds !!! And since the infinity is identical to a point, the distance does not play a role in the direct exchange of information in the IC range. But on the other hand, the “dozing consciousness” and even the “sleeping consciousness” still retain a significant connection with the physical carrier-body. And what about our physical range? There are the physical laws of this range. And according to these laws — distance plays a role, walls are not permeable to the body and vision, and almost impermeable to the sound waves …

— There are vital things for our body, but there are less important and unimportant at all. That is why the «dozed consciousness», being partly in two realities at once, and partly obeying their laws, still perceives essential, saturated, so-called «massive» symbols-blocks of information. (Such as speech, sounds of an alarm clock, unexpected sharp sounds that carry suspense and possible danger …) And it does not perceive blocks, that are unimportant, unsaturated, almost without any “useful” information (snoring, monotonous sounds, sharp but ordinary sounds, which have been studied long ago …). And again — it reacts to an unexpected, potentially dangerous, ominous silence. It’s like in a system with digital transmission of video information: the lower is the “resolution” of the system (and when you fall asleep the “resolution” of your consciousness system — definitely decreases), the less small minor details are displayed in the general video picture. (In our case, our own snoring — is just such a small insignificant detail in the general information picture of the surrounding reality.)

— Another thing is, when the consciousness completely leaves the body and completely (or almost completely, not counting some insignificant percentage of the remaining connection) disconnects from the body; and moving to a fundamentally different level of perception of information, it begins to fully perceive IC (intangible concepts): information, feelings, desires … And then, when the body is seen,=observed by the consciousness from the outside, then, if the body snores — the consciousness “hears” it immediately; which was not happening when consciousness was just trying to leave the body. (And this is confirmed both by the multiple experiences of meditation and the people, who have the experience of clinical death, and also by the personal experience of the author.) When the mind was just trying to leave the body and was partially obedient to the earthly physical laws , then the consciousness could not see its carrier — body. But when the consciousness was separated from the body, then it saw own body and “heard” its snoring,  the walls ceased to be a barrier, and the distances — became conditional. Because the physical, = material concept of the distance is a derivative of the conditional concept of the size. In the IC range distances are perceived differently.

 But — not all at once. Not about that yet …

Section 1.5.

Universality of absolute symbols-images of information.

         Block 1.5,1.


And now, we’ll talk about how all of us, so different — live so harmoniously in our One World. Indeed, in principle, every creature sees Our World in different ways, each in its own way. Each, in principle, has its own light. The bee, that sees in the ultraviolet range — has its own. The bat, that sees in the ultrasound range — has its own. The human, which sees in the optical range — has its own. The snake, which sees in the infrared — has its own. Well, what about the mole? The blind mole ?! Do you think, that it is a product of darkness, evil? Not?! So, the mole — also has its own light. It means that everyone, also, has their own darkness.

Block 1.5,2.

         How all this “discrepancies” can be united into a single working system?

Let’s make an analysis:

 — If we’ll remove all the intermediate material conductors-links-carriers, such as languages (including speaking , and writing, and language thinking), sounds, light emission, and so on — it turns out, that  consciousness can perceive the information — only as the symbols-images and as the feelings-emotions, (including the desires,=aspirations).

 That is — any tangible information symbol, in the IC-range (range of intangible concepts), is an intangible symbol-image.

Block 1.5,3.

   Let’s look now at the few objects-symbols, for example: a stone on the side of the road, a flower, a TV, a forest.

And let’s analyze figuratively-conditionally, how would respond to these  objects, for example: a forest lizard, a bee, a wolf, and a human.

The forest lizard would “think”, = understand, = consider, that it is possible to hide under the stone, and on the stone — it is possible to bask in the sun. The flower is, in principle — a useless thing. A TV — is something like a stone. Well, the forest — there is a lot of everything in it; this is the place of its (lizards) life, this is its World — in all its manifestations.

The bee — would not pay any attention to the stone or to the TV, unless it “thinks”, that they are suitable to sit and rest … The flower — is the most important, a source of food, energy. And the forest — is the place, where are the flowers in the meadow, a hollow, where the whole swarm lives, the motherland, the home … But there is more food in the gardens and meadows.

The wolf — would sniff the stone, put a mark on it. For the wolf, this stone — is the territorial boundary pillar. And the TV — is something solid, but inexplicable. The flowers, if there are a lot of them — are suitable for ambush on hares. And sniffing it, it’s better to be careful, so that the bee may bite the nose.

The human — would receive a lot of information from each of these items. But — an aborigine, a forester, a TV repairman, a Russian botanist and a French geologist — would receive a slightly different stream of information from all of these objects. Rather, each of these objects-symbols would cause them slightly different streams of symbols-images and associations, conclusions and desires. (Because their knowledge bases, their professions and their intelligence — are different).  And each of them would convert,=translate,=encrypt the entire stream of this symbols-images — into its speech language. Some — into Russian, some — into French …

 But, the original symbols-images — remain the same !!!


Block 1.5,4.


         Based on the performed analysis, we draw the conclusions.

The first conclusion:

In the IC-range (for the «liberated» consciousness), the language barrier, and all other barriers of misunderstanding, disappear, since the original information symbols-images are the same for everyone. (Just everyone, from everything, takes as much information as he/she needs and how much his/her personal level of development allows).

 And therefore — deceiving in the IC-range (for example, deceiving the God) — would not work; because there is present all the information of all acts, ideas and plans; there — is the «bare truth», an open essence!

The second conclusion:

 — Symbols-images — just like any matter, object, system, design — can be decomposed into smaller, more elementary components; up to elementary image symbols, (by the type of elementary particles).

The third conclusion:

— Since the number of images and senses in the World is so great, that it can be considered — endless; then, limitations in perception play a role, so to speak, of a «protective valve»,=a «protective mechanism». (In order for consciousness not to be lost in the «endless ocean» of information, not to «burn out» from an excessively powerful stream of feelings and sensations).

The fourth conclusion:

— Highly developed communities of consciousnesses (such as human ones), in order to be able to describe and understand the whole unlimited quantity of images of information and senses, have created universal sets of concepts-images; which operate on the principle of approximate analogies. (That is, the maximum similarity of what actually exists — to what can be explained, shown, understood, portrayed, drawn, by the existing universal set of concepts-images.) In the material range, these are the universal sets of concepts-symbols, called — languages (including speech and writing). But the quality and capabilities of the description itself, its correctness and proximity to the truth, directly depend on the level of development and capabilities of the language itself. Cosmic technologies cannot be described In the languages of the aborigines. Therefore, with the development of knowledge, languages also develop. New words, concepts, symbols and principles of construction are introduced.             Therefore, it is correct and logical, that languages, which do not meet the requirements of the time and lag behind these requirements, either die off or face the modification.

Section 1.6.

An endless series of feelings. (Information. Feelings. Energy.)


 Block 1.6,1.


 To understand what are the feelings , let’s consider the question — which could be the feelings and what is the difference, or connection, between feelings and emotions. Such feelings-emotions as love, hate, anger, joy, yearning, happiness — we all know. We feel both their presence and absence. Well, now let’s recall and feel and sense again those our feelings, that we experienced once on the seashore …, in the field …, in the mountains …, in the forest …, in childhood … , at school …, at various key points in our lives …  These feelings are slightly different than the above feelings-emotions (love, hatred, etc.). Emotions can be present and complement those feelings — but only … Not more … But the very feelings of a state of mind — are different; so to speak — more fundamental, deeper, more energy-intensive …  We can add to the above, that: — animals also feel …, plants feel …; and each — has its own feelings. But can we say once, that this feeling is the last, and there can be no other, even a little different? Of course not!

         So we conclude:

The series of feelings itself — are infinite (that is, the number of feelings —  is infinite). And emotions, in this series, make up a range. Let’s call it the emotional range. (This is, like an optical visible light range, in an endless series of electromagnetic radiation). You will realize soon what we are leading to. In the meantime, we remind you, that each range — has its own properties. (That is, properties — that may not exist in other ranges). But even in the same range, the properties of different feelings (and feelings-states and feelings-emotions) can differ much from each other.

(As in the optical range, the properties of white light are significantly different from the properties of red). The same is here — the feeling-emotion of love is very different from the feeling-emotion of hate. But there is one thing in common — the range. (Both, love and hate, belong to the same emotional range). No wonder they say: «from love to hate — just one step.»

         So, for the question — what are the feelings — we give the answer, based on the results of the review:

Feelings — are a distinctive, various stable states of consciousness,=spirit, which can be repeated, or not repeated — an unlimited number of times. Feelings do not have mandatory time limits, and lasts as long, as needed.

Block 1.6,2.

And what is the desire = aspiration? In some ways — this is also a feeling. After all, we feel it. But there is some difference. And it is essential: — all feelings can exist (and do exist) by themselves ; but the desire, = aspiration — cannot exist in itself ; (It is only possible to desire specifically for something, and to aspire specifically for something).

 — The feeling itself (its strength) — can increase and decrease, but at the same time, so to speak, «do nothing»; that means, do not “move”, “do not change coordinates”, do not actively act on anything. But the desire,= aspiration — gives an activity to the feeling, is a driving factor. Encourages to act, counteract, interact.

That means, the desire,=aspiration — turns a stable (apart from an internal change of force) potential feeling with constant coordinates,  — into a kinetic, mobile, dynamic feeling with variable coordinates; or induces active resistance in changing these coordinates; or active interaction with other feelings.

 Now we draw conclusions.

 The first conclusion:

          — The desire, = aspiration, is an integral part of various feelings, giving them (feelings) mobile properties and vectors of direction of influence on the surrounding reality.

 The second conclusion:

          — The power of feeling and the power of desire-aspiration — are also components of feeling.

  The third conclusion:

          — The real (whole) feeling consists of sensory-emotional self-awareness, — consciousness,= spirit; (including the power of this self-awareness; and including, or excluding — desires,= aspirations of various directions). A mandatory related component of any feeling is — the information.

Block 1.6,3.

        This is an interesting concept — the information. It arises immediately with the appearance of something. Figuratively speaking — with the slightest first rustle, feeling, sensation; with the slightest hint of them — the information appears.

 And the further, the more it (the information) becomes more voluminous, more diverse, more powerful … All this is expanding like a «snowball».

 And the most interesting thing is, that any information, that once arises becomes indestructible !!! (because — what to destroy? How? And by what?) Just do not confuse the information itself with information carriers, its sources and receivers. This can be destroyed. But not the information itself. It is intangible. Neither weight, nor shape, nor size, nor specific location …

Moreover — when trying to destroy the information — the opposite effect arises. Appears a new additional information about: who, how, where, when, why tried to destroy such kind of information.

Theoretically — information may disappear. But — only with the whole Universe at once. Another thing is — how to find the information you need, without being an absolute spirit, who just knows everything ?! (It knows, because the spirit itself — is an intangible concept. And the intangible concept of information — is its (spirit’s) integral part).

Block 1.6,4.

       There is  an interesting situation in modern (XX — early XXI century) science with the concept of the word energy.

 In the encyclopedia, the word energy is characterized, = interpreted, = explained, as a general quantitative measure of the various forms of motion of matter.

That means, that energy — is the same quantitative measure, as a measure of length, a measure of weight, a measure of volume. Like a meter, gram, liter. And not an object, a thing, a part.

 But since modern science does not provide a concrete intelligible answer to the question — why, in fact, everything in the World moves — then, proceeding from the principle “nature abhors the vacuum” — energy turned in our consciousness and understanding from the usual quantitative measure (by the type of measures of length, volume, weight ), into an independent substance; into an independent and equal subject of activity, into an independent “subject” which makes, and under the influence of which, all this movement takes place.

But such meaning — is false and it distorts the reality. Because the measure of the quantity of movement cannot be the cause of the movement itself. (Just like — a kilogram cannot be a cause of gravity, and a liter and a meter cannot be a cause of depth!)

This distortion causes a great difficulty in the attempts of science — to move to a higher level.

 And therefore, the law of conservation of energy, which states that «energy in nature does not arise from nothing and does not disappear; it can only transform from one form into another» — this law is formulated incorrectly. (Because the law itself works: something really does not arise from nothing, does not disappear, but only passes from one form to another …)

 But, how the energy, which is a general quantitative measure, relates to this?

How can a quantitative measure move from one form to another? (From kilometers to liters, or from liters to kilograms?)

 Another thing is, that within this general quantitative measure, the units of what this measure determines — may vary. In this particular case, the units of measurement of various forms of movement and the work, done in this process — may vary and «pass one into another».

 But the general quantitative measure itself, as a concept, anyway, cannot transform from one form into another. Even despite the fact that, as the encyclopedia says: “The concept of energy ties together all natural phenomena ” — it cannot transform, because a general quantitative measure (that is — a set of units of measure) — is one thing; and the transformation from one form into another -is a different thing. And some other thing transforms from one form into another — but not the general quantitative measure.

 And in these various concepts, mistakenly combined into a single concept of energy — one more element is obviously missing.

Therefore, we conclude, that in the modern concept of energy, two absolutely incompatible concepts are combined together: the first — is a general quantitative measure, that is not an independent substance and cannot transform from one form to another (as a measure of length — cannot transform into a measure of weight); and the second concept, which is an independent substance, but therefore cannot be a quantitative measure, because all the time it transforms from one state to another.

Here is the right place to recall the army joke, when the commander says to the soldiers: «Soldiers! Today we will connect the space and the time! You will dig a trench. From the fence until the evening!»

 In this book we will also consider and learn about both — time and space

And now we will look for this mysterious independent «energy» substance, which, without arising from nothing and not disappearing, all the time transforms from one state to another, while doing work, that can be measured by a measure of energy.

Block 1.6,5.


 The law of conservation of energy —  is the basis, the foundation of foundations. Therefore, we will search on the very basis and at the very beginning.

And as we have already proved, the absolute beginning of the whole Universe — have to be intangible. Therefore, we will start our search, in the IC-range, (the range of intangible concepts) too. The choice here is small: information, spirit, images, feelings. Let’s begin the analysis in this order.

 Does the information meet the requirements? Let’s look:

 — The information arises, accompanying something. And it does not transform from one form to another, but constantly accumulates. So, the information — does not meet the requirements.

 — The spirit, = consciousness moving through the realities, remains itself, so to speak, «in one form.» Does not meet the requirements. But, on the other hand, the spirit, moving through realities, does the work, which, in principle, can be measured. Therefore, we conclude — that the spirit meets the requirements partially.

The images. Drawn,= created by the spirit,= consciousness. They can arise and can disappear, remaining in the information. They may transform from form to form, but may also not to transform. No obligation. They do not meet our requirements. But, it should be noted, that the spirit is doing a certain job, when it creates the images. Drawing images, it feels them; and draws them using the feelings and using the information. (Because of the simple reason, that it is nothing more to draw,=create of.)

 — The feelings. Feelings arise and disappear. Or, as people say about very vivid feelings-emotions — they inflames, light up, or extinguish and fade out. But can the feeling disappear, before another feeling appears?

After all, feeling is the self-awareness of the spirit,= consciousness. And if the spirit,=consciousness, would totally cease of sensing itself, even for a moment, then all possible realities — would disappear, completely and immediately. Because the spirit is absent in other realities, and in this (conditional) reality — it has disappeared.

  And we had already said, that an intangible origin — is primary; and that the spirit — creates in this origin. Therefore, the primary reality — was created by the spirit. For the simple reason, that it is no one else to create in the intangible plane,=NP-range. (Well, how the was created the spirit itself — will be explained and proved in the second part of the book.)

— Therefore, firstly we conclude, that with the complete and absolute disappearance of the spirit, the last reality also disappears. And if there is no reality — there is nothing! This is the absolute end NOTHING>. And the emergence of a new feeling,=self-awareness — is the emergence of a New World .

And therefore: self-awareness of the spirit — is continuous. (And why should it (self-awareness) interrupt ?!)

And therefore, the old feeling cannot disappear, before the new one appears. Feeling — or transforms one into another (for example: transforms from a form of hatred to a form of love); or, on this continuous «tape of self-awareness» , as it «on the side», another feeling of self-awareness appears; and then, between the feeling of hatred and the feeling of love, there may be a gap, which is filled with the third «transitional» feeling. But all the same, the obligatory continuity of transitions, substitutions, and transformations — is evident here. According to this parameter, the feeling is ideally suited for the required object (for which we are looking for).

Secondly: the feeling does not arise from nothing — it arises from the spirit, always been a part of it. (And with this parameter — everything is also in order).

The types = forms of feelings are different. Different are their ranges. Of course, the properties — are different. (There are positive feelings, there are negative feelings. There are destructive feelings, there are creative feelings. And there are feelings of a completely different kind).

For the better understanding — imagine, sense the feeling of a stone … After all, they say: «Stone on the heart.» And now imagine — a slight feeling of fluff … When they say: «Like a fluff.» Now imagine and feel the fire in your heart. A good fire — gracious … Imagine and feel that this fire brakes out of your eyes, of your hands, of your heart … Imagine and feel the voltage … Feel the explosion … An explosion, that brings goodness and joy …

You see now, how different the feelings and their ranges are. One can distinguish both — the fiery range of feelings and the electric one … But — all feelings, appearing and disappearing, increasing and decreasing, passing from one to another, and interacting with each other — all feelings, rising and fading — vibrates. All feelings, changing over time — are doing the work, that can be measured by a measure of energy.

Therefore, the feelings — are ideal for the role of the substance, that we are looking for.

Therefore, we draw the revolutionary conclusions, that the energy, in its essence (so far, the intangible primary energy, the primary non-material origin,= IC-range) is — a vibrating feeling.

And the strength of the feeling itself, including the power of desire = aspiration — already could be measured by a quantitative indicators, united in a general quantitative measure (also called — the energy).

And the law of conservation of energy, in essence, is the law of conservation of life and its continuity. Life can pass from one form to another, but cannot completely disappear. Because the «tape of feelings» — is continuous.

 And it is right. Because feelings are the main component of the spirit, its (spirit’s) form of self-awareness and manifestation. Spirit creates with its own feelings and with the help of its own energies,= feelings!

 Our conclusions do not contradict anything, but explain a lot. And how the «subtle» energy of the senses of the IC-range — turns into the «gross» physical energy of our MP-range — will be explained later.

And now we can conclude: the Creator and source of everything — is the Spirit! So, the Beginning of the World,= the Universe, was not only intangible, but also spiritual, conscious.

— It turns out, that we, and everything around us — are the fruit of the spiritual-conscious creation of the First-born, = Primary, = Universal, = Absolute Spirit, made of the energy-vibrations of Its own feelings. And that means that — we, and all that is around — is Its integral part.



Section 1.7.

The Vibrations and The World.


         Note. This section is very complex, difficult to understand, because we put the Universe — to a point. Therefore, do not rush while reading. Think about it. Be aware.


 Block 1.7,1


         Let’s agree at once: the vibration, oscillation and the wave — are, in principle, one and the same thing — the motion. This is any motion that has at least some curvature of the direction, or recurrence. That means — all possible types of motion, except for absolutely constant, absolutely rectilinear, with absolutely identical speed and absolutely infinite time of movement — simultaneously; which, in Our World, is practically impossible. (And if, in principle, it is possible, then certainly — we, as humanity, at this stage of development — do not need it.)

 Therefore, the concepts: vibration, oscillation, wave, and motion will be used in consonance (for the beauty and harmony of phrases). Because, in our traditional understanding: a wave — is something calmer than vibration; and motion — is something relatively long in a relatively one direction. And the oscillation — can be of a different type.

— And indeed: there may be a slight super-slow oscillation, one oscillation for a several billion years … Maybe? Well, why not ?! (And we don’t have enough instruments, knowledge or patience to distinguish this oscillation from something perfectly straight, perfectly motionless substance, and we simply cannot fix such an oscillation).

 — And there can be a few billion vibrations per second … Feel the stiffness … That’s a Matter!

 — The fact, that different vibrations have different properties — we know from the life practice … So, we conclude:

— The number of different vibrations In the World — is infinite; and of course, infinite is the number of their ranges and properties.

Block 1.7,2.

         Many of you have probably heard or read the phrase: «The world is woven of vibrations.» And it is right!

 And from what else Our World have to be weaved ??? At the origin of everything — is the Spirit. (We have already made such a logical conclusion before). But the Spirit has no material hands, no material sewing machine …

But the Spirit has an intangible feelings, information, images; desires (the aspirations).

  And the vibration of feelings, as already mentioned, is inherently — an energy.

 And the energy — is everything! And here is the evidence for you:

 — Elementary material particles have a wave properties; that means, that an elementary material particle, essentially — is the vibration !!! (And this is indisputably proved by science).

— And our entire Material World consists of the elementary material particles — !!! (This is also proved by the science).

  — And atoms are the stable vibrostructures,= vibrosystems consisting of smaller elementary vibrostructures. Well, and so on …

Block 1.7,3.

    We have already proved that infinity is identical to a point. And the size and, accordingly, the distance and speed are purely nominal and relative concepts. And that means — the Universe can fit in a point.

 — And do the Spirit possess enough quantity of different vibrations to build the Universe at a point?” After all, it is impossible to recur, because the recurrence would merge together. At a point you cannot push them apart, you cannot separate them.

— To understand clearly how the Universe can fit in a point, write zero, put a comma and start writing after zero with a comma, series of different numbers … For example: 0.923785643254 … And so on, to infinity … Kilometers of small numbers … Billions of kilometers small numbers …

 — And any number in this series can be changed to another; and the whole series, even with a change of one single digit, would change its meaning. That means, it will be different from other series. And any digit of any series, taken as an independent substance, as a unit, could also be decomposed into decimal fractions; that is, again, to the infinity of numbers and series. (Figuratively and voluminously, these are the same endless series of numbers, from each digit, but in different vector directions.) And all this is — the information.

— And the information is not measured by the volume. So infinity at a point — is quite natural.

  — And each digit, each set of digits, has its own unique vibration.

 — And now let’s superimpose all this on the endless series of different vibrating feelings and images … And let’s superimpose them on infinitely different, voluminous forms,=patterns of the vibrations … (Without forgetting, that the volume — is a conditional and relative value).

So we can say confidently, that in order to build the Universe at a point, the Spirit always has enough of everything, and there are always inexhaustible opportunities for further construction. Because the information is growing like a snowball; and the possibilities for building new «sensory-digital series» expands more and more.

Block 1.7,4.

Now let’s analyze — why all vibrations are necessarily voluminous and into which groups they can be divided.

 — In our real world, in general, all vibrations have a certain volume and act, =occur in a certain volume.

Only from the pen of the recorder of the oscilloscope — an absolutely flat curved line comes out. (But even there it is flat — purely arbitrary. Ink still has some thickness). Let’s draw a flat, curved line in our imagination. And make, mentally, a cross section. Yes, of course, this section can be arbitrarily thin, tending to zero … But if there is no section at all, then there is no vibration at all. Only the information can be absolutely  volumeless flat vibration. And in any reality, any flatness is arbitrary. (We just look at one side — flat; we are not interested in the rest, although this flatness still has a volume.)

The conclusion: — All real vibrations are voluminous. (That means, they capture a certain volume and act in a certain volume.)

Now let’s consider what major groups and ranges all of the voluminous vibrations can be divided into:

 — Voluminous vibrations can be linear, that means, they move in their own directions,=vectors, regardless of the other vibrations. For example: flight of an airplane, or circles on water from an thrown stone.

But the vast majority of real vibrations — are nonlinear. That means, they are dependent on other vibrations and forced to repeat their fluctuations too. For example: a ship is floating on the waves, and a drunk boatswain is walking along its deck, tossing his chronometer in his hands (a high-precision watch). So, the pendulum in the clock, in addition to its own oscillations, is also forced to repeat the oscillations of the tossing, the oscillations of the boatswain’s drunken gait, the oscillations of the ship along the waves. And at the same time it is also forced to move in a relatively straight, relative to the linear oscillation of the ship. Why is it “relatively linear” (meaning — relatively independent?) Because, while moving, the ship not only overcomes, rocking, the resistance of waves, currents and winds; it also moves around the Sun, in a relatively linear motion of the Earth. And why again, «relatively linear»? Because the Sun, with its planetary system, moves relative to the center of Our Galaxy. And all galaxies, in turn, are moving relative to the Center of the Absolute Beginning of Our Material Physical Range; relative to the point, that scientists conventionally call «the beginning,=the center of the Big Bang.»

So, all the vibrating substances of our MP range (material physical range), from elementary particles, atoms and objects created of them (stones, chairs, animal bodies …) to stellar systems — all these, in principle, are voluminous nonlinear vibrations,= vibration structures (VNV). But these VNV themselves, under the influence of certain forces, can make conditionally linear, independent oscillations,=movements, according to conditionally independent vectors; with conditionally independent frequency.

 In practice — this is the motion of transport, fluid flow, wind, carousel, centrifuge, rotation of the electromagnetic field, biorhythms of our body, rotation of the Earth around the Sun, etc.

For further more detailed consideration, all these conditionally linear oscillations with conditionally independent frequencies — will be called “Carrier Waves” (abbreviated as “CW”).

 To summarize the first result:

 — All real voluminous vibrations are divided into non-linear and conditionally linear, called «Carrier Waves».

 In fact, matter is stable, complex, voluminous nonlinear vibrations =vibration structures; each component of which has its own set of properties. These sets of properties determine the properties of the whole object, (both internal and external properties).

“Carrier Waves” act on voluminous nonlinear vibrostructures that have been caught by them, by an independent vector or motion vectors, directions of the forces and frequency changes of the “Carrier Wave” itself, forcibly imposing these parameters under their influence on nonlinear vibration systems,=vibrostructures. And the results of this imposition — depend on specific conditions and circumstances.

It all depends on the power and magnitude of the “Carrier Wave” towards to the magnitude and power of the nonlinear vibrosystem,=vibrostructure that is being influenced; and also on the vital importance of these parameters for a nonlinear vibration system.

For example: no matter what you do, you will still be in the “Carrier Waves” of the planet Earth (“CW” of the rotation of the Earth around the Sun and “CW” of the Earth rotation around its axis). But the «Carrier Wave» of a flying brick, itself, does not mean anything. But (in vital importance) it would mean a lot, if your trajectories would intersect …

And if the «Carrier Wave» begins to diverge from the center of the object in concentric circles — then this, with sufficient power — will be an explosion. And if the “Carrier Wave” converges in concentric circles to the center — it will be the compression.

Well, you already understood, that the global «Carrier Wave» may contain smaller «Carrier Waves». If, figuratively — this is like a flow of huge river — there are some independent flows, with different speeds. And in these flows — there are their own whirlpools. And in those whirlpools — their own whirlpools …

Thus we conclude, that all the «Carrier Waves» together represent an absolute (global, all-encompassing, complex) system of volume linear oscillations, in short — ASVLO (Absolute System of Volumetric Linear Oscillations).

Linear vibrations and their systems are not objects (like volumetric nonlinear vibrostructures with a certain stability), but vectors of displacements, changes and interactions of these objects .

We already know, that in a more global “Carrier Wave” there are, and may occur, less global “Carrier Waves”.

But it’s still worth emphasizing, that sometimes, with sufficient capacities and suitable conditions, smaller “Carrier Waves” have a greater effect on the subject, than global ones. (In practice, we can see it, for example, when a small current appears in a large river against the mainstream, and a «paper boat» gets into it … Or, for example, when a plane flies in opposite vector to the rotation of the Earth at such speed, that its position always corresponds to the «Sun in zenith «, and therefore on  board is always 12 noon — and no night.) Here is another important point: all such «whirlpools» inside of the «mainstream» have a more particular meaning; that means, they act in a more limited volume and on a more limited number of objects. In contrast to the «main stream», which operates much more global. So, conditionally-linear vibrations <«Carrier Waves»> can be divided into globality ranges (the magnitude of the spatial volume of the impact) and the ranges of the magnitude of the force impact on the object.

— With the ranges of globality, everything is generally clear: for example, the Carrier Wave of the Solar System, the Carrier Wave of the Earth’s rotation around the Sun, the Carrier Wave of the Earth’s rotation around its axis, the Carrier Wave of a flying airplane, the Carrier Wave of the «flying brick” …

 — And how to divide by ranges — the magnitude of the force impact on the object? Simply — according to force impact! And in this division,“Carrier Waves” of the smaller globality can have a more tangible effect on the object. (Recall the example with a brick …)

 Volume nonlinear vibrations (VNV), in general, can also be divided according to the ranges of globality: galaxies, stars, planets, matches … And according to the ranges of magnitude of the force impact on each other … But this is irrelevant, because all volume nonlinear vibrosystems (possessing a certain stability over time) in our material world — are material objects. And they have been «divided-classified» by our classical science long ago.

Much more relevant is to divide volume nonlinear vibrations into the ranges of Being of the . We already know two of them: this is an intangible IC-range (a range of intangible concepts), and a material MP-range (material-physical range).

We also will say briefly, that all oscillatory systems can be divided on stable and unstable, specific (with clear boundaries), non-specific (with blurred boundaries) and generally abstract (this and that, and “God knows what”).

 All oscillatory systems are: resonant, resonating, mutually inert, mutually extinguishing, mutually exciting, logical, illogical, harmonious, inharmonious, mutually penetrating, mutually repulsive, mutually attractive; creative and destructive, useful and harmful, and many other differences …

  — All the infinities of World vibrations, all ranges and all types, we will unite into the Absolute World Volumetric Oscillation System (AWVOS).

 And since the Spirit is primary and is the source of these fluctuations, it means, that will be precisely and correctly: the AWVOS-Spirit.

  — And we will divide the AWVOS-Spirit into Absolute Complex Volumetric Oscillating Systems of the ranges, in abbreviated form: ACVOS range.

— And we will succeed: ACVOS IC-range and ACVOS MP-range — together makes up already known to us components of AWVOS-Spirit.




Block 1.7,5.


Now let’s think:

 — How can we find the required object in ACVOS?

— Very simple. Since there is an object and there is a global network,= system of “Carrier Waves” (in abbreviated form — ASVLO ), that means, there are also coordinates of this object in the system of “Carrier Waves”.

And what is “object coordinates” in an infinite variety of vibrations at a point? This is its own, one and only, set of all vibrations of the object itself. And since, in this case we are not interested in an individual stable set of nonlinear volumetric vibrations, (because this set — is the object itself); then, there remains only an individual set of Linear vibrations, <«Carrier Waves»>. Ufologists called such an individual set of “CW” (“Carrier Waves”) of the objects — the “Own Cosmic Frequency” (abbreviated as OCF) of the object.

 The name is suitable, so let’s use it.

 — So — every point, every object, every system, from a microparticle to a galaxy — has its own OCF.

— Now, from what we already know, we conclude that, firstly, the OCF (Own Cosmic Frequency) of an object consists of stable and mobile indicators.

 — For example: a car, moving — is always situated on planet Earth (stable indicator), but all the time — at a different points on it (planet)mobile indicator.

— Secondly — since the car, and the planet Earth, and the Solar system, and so on — have their own OCF; as well as: all spare parts of the car, and all parts of the Earth, and all parts of the Solar system, etc. — also have their own OCF; then, OCF — is the complex concept, which comprising many ranges-levels, and many points at each level.

 — That means, that Own Cosmic Frequency (OCF) — is a volume-coordinate concept.


Figuratively, this can be explained as follows:

— OCF, is like “nesting doll” — inside each larger nesting doll, there are smaller nesting dolls ..; and, conditionally taken, a certain space is completely littered with such dolls; and all this space with nesting dolls is also «located in a larger nesting doll».

— All of these “ nesting dolls”, representing, in our figuratively illustrative example, are the ranges-levels of classifications of OCF; we will call them — “D-levels”.        


Let’s analyze the topic further:

          — D-levels of the OCF are divided by globality,

. And they depend on the size and characteristics of the covered object.

  For example: the first D-level of the MP-range — is the coordinates on the scale of the sector of the Universe. The second D-level -is the coordinates on a Galactic scale. The third D-level — is the coordinates on the scale of the stellar system, or star; the fourth D-level is the coordinates on a planetary scale; the fifth D-level — is the coordinates on the scale of the planet sector .., and so on .., right down to elementary particles …

 — And why, as we said, the D-levels of the OCF depend on the size and characteristics of the covered object?

— Because there is still some difference between the personal characteristics of the frequencies — in outer space, and the characteristics of the frequencies inside a dense object.

— That is, the OCF of the object is divided into external and internal «Carrier Waves», external and internal D-levels.

 And yet, each D-level is also divided into stable and mobile components. And the crosshairs of all these D-levels and their components (volumetric, power, vector, speed) give the position of the object at the moment in the Universe. In short — the OCF of the object — is the result of the interaction of linear oscillations and has a «nested doll structure» of D-levels. And D-levels — are divided by globality; both external and internal; and consist of stable and mobile metrics.

 — From all that we have learned, we can conclude, that the interaction of the “Carrier Waves” change the OCF coordinates of the object in ACVOS, according to the linear vibration grid (“Carrier Waves”), first — by the mobile indicators of “their” D-level, and then, if there are sufficient capacities — along the grid of «Carrier Waves» of other D-levels.

— (Visually — this is a rocket, launched into space and left the Earth.)

 And here we have to notice the most important point:

 — In the knowledge that we currently achieved, there is no absolute prohibition on the immediate=instant, transferring,= moving from one point of the Universe to another, from one D-level to another. In theory, you just need to change the frequency of the object accordingly to the system of OCF !!!

And now we conclude: «What exactly is — OCF ?!»

— Firstly, OCF is a derivative, from the spatial and force impact of all acting “CW” (“carrier waves”), on this VNV (Volumetric nonlinear vibrostructure).

— Secondly, OCF, is a measure of the result of the effects of «CW» («Carrier Waves»), on the VNV (volumetric nonlinear vibrostructures).

 — This is the final result of these actions at the moment, including the coordinates of the object and its “structural state.” (Remember the concentric “Carrier Waves” that can destroy the object ?!)

— And at the same time, OCF — is also the only and unique complex volumetric linear vibration of the object, at the moment.

As a result, we were forced to combine three different concepts:

— The first concept -is volumetric linear oscillations,= «Carrier Waves», which are an independent substance.

 — The second concept — is a measure of the result of the interactions of the «Carrier Waves» in ACVOS, according to the «coordinate grid». The Absolute System of Volumetric Linear Oscillations of a given range (in particular, MP-range) at a given moment in time.

— The third concept — is a vector derivative, obtained from the spatial and force effects of all the acting “CW” on a given VNV (Volumetric Nonlinear Vibrostructure). In other words: — the motion vector of the object, with all the parameters of this motion.

 And this forced combination will continue, until the invention of the units for measuring of the OCF-coordinates of the object, and the units for measuring of the effect of given “Carrier Wave” on the given VNV (Volume Non-Linear Vibrosystem)=given object. And the same for the units of measurement of impacts (both spatial and power).

— And as the reference point of the OCF system, in ACVOS of the MP-range, we have to use the point of origin of the MP-range. (That means — either you have to calculate the origin point of the so-called «Big Bang»; or — do not «fool your head» and take some conditional, most stable reference point …)

  — But in the IC-range, (when Science and our level of evolution will reach this point), you have to take and calculate the point about which the Bible says: «In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the word was God. It was in the beginning with God. Everything through Him began to be, and without Him nothing began to be, what began to be». But this moment is very, very far. We still have to develop and develop … Spiritually develop. Because the IC-range — is a spiritual range, or rather — spiritual-energetic.

— Finishing the section, we will draw, from the above, a conclusion, that will facilitate the future work of physicists and mathematicians:

— If we take the complete closed cycle of the “Carrier Wave”, as a unit of a stable indicator of cyclical motion, then — for an open “CW”, this stable indicator — will be less than one; and in absolutely rectilinear motion — this stable indicator will be equal to zero. This will be the “Carrier Wave”, which has only mobile indicators of the motion.

— And for the future convenience of working with information on the OCF, we will do the following:

 — Enumeration of all the “Carrier Waves” (with their properties, for all D-levels) in which, at the moment, the object is located, and the interaction of which led the object to this OCF (own cosmic frequency) — we will call the “OCF-passport of the object». Then it will be possible to say: «Such or other changes in the OCF-passport of the object, led to such or other results.»

— And we can add, that at the very Beginning of the World, the vibrations should have been calmer, simpler, requiring less energy. (Energy had to be taken from somewhere too).

— Therefore: vibration with a frequency of one oscillation per many billions of years is incomparably closer to the Absolute Beginning of the World, than vibration with a frequency of many billions of oscillations per one year .., hour .., minute .., second ...

 — Hence we conclude, that the difference between the IC-range and the MP-range — is in the oscillation frequency.

 — And one more surprising conclusion:

If the information is completely intangible, then everything else, that fluctuates, figuratively-conditionally speaking, is “a little bit material.





Part 1. A New Look. Section 1.8.


What is the time.


Block 1.8,1.


 At first, about the time, everything was more or less clear. Philosophers believed, that the time is a sequential row of changes in the phenomena and states of nature. (A sequential row is — where one follows the other). And, as a unit of time, that is, duration of each phenomenon and state, in this series, they used cyclic natural phenomena: this is the change of day and night, and the change of seasons.

As human knowledge developed, refinements and additions were made to the natural units of time. So, the change of seasons — was combined into a single annual cycle of the Earth’s rotation around the Sun. And the change of day and night — was combined into a single daily cycle of rotation of the Earth around its axis, relative to the stars. The annual cycle was divided into daily cycles and a calendar was created. A daily cycle — was conditionally divided into hours, minutes, seconds; and received, in principle, that time, which is densely embedded in our consciousness and which we still use.

Further development of science has shown, that the time we all use, called Universal Time, and determined by the rotation of the Earth — is an uneven current time.

 To correct this situation, was invented an ephemeris time (which is an independent variable in the equations of motion of celestial bodies and controlled by observations of the revolution of the Moon around the Earth.)

Ephemeris time, from our point of view, is an evenly current time.

And yet: in human practice are used such concept as a local time, standard time, universal time, sidereal time, solar time, daylight saving time, summer and winter time, lifetime, personal time. And yet everything is subdivided into the present, past and future; and for time periods (historical, geological, climatic, etc.) In general, there are many times in our life, and they are all different.

 And now, based on the above, scientific knowledge and healthy logic, we draw the first conclusions about the concept of «Time»:

— There are many natural times in the Universe. (For example, each planet has its own year, its own day; and its own consecutive series of changes in its events).

 — More global flows of time, consist of less global flows. (Like a year — consists of days).

 — The flow of time can be even (like ephemeris time), and can be uneven (like universal time).

— There are many ways to measure time, which means there are many different options for perceiving this time.

— And what unites all these various times, is that everything that happens in these times, is a sequential series of events and a sequential series of emergence of the information.

Block 1.8,2

          Modern philosophy gives the following fundamental definition of the concept of time: «Time is a form of sequential change of phenomena and states of matter.»

Let’s postpone the dispute over the relevance of the word form here. We draw attention to the fact that: the definition of “form of sequential change” is said in the singular. Although it is quite logical to say, that if there are many times in the Universe, then there should be more than one form of sequential change.

 — And as you know, the whole building suffers from an error in the foundation.

But, the further course of philosophical thought was even more surprising. Two completely different concepts: space and time — were connected into a single philosophical concept of the spatio-temporal existence of matter. But mathematicians, physicists, and philosophers unanimously claim, that there can be many spaces (with their sizes, speeds, etc.). And is the Time — single ?! Well, how can this be? And how, for example, does time flow in “black holes”, or in those universes, that can fit in elementary particles? (Our science does not deny this possibility.)

Of course you can, as in that army joke, combine Space and Time, digging a trench, from the fence till the evening. But what is appropriate for a joke is not always appropriate for a fundamental philosophical concept. And therefore, neither philosophers, nor other scientists, nor whole society, really understood: what and how was connected in a single concept of spacetime. And, the inconsistency and misunderstanding in the fundamental basis of modern philosophy, led to the inconsistency and difference of assertions — in all other ensuing philosophical and physical-mathematical reasoning.

— So it turned out, that on the one hand — there are universal properties of time: duration, non-repeatability, irreversibility; and the universal properties of space: extension, unity of discontinuity and continuity — are connected in a single structural form of the existence of matter — “spacetime”. And on the other hand, in order to explain somehow the new achievements of science, and so far unexplained anomalous phenomena affirms that:

There can be many spaces. (But then, if “space and time” is one, it is necessary to introduce restrictions into the fundamental concept of “extension” implying its (extension) infinity, and explain: what happens with time, when the extension ends).

— A fundamental misunderstanding of the structure of the artificially created concept of “spacetime” led to the hypothesis that the past, present, and future are coexisting together, and as if — simultaneously.

But then, at a minimum, it is necessary to introduce restrictions into the fundamental universal property of time — duration, completely remove another property of time — non-repeatability, and conduct long scientific debates about the «third property of time» — irreversibility (that is, the impossibility of time to flow in the opposite direction ; and the inability to get from the present to the past, or from the future to the present.)

But let’s back to our logical reasoning:

 — As for the spatial concept of extension, then, in principle, we have already introduced relevant restrictions into it:

— In section 1.1, Finite and infinite, section 1.2 What is the size, and section 1.7, the Vibration and the World — the conventions of the concepts are explained and proved: size, distance, infinity, point. And in one word, all this is — an extension.

— A concrete and complete definition of the concept of the Space will be given in the second part of the book. In the meantime, continue to understand — what is the time?

Block 1.8,3

         So what can be called with the word time?

         — A sequential series of changes in the phenomena and states of nature can be called — the time? It can be called, of course. But, a sequential series, this is — a sequential series. (A series of the sequence of occurrence and course of events and the sequence of the emergence of new information.) But the sequence, it is — the sequence! And this sequence does not depend on time, and time will not change this sequence.

  The Conclusion: a sequential change of phenomena and states can be called time only conditionally. More precisely, it will be called the flow of time at a given point.

  — Well, why is this “flow of time” exactly “at a given point? ” Is not the flow of time universal and one for all?

 Let’s consider and analyze the following:

Block 1.8,4.


       An example:

 — The two pilots had received a flight mission, took off on their planes and remained in the air for several days. And so:

 — At the airport, time went on: day was replaced by night, night by day … And the sundials, set by someone at the airport, showed the flow of local time.

 — And at the same time, other sundials, installed on the board of the first plane, constantly showed the same time — 12 noon, and the sun all the time «stood at its zenith» and it was always light, and it was summer overboard …

 — And at the same time, it was winter outside the second plane, it was dark all the time, and the location of the stars in the sky, all the time corresponded to 12 o’clock at night.

 — And all this happened, because the first plane, having arrived at the point, where the standard solar time was 12 o’clock in the afternoon, began to fly against the rotation of the Earth at a constant speed, equal to the speed of rotation of the Earth. And the second plane did the same, but from the opposite side of the Globe. And the first plane flew over the hemisphere, where it was summer, and the second flew over the opposite hemisphere, where it was winter.

From this example, we can safely conclude: the flow of time can be considered universal and unified for all, only in a specific, limited space (that means — at a given point).

But, on the other hand, whatever they (pilots and airport workers) do in different places, whatever their local time is, and no matter how they perceive it, anyway, they are all connected in a single moment of life; a single common moment for all, a moment, in which all these different — is happening.

So, we continue the search and analysis.

Block 1.8,5.

So, we recall, that already the ancient philosophers believed, that time is a sequential series of changes of events, phenomena and states of nature. And, as a measurement of this time, in which these events occur (and they occur in a sequential series), cyclical natural changes were used (this is the change of day and night and the change of seasons).

But after all, these natural cycles are nothing else, than the constituent parts of the planet’s OCF:

 — This is the «Carrier Wave» of the Earth’s rotation around its axis, relative to the stars; and the «Carrier Wave» of the rotation of the Earth around the Sun.

— And the change of day and night, summer and winter — are the results of the effect of the Earth’s OCF (Own Cosmic Frequency) on the Earth’s VNV (volumetric nonlinear vibration structure,= vibrosystem), in fact, on the Earth itself, as an object. Consequently, the Time can be considered as the result of the impact and interaction of volumetric linear oscillations of the “Carrier Waves”, that make up the Own Cosmic Frequency (OCF) of the object.

And then the phenomenon of “airplane time” from our example — becomes clear:

— This happened because, through their actions (control of the aircraft), the pilots made changes to the OCF-passports of the objects (planes) by introducing an additional “Carrier Wave” (“CW” of the flight). And “CW” of the flight and “CW” of the rotation of the Earth, neutralized each other in a mobile speed indicator; which led to a stop of the daily time on the board of the aircraft. Actually, the power of this “CW” of the flight of the aircraft is still not enough to completely stop all on-board clock mechanisms, but the optically visible result — is already obvious.

And the single moment,


— is the current state of the Absolute System of Volumetric Linear Oscillations of the <«Carrier Waves»> in the Absolute Complex Volumetric Oscillation System of the Material-Physical range.

— Shortly speaking:

         — A single moment — is the state of ASVLO in the ACVOS range at the moment; that means, currently — the world picture of all OCF.

 — So, by the words: moment, jiffy, instant — we mean a section-bunch of events, taking place in a sequential (eventual) series, figuratively speaking: under a single serial number; despite the fact, that each participant in this section of events has both — its time and its own OCF.



Block 1.8,6.

   So, we have established, that the daily shifts of day and night and the annual shifts of the seasons — are the consequences of the influence of the planet’s OCF on the planet itself.

 And no wonder that:

— OCF is an interacting set of all the «Carrier Waves» affecting the object for a given moment. And the effect of fluctuations,= vibrations on any object, of course, causes certain reactions and changes in this object.

 (Once again, it is worth recalling, that any World object itself -is also a structured set of volumetric vibrations, but nonlinear. That is: volumetric nonlinear vibrations create structures; and volumetric linear vibrations — move these structures . )

 — And if so, then it turns out, that every planet — has its own time. Own length,=duration of the day, own length,=duration of the year. And each planet lives on its own time and according to its own temporal laws.

And it is right. Well, why, for example, do we need on the Earth, the time of the planet Venus? (Where the day, on the surface of the planet, is longer than a year, and the day in the clouds, if you fly with them — is equal to four days on the Earth.)

“Or, why do we need Martian time, where the day is almost like ours, but the year is almost twice longer ?!”

“Or why do we need the time of the planet Pluto, where the day lasts almost as long as our week, and one year is equal to our two and a half centuries ?!”

 — Just imagine: what are the conditions and laws prevailing there, how they differ from ours … And how different are the life forms there from ours … (of course, if they exists there).

 Now let’s consider the Sun … What time is there?”

The Sun is situated in the very center, in the very focus of all these various OCF-times of the planets of the Solar system. And pure logic tells us, that an effect should work here, alike the effect of the mixing of all the colors of the rainbow, resulting in a white neutral color.

 That means — all the times,= OCF of the planets of the Solar system — neutralize each other. And for the Sun, our planetary time — does not exist at all!

— Otherwise, if the impact of the OCF of any planet would not be neutralized — we would, automatically, together with the Sun, fall under the dominant influence of this planet.

But all scientific observations say, that this does not happen.

         “Then, what time is on the Sun?”

         — The same, as the Solar OCF — the galactic D-level !!!

         — The Sun has its own standards of time — galactic.

         — For us — it is “eternity of eternity”. So:

 — We have established, that the visible temporary cyclic changes — are the result of the impact on the object of its “Carrier Waves”. This result is called the Own Cosmic Frequency (OCF) of the object.

 — We have established, that a sequential series of events can be called «the flow of time.»

— We have established, that each planet, the Sun, and therefore, each cosmic independent object — has its own time.

 — And from this comes the conclusion, that planetary satellites, in general, also have their own time, but are strictly dependent on planetary time and are strictly connected with it.

 Of course, such a relationship and dependence — are mutual. And the cyclical effect of our satellite — the Moon for the Earth — is a clear confirmation of this. (Indeed, for many inhabitants of coastal waters, such cyclical temporary changes as the ebb and flow — are, perhaps, even more important, than the change of day and night and the change of seasons).

— Similar effects for the Earth from artificial satellites are less noticeable, due to the weak capacities of their «Carrier Waves.» But everything is not so simple. The «Carrier Waves» of the artificial satellites are low-power only according to certain, so to say, «natural» indicators.

But these «Carrier Waves» already have a global sign of the planetary D-level. Satellites revolve around the entire planet; and the more technical capacities they have, and the more important are the effects of these capacities on the planet, the more they cause the influence on the flow of our life, and therefore — the flow of our time. (To make it clearer, we give an example: — Imagine, that we launch an artificial satellite of the Earth, with a large reflector of sunlight, which will change the length of daylight on the planet … This will necessarily lead to certain changes in the biorhythms of living organisms, that is, to the changes in their OCF-passports. And the changes in the life cycles — of course, will lead to a change in the flow of time; or rather, to a change in our perception of the flow of time. What is important for us, as individuals, first of all.)

Block 1.8,7.

  So, let’s talk about the perception of time: as the whole of humanity .., as different living organisms .., and each of us individually.

 — To begin with, we recall that everything in Our World is relative; and the time cannot be an exception. Because: sizes are conditional, and speeds are conditional; and therefore, the transit time for these sizes, should also be conditional = relative! And, in confirmation of what has been said, let’s consider this example:

 — If we increase or decrease, for example, our Earth’s day, twice — but at the same time, increase or decrease by the same amount all the speeds of motion, reactions and interactions (starting from the motion of electrons and ending with the motion of stars …) — then we will not notice anything and this will not affect our lives in any way. Because there will be nothing to compare.

Because the entire Absolute System of Volumetric Linear Oscillations (ASVLO) simply increased or halved the frequency of all, without exception, their linear oscillations <«Carrier Waves»>; at the same time, without changing its general structure of relations and interactions; and the structure of relations and interactions of any OCF-passports.

  And this is correct. Because, it is the only way to fit into the concept, that the Universe can be at any point, and any Universe can be a point.

— And how do different living organisms perceive the same period of time, for example, one Earth day ?

— For a one-day butterfly -this is a whole life …

— For a human — this is just one day of its life …

— And for the Baobab tree, which has been living for up to five thousand years — one day, it is very, very small period, almost imperceptible …

— You see — how everything is different … But the time period — is the same!

  And now let’s do an experiment:

 — Someone would tell you: “It will happen in one year …” And: “It will happen in two years …”

 Do you feel the time difference? Of course you feel!

 — Someone would tell you: «It will happen in a hundred years …» And: «It will happen in a hundred and five years …»

Do you feel the difference? Of course you feel. But a little weaker.

-Someone would tell you: «It will happen in three thousand five years …» And: «It will happen in three thousand eight years …»

How is it? Did you feel the difference well? No?! Three years of difference is the long term. But this is not very interesting for you now …

— Then someone would tell you: “It will happen in eighty-three billion one hundred twenty-three million years …” And: “It will happen in eighty-three billion one hundred thirty-three million years …” Well, feel the difference… At the beginning of the experiment, you felt the one year difference very distinctly … And now the difference is ten million years !!! And you do not care !!!

 — Let’s think — why in our experiment there was such a big difference in the perception of the same phenomenon: «the flow of time?»

 — This happened, because in Our «relative» World, just like in the case of the size of the things around us, we also «fit on ourselves» the «flow of time». Comparing the taken time segment, with the time segment, corresponding to the average human life duration.

And it is right. We are not the machines, after all. Year — two — one hundred — two hundred … — For us it matters: our life .., the life of our grandchildren …

 And billions of years … Millions … Who cares?! …

  From this we conclude, that the time, in the general human understanding (that is, the common perception of time) — is a comparison and collation of the duration of processes,= events, relative to the average duration of human life.


 — Regarding the common perception of time — we have sorted it out. Now let’s deal with the individual (personal) perception of time. Because, in the individual perception of time, very interesting features can be revealed:

  — The equal (with the same speed) flow of Earth time is perceived differently, even by the same person, at the different moments of life.

 There are even folk adages: “Time flies when you having fun”; “Time goes slowly”; «It seemed like time had stopped.» But the Earth is spinning at the same speed; and the common Earth time flows in the same way.

 Then what is the reason?

— We will analyze several cases. Here is an example:

Imagine, you and the company of your mates went on a picnic and ate something not very fresh there,  … And, near the door of the toilet, a whole queue was lined up … And, the time for you will go completely differently, depending on which side of the toilet door you are. (Anyone, who is now in doubt, can conduct a personal scientific experiment — with a laxative remedy, a toilet and a company of volunteers.)

Another example:

You are on a date … Your beloved «soul mate» is late, the «cell phone» does not answer … You nervously glance at the clock, waiting minutes drag on painfully long … But then, with a «chirp of apologies», your «soul mate» rushes to you hugs … Three hours passed .. but you didn’t notice how quickly time flew by …


More examples:

There are many cases, when soldiers saw bullets flying at them point blank (which in “ordinary life” is physiologically impossible, since the speed of a bullet is many times higher, than the speed of our reaction to events). And the soldiers not only saw the bullets flying in them, but also managed to dodge them. Other soldiers saw how a shell, that fell near them, began to crack slowly .., the flames slowly started to burst out of it .., time almost stopped .., fragments slowly started to fly apart … The soldiers managed to defend themselves at least somehow … After that — a roar of explosion, and again — the normal flow of time …

And in civil life, in moments of accidents, in the moments of mortal threats that have arisen, it often happens, that time slows down, everything happens as in a slow motion picture … And in our memory, we manage to see our whole past life … And we often manage to respond to threat, in a split second to carry out actions, for which, in a normal situation, we would need much more time.

So why is this happening? Let’s try to understand:

 — As can be seen from the examples, there are no changes in the external “Carrier Waves”, affecting the object (bullets have not yet reached, the shell has not yet burst, the accident has not occurred yet) — and the flow of the generally accepted (common) time, toward the individual (personal) — has already dramatically slowed down …

 And if the external «Carrier Waves» have nothing to do with it, then the reason is in the internal «Carrier Waves», in biorhythms and the vibrations of the senses of the object,=personality!

 — When a person is stubbornly waiting for something and feel nervous, wanting to speed up the process; when a person has seen imminent danger — the person’s internal tension increases sharply, than happens: a sharp surge of feelings,=emotions and a feverish search for a way out or avoiding the impending situation.  Of course, all this affects the flow of the biorhythms of the body. (It is affected because, as we already know, changes in the fluctuation of feelings — cause a change in the fluctuation of energy. A change in the fluctuation of the internal energy of the body, cannot but affect the frequency of oscillations of the Biorhythms of the <internal «Carrier Waves»> of the organism of a given person.)

Changing the «CW» of the organism, leads to a change in the speed of the biochemical processes of the organism. (Since it changes the speed of signal passage through the nerves, the speed of thinking and processing of information, the speed of reaction and perception). The acceleration of these processes leads to the fact, that both, the bullet and the shell explosion — become visible.

That is, it turns out that:

The flow of generally accepted Common time, from the point of view of the individual, slows down, when the internal «Carrier Waves» of the organism of the given person — dramatically speed up their pace.

On the other hand, when the personality’s internal tension subsides (a loved person appears, the person is busy with some interesting business, etc.), then the person’s inner calmness, also calms the vibration of feelings; it slows down the flow of some Biorhythms of <«CW»> of the body. In these cases, the generally accepted (common) time, for a given person, flows “imperceptibly”, that means -it speeds up its flow.

A person thinks that only an hour has passed, and already three hours have passed … And the fact, that not everyone sees a bullet flying into him, proves once again, that everything in Our World is relative, and depends on an individual set of qualities, conditions, and circumstances.

And now we draw the conclusions:

 — The perception of the flow of time — is a relative concept.

-The perception of the flow of time could be: generally accepted, (common), and purely individual (personal).

— The perception of the flow of time is based on a comparative ratio,=comparison of all indicators of external and internal «Carrier Waves».

 That is — the duration of any event, is unconsciously measured by the ratio of the number of cycles, which are, so to speak, standards for comparison:

External standards of comparisonare the seasons of the year, Times of Day, and local hourly time (they practically remain stable), and internal standards — are the cycles of our biorhythms, which vary, depending on mood and other annoying,= influencing factors; and all of this — in relation to the average human lifespan.


Block 1.8,8.

Now let’s summarize our conclusions of the “New Look” on the eternal question: “What is time?”

  — So:

The Timeis sequential changes in volumetric oscillatory systems,= vibrostructures. For each such system,=vibrostructure — there are own changes and «own time.»

 — For us, “own time” — is the planetary “physical time” of the planet Earth, based on the planet’s OCF and included in the more global “physical time” of the entire MatPhys range. But, the perception of this time is different, by different subjects of being.

— The concept of time, in the modern universal meaning — is a relative, conditional, collective,=complex concept; it subjectively reflecting the duration of the ongoing processes, and it mix together several different concepts.

— The modern universal concept of time consists of:

— Firstly — of the subjective perception of time

(both personal and common), based on comparisons of the duration of current events — with the duration of time standards (seconds, hours, days …); with the duration of human life;and with the power, frequency and quality composition of the associated emotions and biorhythms of a given individual.

  — Secondly — of the observed sequential series of events, occurring amid the cyclical natural changes, resulting from the action of the Carrier Waves of OCF (Own Cosmic Frequency) of the planet.

  — Thirdly — of a purely figurative representation,= imagination of the past, present and future; where the present varies from “the moment between the past and the future, called life”, and to such concepts as “now”, “today”, “our time”, “our days”, “our generation”, “modern history”, “Our era «. (Similar «human variations» also exist in the concepts of the past and the future).

The flow of time is universal only for those ,who are at this particular point . But, even for those who are in this particular (common to them) specific place — time can flow in different ways.

The influence of time — is the influence of all «Carrier Waves» of the Absolute System of Volumetric Linear Oscillations, on all Volumetric Nonlinear Vibrostructures in the Absolute Complex Volumetric Oscillation System of the Material-Physical range.

(Do not forget, that the world consists of vibrations …)

The single universal “momentary” indicator of the Absolute Universal Time is the state of the ACVOS-Spirit,=of the whole Universe — at this single moment in a sequential Absolute series of occurrence,= accomplishment of the events.

 Figuratively speaking — this is all the Universe in a single complex-volumetric «momentary cross section»; that is — the state at the moment, of all vibrosystems (both linear and non-linear); that is — the state at the moment, of all objects and processes, occurring with them (motion, aging, interaction, etc.); as well — as the state of all parts of the spirit and other non-material concepts (feelings, thoughts, etc.); as well —  as the state of all accumulated and emerging information.

— So — the Absolute Time of the Universe — is all changes in all vibrational systems,= vibrostructures, in the Unified Absolute Universal All-encompassing sequential row.

— And we will repeat: «Single Universal Moment» — is a single all-encompassing «section» of the ACVOS-Spirit (that is — the state of the entire Universe at a given instant moment).

 Therefore, we can say that — various local times, their flows in a single Universal stream of timeare different rows of sequential processes,=events at different coordinate points of the Universe (in ACVOS-Spirit); in the United Complex-volumetric Complex-sequential row of ongoing World processes,= events.

(It’s like a single river, which consists of different currents and whirlpools …)

— It means, that the flow of Absolute Universal Timeis the Absolute Complex-volumetric Complex-sequential Complex-single row of simultaneous changes in the Universe .

— The flow of the Absolute Universal Time is accompanied by the continuation of the emergence of absolute (entire) information about the fulfillment of events (turning into the category of accomplished events) and the planning and approach of new events. (The emerging information continues the sequential information row).

 — Now let’s analyze the present, past, future:

 — The past — is what has already happened (accomplished events).

The future — is what has not been accomplished yet (this is, what will happen, or perhaps will happen). But since Our World is not a chaos, and is an ordered structure, it can be said, that the futureis a logical consequence of further events. (Moreover, any programs developed and launched by anyone and any actions on them — either strengthen or weaken all of these options.)

The present — is the moment of fulfillment; the result of all interactions.

— But! The vibrations of which the «World is woven» — is the «result of all interactions.»

In the past these vibrations have already passed …

In the future — these vibrations have not come yet …

The conclusion:

 — Our Real World exists only in the present.

The past and the future exist only in information and other intangible concepts: (such as knowledge of the spirit, memories, plans, dreams, fantasies, prophecies and the like, which, in principle, is also a kind of information).

Well, if the Present Time — is a vibration, then the physical time should have an oscillatory structure. (What we already told you about …)

 And therefore, based on the research and analysis, we give a definition of physical time:

 — Physical time — is a «Carrier wave» with a strictly defined motion vector, perceived as forward motion.

The «Carrier Wave» goes as a «vertical layer.» All vibrostructures located in this «layer» are under its action and influence.

 That means that — with sufficient power and globality of the “Carrier Wave”, all vibrostructures that get into it, become a part of the vibration of this “Carrier Wave”, that is — they vibrate with this given OCF.

And the structure of physical time, as well as the structure of OCF — is a “multi-nesting doll” structure.

  And you can, in principle, say, that:

Physical time — is OCF.

 (But, for contemporary human understanding, this is difficult, stereotypes interfere with this; and, for now, it’s not absolutely necessary.) Therefore, for now, we will give another, “romantic” definition:

— Physical time — is a «universal wave» of physical life.

— Let’s sad about the past … Let’s think about the future …

— And let’s try to find our rightful place in this wave …

Block 1.8,9.

          We have already concluded that the origin,= the creator of all vibrations — is the Spirit. So, physical time — is also the creation of the Spirit.

— But it will be considered in the second part of the book.

— And questions about:

— What is possible in time and what is not?

— And issues of temporal anomalies — will be considered in the third part of the book.

Section 1.9. What is inanimate — what is animate.

         Block 1.9,1.

The modern principle of distinction of an animate from inanimate, contains about two dozen different signs, that should be manifested in a living object. Moreover, they should appear — all at once, without exception, because all these signs are controversial; and singly or in a group — can also be found in objects, that contemporary science classifies as inanimate. And we will try to find a simpler and more universal principle of difference:

— As we have already said, Our World consists of vibrations. This means, the difference between animate and inanimate is necessary to search — in the differences between  the vibrations .

— Since the Beginning of the World is intangible; and our MatPhys-range is created by the Spirit from the vibrations of its senses,=energies; then, the difference between animate and inanimate is, in principle — a relative concept. And we will consider the division into animate and inanimate — from our subjective human point of view.

 — So — what is the difference? The difference is, that inside of the inanimate objects — there are completely no biorhythms .

        — In the inanimate objects, a stable indicator of the recurrence of the internal “Carrier Waves” is completely absent; or it can be said — is equal to zero. In simple words — inanimate objects do not have their own constantly repeating internal life cycles. The exception is — an artificially created cycles. (For example: heating-cooling of an object; or cycles of mechanisms and engines — also having an artificial origin).

  — But in fairness, we must admit, that the objects with artificially created internal cycles <”Carrier Waves»> — are no longer «absolutely inanimate objects.» After all, to equip such objects with artificial intelligence and to teach them to reproduce,= to mount their own kind — is a matter of time. (And many of us know, that it would seem, that absolutely identical mechanisms or cars — very often behave «in life» in very different ways).

  — And therefore it is necessary to introduce an additional secondary gradation between the concepts of animate and inanimate: relatively living objects; with a percentage ratio of «bioticity»; based on the assumption, that the inanimate — is zero, the animate — is one.

  And here emerges an interesting point : — Both the Earth and the Sun — have numerous independent stable internal cycles !!!

And it turns out, that our planet is alive … And the Sun — is also alive …

Well, what’s so surprising ?! We don’t live in a cemetery! The world is harmonious and highly organized! Inanimate cannot do this!

         Life in the midst of life and is a part of this life … Logically ?!

Section 1.10. Body and mind.

 Block 1.10,1

 We perceive our body — as a whole, as ourselves.

In the extreme case, when something hurts or bothers, we mentally divide our body into parts, or rather — what hurts and what does not hurt; or I feel — I don’t feel.

— But after all, our entire body and each of its organs — are made up of millions of living cells.  And each cell has its own life and its own destiny.

 — And also in our body lives a millions of live bacteria .., viruses .., parasites … And they generally have their own lives and their tasks! From someone — we benefit, from others — harm…

 — And what life scenarios, what dramas are unfolding in our body …

— Streams of nutrients go along the vessels-roads (veins) .., caravans of substances: both harmful and useful … bacteria, viruses and parasitic microorganisms — commit crimes on these roads …

— And leukocyte-warriors, turning into macrophages and monocytes (that is, “arming”, “putting on combat armor” and “using military equipment”) — boldly rush into battle against enemy bacteria … And the lymphatic system, like modern artillery, shoots viruses and foreign microorganisms with the self-directed antibodies …

 — And what kind of tragedies happening during finding out: “friend-or-foe?” — When something is rejected or destroyed, what don’t have to be rejected or destroyed… (For example: a transplanted organ or transfused blood.)

 And all this is so different: now coexisting .., then fighting …

 — And why actually all this, so different — is kept in space in a single limited volume, with a complex stable form; instead of spreading by an amorphous (without constant boundaries) mass?

 — After all, even considering the structures, responsible for the development of the organism: gene, DNA, chromosome — becomes clear, that something is missing here …

— Let genes, DNA, chromosomes — determine the entire synthesis of substances in the body and all their (substances) interactions; even if they determine the structural-volumetric spatial arrangement of these substances relative to each other …

 But where does the final boundaries of volume? ..

The final shape of the arms, legs, bodies? …

  Why the cells dividing in one direction — and then they stop; and in other directions — they continue to divide?

 — Growth and dividing “in the shape of a ball” would be much more logical …

 — In addition to the genetic program structure of metabolic and protein interactions, there have to be the volumetric program structure of the shape of the object. This structure must necessarily be.

 — And that means that: in addition to the genetic code of living organisms, there is also a voluminous holographic code <hologram «compressed grid» expanding, as the body grows; from embryo to adult>.

— And there is modern scientific confirmation of this: — This is the photographing of the living objects according to the Kirlian method (in a high-frequency electromagnetic field). For example:

— If you pick a live green leaf from a tree, tear off a piece from it and make a photo of this leaf without a piece, using the Kirlian method, then in the photo — the aura of the whole leaf will appear (that is, a torn leaf, plus a phantom of a torn, physically non-existent part of the leaf).

 And we will not deny the obvious:

— This is the code-hologram of the leaf, which is although partially distorted, partially modified and partially destroyed — but fixed by the same high-frequency electromagnetic radiation,=field.

 Aura .., biofield .., the holographic code — is a fact!

And the sooner we understand this — the better!

Now we conclude:

The voluminous structural forms-sizes of living organisms — are due to their voluminous structural holographic code, which, like the genetic code, is inherited and, like the genetic code, is subject to some external influences.

And this, by the way, is another difference between animate and inanimate from our human point of view — not quite objective and not quite perfect … Because life forms can be different, and can differ much from the forms, which are usual for us. For example:

— We breathe with the oxygen, we cannot live without it; because we are — the aerobic organisms and are composed of aerobic cells, bacteria and other microorganisms. (The aerobic organism — is an organism, that consumes oxygen.) But on the Earth, and even as a part of our body (in the form of bacteria), exist the anaerobic life forms, they live without the oxygen consumption; for many of these organisms, the oxygen — is a poison.

 — But if anaerobic microorganisms do exist, then there can exist a complex highly developed anaerobic organisms … And these highly developed anaerobic organisms can also have highly developed intellect !!!

Block 1.10,2.


 And what do we know about the mind and the intellect?

 In the modern definition, the mind — is the ability to understand and comprehend. Intellect, in principle — is the same, but taking into account the quality and the size of these abilities of understanding and comprehension.

For a long time we thought, that the human — is the only rational being on the planet; and the animals — use only the instincts (innate reactions to irritants). Some people still think so…

  — But modern experiments and observations of scientists — show the opposite, and lead to an amazing conclusion…

 — For example, Japanese scientists conducted an experiment with yellow mold fungus. At the one end of the labyrinth they placed a fungus, at the other end of the labyrinth — the sugar. The fungus pulled its flagella to sugar, exactly the sugar, branching through the labyrinth, and  reaching the dead ends also … Finally, sugar was found. After that, any piece of these flagella (any piece of this mold) was taken and placed again: on the one end of the labyrinth — the mold, on the other end — the sugar. And the flagellum crawled to the sugar in the shortest way, without dead ends, directly to the sugar. And reached it. The instinct is out of the question here. Only the mind and the intellect!

— And it may be insulting to us, as the humans: but further experiments with the mold (yellow mold) and the food (sugar) showed that the engineering planning abilities (building a network of flagella for food) of the mold — are not inferior to human abilities of engineering planning.

    Another example:

 — The flight from the wintering place to the “summer camp” of the Monarch butterflies takes the lifetime of several generations … Moreover, the first three generations live very little (five to six weeks), and the fourth generation — eight months … Some butterflies fly along the one route, others — along another .., in certain places — they meet, and again together — forward!

 — Well, what kind of «innate reactions to irritants» can be here ?! This is possible — only if this is a general living organism, consisting of single butterflies, a collective, having a common collective mind.

There are a lot of examples of the mind and the collective mind of the living organisms. (More can be found on the Internet).

  We will draw the conclusions:

 — The mind — is an IQC (intangible quantitative concept). So the mind — is an integral part of the spirit.

  — The mind and the intellect are inherent in all living organisms. (Each species of living organisms has such mind and intellect, as this species need for its life and survival).

 — Very often for the living organisms, the mind — is collective.

 — As civilization develops, not only the human mind develops, but also the mind of other living organisms. For example, stray dogs in big cities, follow the rules of pedestrian traffic … Fish learn to dive under the set nets … Pets and animals, which contacting with people, learn to use people’s things … And so on and so forth …

            — And human experience also shows, that one mind can influence another; dominate it; to impose the thoughts, fantasies, way of thinking, will, programs.


Block 1.10,3.

         We have already said, that when the spirit,=consciousness leaves the body, the mind continues to function. And this indisputable fact, as well as the experimental confirmation of the facts of the existence of intelligence of mold, and the existence of a collective mind — convincingly prove, that the mind and the brain — are two different things.

  Where is the brain of mold? .. Or — where is the brain of a flock of butterflies? .. It is absent !!!

   — So why do we need the brain as the body part?

— As already mentioned: for the spirit — our body is an instrument of influence and interaction in the MatPhys-range of Being.

  And the brain — is the control center of this instrument (the physical body); and a device for the converting of the intangible information into material signals; and vice versa: to convert material signals into intangible information.

 And yet — the brain is a material biological informational-calculative center of interactions with the environment; with the functions of memory, learning, self-learning and other programs — kind of computer.

 And the brains, like the computers — are different: from a primitive scheme of a living cell, to a highly developed human brain; and further — to the levels, that we do not yet know. There is no limit to perfection …

Block 1.10,4.

    The human brain is maximally developed in comparison with the brains of other creatures.

The human body, together with the brain, is maximally adapted, in comparison with the bodies of other animals, for maximum comprehensive impact on the surrounding world.

  And precisely for these reasons, the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness are fighting so stubbornly for a human …



Section 1.11. The spirit and the carrier.

         Block 1.11,1.

         As we already know, the spirit — is intangible and it does not have a certain weight, volume and other physical quantities.

Therefore, the spirit needs a carrier for the visualization and individualization in Our World. (In simple words: the spirit needs a physical medium,=body, in order to become tangible and different from others in Our World.)

  And what these carriers can be ?

 — We already know, that these can be aerobic (using oxygen) and anaerobic (not using oxygen) organisms. But both of them are a protein form of life based on carbon organic compounds.

— And who said, that a life form can only be based on carbon organic compounds?

— And why there cannot be a life form based on, for example, silicon organic compounds? Is there an absolute prohibition on this in nature? No, it is not !!!

And the space — is endless and not explored!

— And the silicon-organic life form — need no water, and the temperature regime for it can be much more extreme, than for the carbon-organic life form …

So, life can exist on any planet: Venus, Mars, Jupiter or Pluto. Simply, it can differ very much from the Earth life.

And in general — who said that the carrier of the spirit must be absolutely alive?

— All objects are created by the Spirit, and any of the objects — the spirit can «saturate by self». It all depends on the tasks that the spirit sets itself.

 — If you need to move physically and act physically — this is one thing … And if the tasks are different, which do not require physical active movement and physical impact — then any suitable object can become a carrier of the spirit. Tribes and folks, which are “not spoiled” by civilization still have such concepts, as the Spirits of the forest, river, terrain. Such spirits can be good or evil… So, the places could be “sordid” or “curative”: healing for body and soul. Dead matter can’t act like that. What about the holy and miraculous relics and icons?! They look like inanimate objects… But their amazing impact on us, our health and destiny — recognized even by the modern conservative science.

 — And yet, relying on all the arguments and conclusions cited earlier, it would be logical to say, that the spirit can “infiltrate” as many carriers (both living and non-living), as its intangible personal qualities allow it. (Because — infinity is identical to a point, and the spirit has no physical limitations.)



Block 1.11,2.


But all the methods of individualization and, most importantly, visualization of the spirit, that we have examined — are visualized through the “crude” physical carriers.

And human experience shows, that the soul, leaving the body, does not lose its individuality; And what is most important — visibility (that means, it takes up quite measurable space). And there are lots of such individually-visual souls …

  — How do they (souls) manage to maintain a difference between themselves?

 — Indeed, a visual individuality — provides for certain personal boundaries in the general system of infinity… And beyond these boundaries — are another visual individualities

 — And the Spirit as it is — has no definite boundaries, because it is intangible…

 — Let’s say: individuality is given to the spirits (parts of the Original Spirit) by their personal non-material qualities (qualities of the spirit).

 — But, visibility (perception of a certain occupied volume) is no longer an IQC (Intangible Quantitative Concept), but is something that goes beyond the scope of this concept.

 (Defined volume — provides boundaries,= shell volume).

 — And what can give a shell of volume in Our World? Only vibrations! Only volumetric nonlinear vibrostructures (VNV)! This has already been explained.

 — But, VNV — is a material concept. And, like any matter, it must have at least some mass. And here on Earth — at least some, but weight. Does the soul have a weight?

— The conducted experiments proved, that it has!

— Dying people were put on ultra-precise scales …

And, when people died, (that is, the soul left the body) — their body weight decreased by about twenty grams … If people experienced  clinical death, returned to life again and died again — their body weight decreased, then increased, then again decreased- exactly by this same weight. (Errors and other influences in these experiments were taken into account and excluded.)

— So our soul has weight.

— So it has a body … A body, as light as a feather, consisting of voluminous nonlinear vibrations of a different range, than the VNV of substances on the periodic table. And therefore: it (soul) contacts with these substances, according to completely different principles; still unknown to our science.

— In the theory of «Live Ethics» and some other occult theories — the body of our soul is called — the «Subtle Body». The world, in which souls lives — is the Subtle World. The energies, that exist there, are — the “Subtle energies”.

— Here you have another range of Being — “Subtle World” (SW-range, located between the IC-range and MatPhyz-range).

 — There you have the «bridge» between intangible feelings and «crude» material physical energies — the «Subtle energies».

 — Here you have an additional connecting transitional link between the intangible spirit and the “gross” material body — the “Subtle Body”, which also visualizes and additionally individualizes the various parts of the One Original Spirit.

 — And since, even removing visibility (a material concept), you can maintain the individuality (intangible concept) — we draw the conclusions:

— The Soul — is an individualized part of the One Original Spirit.

 — Our God, whom we pray in our earthly life, is also — an individualized part of the One Original Spirit, but the Part — which is more Global.

Block 1.11,3.

 We are already familiar with the concept of «collective mind» of living beings, and we know that the mind (collective mind) is an integral part of the spirit.

 — But if such a structure, as a collective mind, exists for low-developed living beings, then the same structure, or something similar, can exist for highly developed ones.

  — Long-term observations and experience show, that highly developed organisms really have a similar structure. This is evidenced by such examples as a common conscious coordinated behavior of highly developed living creatures in flocks, herds, schools; and the behavior and thinking of people in groups. And this thinking and behavior of people, belonging to the same group — have much in common and, as it were, a common coordination and command center.

  — People can have different education, different characters, different social status, health, hobbies, and so on … But if they belong to the same, vitally important group, they live, think, act — according to the laws of this group and under its (group=community) quite a tangible influence.

  (As examples, we can take the behavior of people in religious or ideological communities; or the behavior of people in a crowd …)

 — As an example of collectively dependent rational behavior, thinking and morality, let’s take the behavior of people in religious communities:

— On the one hand, the collective rational actions of members of a religious community — give a collective powerful flow of feelings,=energies with the religious unified “spectral component”of these feelings,=energies …

 — And on the other hand, the professed religion has a tangible effect on the life of its parishioners.

— A tangible impact is impossible without the use and consumption of energy.

 — And since there is energy, then there is SOMETHING that radiates it.

    — Well, what is this structure? And what can you call it?

— In esotericism, and in some part of society — this structure is called «egregor.»

(A good name — let’s leave it.)

 — And now we will consider and explain the reasons for the viability of the egregor structure.

 — After all, the energy of feelings, emitted by members of a specific community, is saturated with common feelings,=energies, and information, and a common desire for a common goal … And «all this» cannot just disappear.

And “all this” — is an integral part of the spirit. And «all this» is individual, for this community.

— As we see, we have: a part of the spirit, and energy, and individual signs. In general, there is everything for the part of the One Original Spirit, called the egregor, to be individualized and alive…

 From here we draw conclusions:

Egregor — is a spiritual informational-energetical formation, formed by the spirit-energy-informational radiation of the members of the community of this formation.

  — All members of the community of this formation, with their feelings, thoughts, prayers, their actions directed in a certain direction, nourish and strengthen this egregor.

If the feelings, thoughts and actions of community members are directed in a different direction, then the egregor will weaken, right up to its complete elimination; either it will fully or partially transformed and will continue its life, but with different traditions, concepts and laws.

— On the other hand, egregor has a tangible strong influence on all thoughts, feelings and actions of all members of its community. (Because the egregor consists of the sum of the spiritual and energetic radiations of all its members, which far exceeds the spiritual strength of one). And it is sort of a collective mind, that also possesses energy, sufficient to influence on the controlled members of the community and to continue its existence.

  — Egregors can be attributed to relatively living structures.

— Each egregor, for its nutrition, growth and amplification, uses its own limited spectrum of sensory energy. Therefore, the massive escalation of negativity by the media (mass media) leads to immense growth and intensification of the negative, hostile to humanity, Egregor of the Dark,=evil forces; negative egregore, with a self-destruction program at the end. Therefore, if humanity wants to survive, we must immediately move away from this negative.

 At the end, we can add:

— It is quite logical, that for a certain spirit with certain qualities and tasks, certain Mat-Phys carriers are needed, the carriers that meet the requirements, that make it possible to perform these tasks …

 — Good examples here are: viruses .., spores .., seeds .., embryos … (Do not forget, that any size — is a convention ..; that there is a collective mind and collective egregor ..; that EVERYTHING either develops or degrades , or stands still ..; that you are still reading only the first part of the book ..; there will be further explanations …)


Section 1.12.

                        When is the Universe possible and what is NOTHING.

         Block 1.12,1.

         As we have already said, the Universe,=Being, is possible only with the continuity of the «tape of feelings», the continuity of the «tape of vibrations» of the Spirit; which means — World is possible only with the immortality of the spirit! Because otherwise, if even for a moment to interrupt it, then all Being,=Universe will have to start all over again.

 — And one more important condition for the possibility of the infinite existence of the Universe:

Global Light <positive, good, creation> — must always dominate Global Darkness <negative, evil, destruction>.

 This is quite logical and understandable. You can create, in principle, endlessly … But to destroy endlessly — is practically impossible …

— But is it possible in Our Real Physical World to do completely without negativity, evil, destruction,

??? Of course not!!!

  Our World, in principle, is arranged so, that the food ecological chain — provides for the death of some, to continue the genus of others. But at the same time, this chain is looped ; it maintains ecological balance …

 — Light <positive, creation> — provides for the planned further improvement and development of this ecological chain. This is the essence of the Power of Light!

— Darkness <negativity, destruction> — provides for uncontrolled battles in this chain, leading to its violation and destruction. (Including the entire human civilization.) This is the essence of the Power of Darkness!

  In more detail — it will be explained further.

— And now we’ll make a vital conclusion for each of us and for the whole  humanity:

 — The Infinite Universe is possible only when the Light dominates Darkness <when «Good», finally, always triumphs over «Evil»>.

 — Yes — in Our Real World, we cannot do completely without Darkness . Our World is arranged this way. Yes — Forces of Evil, in some way, are “helping” us to perfect our Personal Spirit; because we are perfecting ourselves in the struggle …

— But — NEVER, never we should allow the Evil — to win finally !!!



Block 1.12,2.

         — The Beginning……

         — The Universe=Genesis — should have a beginning! Indeed, everything, literally everything, had to come from somewhere … Everything — energy, matter, spirit, and space …

And before that, before the beginning, there should have been NOTHING! Absolutely Nothing!

 — In the stereotype of the human concept — the concept of “Well, Absolutely Nothing” — this means: empty, dark, cold and airless (the vacuum) … In general — a cosmic void …

 — Well, no! Not right! The emptiness also had to come from somewhere!

— NOTHING — so NOTHING! In principle, the Absolute NOTHING — you can’t even imagine, because, any representation — is already SOMETHING.

   — To understand it better, we give an example:

— You go along the road and look very carefully under your feet and forward; thinking about what lies ahead …

— What, at this moment, according to your feelings — is behind you?

 — NOTHING! No sensations … Neither darkness, nor emptiness … Well, of course, until you start thinking about it …

 — Therefore, we repeat again:

 — Before the beginning of the Universe,=World — there was NOTHING.

         — And how out of NOTHING — SOMETHING appeared, is explained in the second part of  =NicA=.

The end of the first part of =NicA=.


Part 2. The Universe.

Section 2.1. The Beginning.

         Note. At the time of writing =NicA=, modern human civilization has not yet invented terms and concepts, that make it possible to extremely accurately describe the processes of the ABSOLUTE BEGINNING. Therefore, for ITS descriptions, we will use human imaginative «figurative analogies.»

 Block 2.1,1.

 — So, everything should come from somewhere.

But in the beginning, there should have been nothing.

— Neither matter, nor energy, nor space, nor time, nor any spirit and being in general. (In philosophy, such an absence of anything at all, is defined as NOTHING.)

  — So, to the question of what was at the beginning, we can say: «At the beginning there was nothing.»

— But this (NOTHING) — was !!! …

— So, there was NOTHING.” How long was NOTHING? .. Where? .. When ? .. — You can’t say, because there was neither time, nor space, nor any characteristics and comparisons.

Therefore, with the same reason, we can say that NOTHING lasted one instant ..; or that NOTHING lasted endless billions of billions of years ..; this does not change the essence: — in the beginning there was nothing …

 — But then — “somewhere”, “once”, “in some moment” — this NOTHING, or its “some part”, realized itself, realized, that It — is NOTHING …

 — In an infinite number of possibilities — It did not realize; and in one case — realized … And why not? .. And what prevented? .. (Truly — nothing helped, also …)

 — So we say that — «in one of the cases» …

Moreover, NOTHING, as it was nothing,=zero, remained nothing,=zero.

(So, from the point of view of mathematics — everything is in order.)

And It realized itself, figuratively speaking: gradually .., over many conditional nonexistent billions of conditional nonexistent years .., at an infinitely small, indistinguishable from zero, conditionally non-existent point … So — we have not yet come out of zero, and did not violate the laws of the Universe … Moreover, there were no laws either … Absolutely …

But there is another thing: — It turns out, that zeros — could be not identical.

NOTHING=zero was manifested, and turned into SOMETHING=zero. Still zero, but self-aware.

— After all, when NOTHING realized itself, that It — is NOTHING — It felt something .., so to speak — «changed its status.» From NOTHING, without suspecting it, It turned into SOMETHING… Because, when you feel something, you make, even a small, but work …

And during the smallest work — even the smallest energy is either released or absorbed…

 — In this case, there is nothing to absorb energy from, because of its complete absence; so, it remains only: to release the energy. (Well, the fact that feeling is the basis of our habitual energies — was discussed in the first part of the book.)

  — When NOTHING turned into SOMETHING, It turned, according to our concepts, into the Original Spirit; or rather, for now, into Its Embryo


And also we received unconditional confirmation, that the Spirit creates energy, and that the mother of any energy — is a feeling. For the simple reason, that in the BEGINNING — there was nobody to create and nothing to create of !!!





Block 2.1,2.

 — So, it happened …

The Embryo of the Spirit, = the Embryo of the Universe, = the Embryo of Being …

It was alive … It felt … It realized itself …

  The embryo grew stronger .., evolved … Together with It, information appeared and increased … The Primordial Spirit became the primary carrier of this information …

 — The primary original feelings of the Primordial Embryo of the Spirit increased and decreased …

 Weak tender original feelings — appeared and disappeared .., replaced each other …

 -But a change of feelings — is an event. So a sequential series of events has appeared. It consisted of a primary sequential series of primary change of actions (this would be a conditionally external row), and a primary sequential series of a primary change of primary feelings (this would be a conditionally internal row).

  — That is: two oscillatory series appeared on the primary “Carrier Wave” of the development of the Primordial Spirit … And it became possible to compare these series by the ratio of the number of actions to the number of feelings, on a conditionally taken segment of the primary “CW” of the development of the Primordial Spirit …

 — And these are — the “embryos» of time and its perception …

 — The TIME arose In Being

Together with feelings, energy appeared and grew (because energy is feelings) … A new work was being done … And so the total power was growing …

 — While developing, the Primordial Spirit behaved like a child …

(Well, how else could It behave?! …)

  — The Primordial Spirit in its «infancy», probably, tried to move … For the development — it is natural … But there was nowhere to move … because — there was no space …

  Perhaps, It tried to increase .., grow .., decrease … But there was nothing to compare with either .., and nothing was clear …

 Finally, It wanted to communicate … But there was no one to communicate either, because there was NOTHING around.

— Finally — It got tired of loneliness …

Section 2.2. First division.

         Block 2.2,1.

— Well, what do the Kids do, when they are bored, when they want to play, and there is no one around? …

— They come up with an interlocutor …, imagine it … And the whole game, all the dialogues, they lead for two; as if bifurcated into two different personalities,  remaining «a single and indivisible baby.»

 So, our «Baby»,=the Primordial Spirit, as if, divided into two …

— Why «as if»?

  — Because it is practically impossible to separate completely. Not then — not now. Because, if you make an absolutely complete separation, without leaving a single common connection, = «yarn»; not a single «chain of feelings», not a single chain of general inseparable information, not the slightest inextricable spiritual and spatial connection .., then, between halves separated in such an absolute way — there will be Nothing. (No communication, no memory, no information, no space, no direction … Nothing!)

  — With an absolutely complete separation, we get two completely different Worlds, = Universes, = Beings; absolutely not in contact and know absolutely nothing about each other.

Therefore, our «Baby»,= the Primordial Spirit was divided .., but remaining at the same time, the One Primordial Spirit.


Block 2.2,2.

         — And any division — first of all, provides for a distinction between the different halves, or at least the boundaries between these halves.

 (Of course, the Primordial Spirit could delimit itself by two parallel lines .., maybe at the beginning, this even happened .., but the modern World suggests, that the division followed the path of spheres and figures of complex closed forms and volumes … )

 — So, figuratively speaking:

— The division of the Primordial Spirit into «Himself» and «His Interlocutor» requires an outline,=designation of «Himself» and «Himself as His Interlocutor».

 — And what to outline,=designate? After all, there is NOTHING around … And nothing else …

— And since there was nothing more, so NOTHING was outlined.

— And now this outlined,=designated NOTHING, automatically turned into SOMETHING (in this case, into space), in which it was already possible to outline,=to indicate different volumes of different parts of the Original Spirit.

 — So, we conclude:

The designated NOTHING is — the space.

— Space is designated and controlled by the Spirit and saturated with Its senses-energies. (Otherwise, how to control ?!)

Therefore, it (the space) is no longer NOTHING, but SOMETHING, that is — it is a part of Being.


Block 2.2,3.

  Now, when space appeared — the outlined, = designated halves of the Primordial Spirit were able not only to contact each other, but also to move relative to each other:

 — Approach .., move away .., change places .., change the shape of its own volume …

And all this — at own will …

  — Appeared a primary concept of movement, distance, size, speed, shape, difference …

 Meetings, partings, etc. became possible …

— The flow and accumulation of information increased …

— The first symbols of communication appeared …

— In a successive series of events, the past and the present appeared; and in desires, the future began to be seen …

 — The feelings-energies and their continuous flow and chain of interconversions, the interchange of one feeling-energy with another, grew and diversified.

 — Life, = World, = Being — evolved .., and from NOTHING they were already separated by infinity .., which grew and became stronger …



Section 2.3.


The second division — the path to infinity.

 Block 2.3,1.


But the really rapid development of the Universe began after the second division of the Primordial Spirit into its component parts.

(Skeptics may ask: «Why did It need this?» We’ll answer: fortunately, Primordial Spirit was not an old skeptic, but was an inquisitive and active “Child”. And fortunately, It still kept these qualities, because activity and curiosity — are qualities of a fulfilling life. The main thing is — in what direction to drive them.)

— So, the second division of the Primordial Spirit took place …

 (We remind you: partial, not final, not absolute division — with the preservation of some definite connections between all the divided parts.)

 — After this second division, the concept of a multitude arose. (And the multitude — is the path to infinity.)

— The concepts of majority and minority have appeared. That is — there was a prerequisite and the need to create an account, and a language of communication and information transfer.

— That is, the primary symbols of communication appeared and developed (let’s call them: PriSymC).

 — The Space had «strengthened» and expanded (the emptiness — from our point of view); but the emptiness designated, controlled and saturated by the Primordial Spirit, Its primary feeling-energy, serving, at least, as a connection between all the various divided parts of the Primordial Spirit; and the field of their joint activity.

 — And the more these «independent» Newly formed,=Newborn Spirits became, the more powerful They became (and they became as more powerful, as more senses-energies they emitted or accumulated), the more space was required. And the space was designated,=increased more and more …

 (By the way, even today, scientists are confidently observing the expansion of the Universe. So — everything is correct.)

Block 2.3,2.

         In the process of communication-games of Newborn Spirits, the concepts of rapprochement and unification into groups, divergence and separation, creation of configurations and similar things appeared and have become stronger…

 — And all this was done through desire, or unwillingness, through feelings, and through striving or not striving — for something,=someone.

 And of course, all this was achieved with self-limiting oneself in space, which allowed each Newborn Spirit to individualize itself and distinguish itself from other Newborn Spirits; being at the same time an inseparable part of the One Primordial Spirit.

 (And there is no need to think and argue for a long time: «Is this true, or not ? Was it like this, or somehow else?» — True !!! For the simple reason that, except for the above, there was nothing else in the nascent World! There were no orthodox scientist materialists, no orthodox clergymen, no matter, no religion. There were no physical, chemical and social laws known to us either.)

— Separating,=individualizing itself from others , the Newborn Spirit performed cyclical oscillatory actions. And only that which this Spirit created,=produced,=generated could fluctuate cyclically: that is — all Its component parts and «filling», Its feelings, desires and aspirations ..; in all their power and all their spectral,=percentage-quantitative component …

 — And the difference in the spectra had to be mandatory. Because if everything is hundred percent the same, then there is no difference and no individualization.

 And if there is absolutely no difference between the two parts of the One Primordial Spirit, then for the Primordial Spirit it is one part; except that it has become more powerful …

 — Actually, in the power of the Primordial Spirit was to push these «one hundred percent identical halves» in the space, created and controlled by It, and keep them at a distance from each other … It is possible. This requires Its will-energy.

 — But the difference in spatial coordinates — is already a difference.

 Therefore, one hundred percent similarity — is not possible any more.

— But the difference in coordinates — is a «concept».

 — And if only the Primordial Spirit turns off this «will-energy-concept», both objects will certainly merge into one. Who and what can distinguish them? And especially in those times, when there were no laws ?!

   — That is why the need for individualization and stabilization of qualities, and the creation of laws of interaction, life, development — had risen … That is — there was a need to create the laws of Being.

Block 2.3,3.

  — In those days, there were no automats-factories yet. And the only creator of everything — was the Spirit.

— Well, since, by that time, there were already a lot of Spirits, then the quality of everything created by Them certainly depended on the qualities of the Creator Spirits themselves and the qualities of the One Primordial Spirit, acting, in this case: the Main Creator, Architect, Coordinator, Controller, and most importantly — the Keeper of all Being and its laws , arising as needed.

 — The One Primordial Spirit was forced to do this in any case; (again, for the simple reason, that there were simply no other applicants for this Post.)

Block 2.3,4

— So, for any creation, you need an energy.

— We have an energy: these are senses allocated,= formed by the Spirit.

— But just senses-energies — are just senses-energies …

 — And for normal productive creation-creativity, besides the senses-energies, some additional components are needed ..:

 — Let’s call them — qualities of the spirit.

The qualities of the spirit are the following:

— The Desire — is a path and a goal.

— The Unwillingness — is the rejection of a certain path and goal.

 — The Aspiration — is any change along the path of desire or unwillingness. That is, striving is also a vector,=direction of applying of the force, or forces (including creative and others) …

 — The Will — is a stability. Any stability, including the stability of any process and the stability of any changes; in spite of any opposition.

 — The Faith is consent, non-resistance; adoption of processes, laws, methods, goals, theories, ideas, plans, programs, teachings; and absolutely confident — one hundred percent — expectation, that it will be so, only this way and not otherwise. Faith leads to the constancy of the principles of all interactions of something with something.

— The Doubt and its extreme manifestation — disbelief — is disharmony with something, «hesitation»: (truth — not true, to believe — not to believe); rejection, disagreement, resistance; and finally, complete disbelief and denial.

 — The Trial — is an action to check something with something. To make sure: to believe or doubt, it is possible or not, it will or will not survive, it is worth it or not, true or not, and so on and so forth.

— By the qualities of the spirit, from the energy of the senses — the Spirit created and creates Being, in all the infinite varieties of manifestations and laws.

In any spirit, the main thing is «the spectrum of the components of the Spirit’s senses» (you understand, of course, that senses-energies are different: good or evil); and the spectrum of its spirit qualities (what it wants, what it strives for .., will power, faith, doubt .., the ability to endure trials …)

 Block 2.3,5.

— And the World was rapidly developing further … And here it is not important meticulously precise definition of the sequence of events in the next row of Being …

 — The main thing is important: — creation was going on: the construction of the World from what was available. And there were senses emitted,=generated by the Spirit, and passing through It, through Its parts — the space designated by It …

 — And the energy — is the senses, but with open cycles of oscillations.

 Sense can, in its power, increase and decrease; and at any moment, at any stage, to pass into a different sense-energy. But, the chain of transition, from one sense-energy to another — is eternal and indissoluble. (For, as already mentioned, if to break this chain of senses absolutely everywhere and completely, even for a fraction of a moment, then consciousness,=awareness of Spirit, would completely disappear. And together with It, space and the entire Universe. Fortunately, practically, this is impossible.)

  — And possessing an energy — the creation is possible!

So: Energy is an open oscillation,=vibration of a sense, without a specific volume in space. And it is right. After all, when the first feeling arose («NOTHING had realized that It is NOTHING») and, therefore, the first work was done — there was no space yet …

 — And the spectral composition of sense (feeling) and its qualities, and the spectrum of their vibrations — determine the properties of the given energy.

 And the «hardness» of vibrations — determine the belonging of this energy to the range of Being. (Of those that we already know, this is belonging to the «Subtle Energies» of the «Subtle World», or belonging to the «gross» energies of the Material World.)

 — So, an opportunity arose: to create out of energy …

Block 2.3,6.

         — Of course, at the same time, the assistants of the Creator and Its constituent parts — the Newborn Spirits — Creators — were also «created». Let’s call these helpers in the Bible way: the «Angels».

  — Of course, with the growth of the Universe, space,=emptiness, and the emergence of stable cycles (any) — firstly, it became possible to consider a sequential series of events, in the light of the number of cycles that occurred during the event. That spawned the «Time». And secondly, the larger the distances became, the easier it became: — not to move along these distances in the usual way, but simply to vibrate with the required cyclic frequency … and immediately appear in the right place. (That the World is woven of vibrations, and that infinity is identical to a point, and that all the difference in coordinates between objects is precisely in the set of volumetric linear vibrations of the object, that is, in their OCF-passports — it was written and proved in the first part of the book.) It would be strange if Angels and other highly developed forces would never use this.

Block 2.3,7.

— But let’s back to our Universe:

— So, there was an opportunity to create something out of energy …

— Even from the school course, we know that apart from an energy, there is «matter» and «field». («Field» — as «a special form of matter»). Actually, all «fields» are different; and a unified theory, a unified definition within the framework of the currently dominant science — is not formulated. From the school course we also know, that elementary material particles have both the properties of material particles and wave properties of energy.

-Well, since the“ field ” — is a “special form of matter”, it means, that these properties also refer to the “field ” somehow.

 — Therefore, we will not waste a lot of time on explanations. We have enough knowledge to understand everything at once.

 Therefore, we will immediately give short and clear definitions. (For the definition of «energy,» see above.)

 — The field — is a vibration of senses-energies, that has volume in space (with the outline of boundaries: from specific — to endlessly fading) and which requires for own existence — a radiating special supporting-generating source.

 — The matter,=material particle is a structural stable volumetric independent nonlinear vibration of feelings-energies, which has a certain volume in space, with specific certain boundaries (having the ability to change, sometimes under certain influences) and which does not require for its life,=existence — a radiating special supporting -generating source.

 — The smallest, or the very first material particle — can be called «PSSVINV-ES» (which means: Primary Structural Stable Volumetric Independent Nonlinear Vibration of Energy-Sense).

— All properties of the field and matter, as well as energy — determine the spectral composition of the used senses-energies and their vibrations; and the code of laws created by the Spirit.

 — The main thing to understand and realize is, that changes in the quality of vibrations in terms of the «hardness» of frequencies — radically change the properties and manifestations of the primary material used: «subtle» senses-energies …

 It is like the intangible air of gentle morning coolness, transformed by the vibrations of a hurricane and tornado — into terrible destructive forces …

  — That is why, in our MatPhys-range of Being, the concepts of «matter», «energy», and «field», that are familiar to us — are so different from the concept of «sense» (feeling), which we usually use.

In the IC-range, this difference — is much less …


Block 2.3,8.

   — In general, it is quite natural and understandable, that it is very difficult to abstract away like this at once (that is — to discard all vital accumulated stereotypes, knowledge, beliefs) …

 — But you don’t have to discard anything. You just need to make the appropriate adjustments. That’s all.

 — After all, the described Origin of the World can be easily called the Big Bang. Just not thoughtless, but meaningful, organized and thoughtful to the smallest detail. (Actually, it could not be otherwise. After all, after an explosion in a warehouse with paper, glue and paints — the library would not be formed …)

— And those, who simply believe — that God created everything should understand that, yes — God created everything .., but God had to come from somewhere in the beginning … And besides the One Primordial God-Creator, there must be Its Newborn Creators-Gods .

 — After all, you, believers, would not say, that you can pray to the God of some distant galactic nebula; and that It will hear you and help you …

  — And if there is one God for all billions of galaxies, billions of billions of stars and planets, who decides and delves into all the prayers of the endless infinity of those praying … then there will be no time left for the Universe. Why and how to do it without helpers? That is why we pray to Our «Earthly» God; God — the patron of us, Earthlings; the patron, both in this world (MatPhys-range) and in «other» («Subtle World» ).

— Well, if someone is simply bursting with ignorance, anger and hatred … then we’ll talk about this later …

Block 2.3,9.

— Now, let’s return to our Universe:

— In principle, different material particles have no interest in attracting each other, repelling, interacting and so on.

— And although all these particles are created by the Spirit, but they are created — as not endowed with reason … And for any of their interactions, you still need to create and firmly consolidate the laws by which these particles will behave.

 — But how to do it?

— With the help of the spectrum of necessary qualities, in modern language — to install in them (into particles) a program of behavior in certain situations .., fixing this program in the entire designated space … Which, of course, was done …

And the confirmation of this — is the entire Universe …

Block 2.3,10.


— And now, in the light of the new theory, let’s define what we all face: gravity.

 — So:

— Gravity — is the urge to collect; reinforced and maintained by the massive power of the collected.

— Gravity is a «field». Like any «field», it requires a supporting source. In this case, it is material mass. The larger is the mass, the larger and more powerful is the «gravitational field».

 — The boundaries of the «gravitational field» have a fading structure that goes into infinity … But, according to the will and intention of the Creator (it was not created by itself), the «gravitational field» has, as it were, the properties of stretched rubber:

  — If the object approaches a source that supports and radiates this «field», then it gets faster and faster .., but if it tries to move away from this source, it becomes more and more difficult … And in the place where the  force of the source’s aspiration to attract is balanced with the object’s force of aspiration to leave the source — in this place the source can stay as long, as the balance of forces-aspirations would not somehow be disturbed.

— It is precisely on these properties of the «gravitational field» that the entire system of universal gravitation rests. And the living energies of the life of planets, stars, galaxies — determine the cycles of their rotation. Because, on the one hand, energy is needed for any rotation (and where to get the energy for rotation, for example, of a planet — except from the planet itself ???) And on the other hand, the energy, emitted by living systems, have to be transformed into something and spend on something …

— And all this is simply brought to automatism and perfection…

Block 2.3,11


But then the question arises: — Why do the Universe, stars, planets and satellites need all these rotations at all???

Let us analyze the answer using the example of our solar system:

— Well, firstly, our solar system (and the Sun and the Earth and the Moon) are part of a highly organized, and therefore living and intelligent, Universe; not part of a dead graveyard! And any part bears the signs of the whole. This means that our solar system is also alive. And all living things have stable closed cycles of their own internal, = intrasystemic «Carrier Waves».

All of this has already been explained in Block 1.9.1.

— And secondly, these rotations are simply necessary for the very existence of these systems:

— All planets in the Solar system have different masses, volumes and distances from the Sun. And in order for the Sun being the center of this system and energy exchange complementary and mutually balancing centrifugal and centripetal forces are simply needed, obtained from the rotation of planets of different mass and volume, along their different orbits, with their different speeds around  single center, = the Sun.

Without centrifugal and centripetal forces that are mutually equal, the system could not be stable and would collapse.

— But the spinning of the planets themselves around their axes, the Sun does not seem to need … But the planets need it! Let’s say that the Earth does not spin around its axis … On one half of the Earth there is an eternal day and a scorching Sun, and on the other half of the Earth there is an eternal night and cold … Is it possible in such a situation on the Earth such the present diversity of biological life and its high organization? Analyze the behavior of the atmosphere, ocean, etc. And you will get an unambiguous answer: — NO, NOT POSSIBLE!!! For our present Earthly life, we need just such a current cycle of the Earth’s wrap both around its axis and around the Sun! Now, if there is no biological life on the Moon (at least on its surface), then it is not spinning around its axis!

What for?! And where to get the energy for this?!

— On other stars, planets, satellites —  SIMILAR!!!

By the way: — A deadly threat not only to diversity, but in general to all biological life on our planet, comes from our present human civilization. If WE will not change our behavior, then, according to all the laws of the Reasonable Universe, we will be liquidated!!!

Block 2.3,12

 = NicA = (taking into account everything that has already been said and logically proved earlier) can be considered as a described and logically proved in this section — a UNIFIED FIELD THEORY with a specific formulation of the unifying essence, common for all fields.

                        Section 2.4. Our spheres of the universe.


Block 2.4,1.


— From our, human point of view, Our Universe is infinite — both in its size and in its diversity:

— Myriads of galaxies .., nebulae .., pulsars .., quasars .., «Black holes» … Dark energy .., dark matter .., antimatter … All new discoveries … All new concepts …

— And there are no prohibitions for the Absolute Primordial Spirit to create the Universes in a volume equal to our elementary particle, or to create an elementary particle in the volume of Our Universe …

— There are no prohibitions for the Absolute Primordial Spirit to create the Universe, or a region in it, with laws that are opposite to our laws of the Universe, or significantly different from them …

— There are no prohibitions for the Absolute Primordial Spirit (for the purpose of experiment and cognition) to create, in addition to Our World, also — the parallel Worlds, where events (both with their time) can occur and proceed somewhat differently than in Our World. Moreover, to create such Worlds, not much is needed:

— It is enough either to designate other spaces and to place these Worlds there … or simply shift all the vibrations and frequencies that make up these Worlds in ranges so, that they do not merge and interfere with each other.

— Many Worlds .., many spaces .., many varieties of development paths .., many varieties of laws of the Universe …

— All this is possible. But! With one indispensable condition:

— All this variety of Worlds, spaces, laws, ranges and so on — all of these are parts of the Absolute One Primordial Spirit of the Creator; parts — at least somehow, at least through something — connected to each other … (The reasons for the impossibility of an absolute break=separation were explained above.)

— All this possible diversity of all Worlds and spaces, created by the Primordial Spirit, for a single interpretation and harmonious all-embracing understanding, let’s call :

An «Absolute of the Spirit of the One Primordial Creator.» And so as not to confuse with anything, we will write it like this: A, = SOPC.

— So, we repeat:

— All of the above are integral inseparable parts of Our One Absolute Universe , our A = SOPC.

— But in order to move into an absolutely primordially originally different A, = SOPC, or at least to contact with It — you have to go through,=penetrate,= create a connection through the NOTHING; where there is nothing: no space, no directions, no clues for any action ..; and NOTHING itself — is not there either … (NOTHING — is unattainable, like the horizon …)

— Perhaps, in the distant future, this task will also be solved … The path of knowledge is endless …

But for now, the question of the possibility of the connection between two A,=SOPC through the NOTHING — is not considered by the Concept of =NicA=!

(And why do we need this, at the present stage of evolution?! … We already have enough specific and urgent problems and tasks of survival, and transition to the Path of Infinite Development. That is, harmonization with Nature, Mother Earth, the laws of the Universe, and The universe as a whole.)

Block 2.4,2.

— Based on the knowledge we have gained, a reasonable question may arise:

— If everything that is present now in the Universe is already known by the Spirit, opened, projected, created; and It foresees everything in advance — why then is Our path of knowledge needed, is there any sense in it?

— We answer:

— In the infinities of the Universe, all the ways of knowledge are also endless.

— After all, this information, in this place, for this individual — came only now. And there are endless infinities of the information, that has not yet came here …

— And any changes in information, in any medium — in some way change this medium. And any change in any medium is also a change (albeit small) in the entire Universe as a whole …

— There is a sense in knowledge, and very huge!

   And our future and the future of the Universe as a whole — depend on the quality, path, goals and results of this knowledge.

— Further, we will talk more than once about the most important tasks in the earthly life of each person …

Block 2.4,3.

— But now, let’s return to Our Spheres of the Universe:

The Creator,= Nature,= God <A,=SOPC> Cosmic Intelligence (as you like …), created and continues to create the Universe.

— Why «continues to create»? Just because all of us are the parts of It and we do create something … (and, to our great shame, we, so far, destroy and destroy more than create …)

— In the beginning, as it was already explained, the Spiritual World was created.

Then, as the need grew: for more individualization of separate parts of the Primordial Spirit and to satisfy Their desire for creation — vibrational,=oscilational structures and systems were invented and created …

Some of which began to play the role of building material for the implementation of the plans and designs of the Spirit; while others became carriers of the individuality of the Spirits themselves and an instrument of their impact on other vibrostructures …

— Of course, in the beginning it was, from our «gross» material point of view, more «subtle» energies, more «subtle» vibrations, a more «Subtle» World; closer to the Intangible Spiritual Structures than to our «rough and tough» Material World which, of course, was created later.

— But the Young Spirits, like little children, sooner or later, faced a desire: to destroy something of what they had built; and see what will happen …

 — And just like for the children, in the overwhelming majority of Spirits-Angels, this «childhood illness» passed very quickly. (Proof — Our World is not destroyed.)

And only for the «few» Spirits-Angels, the passion for destruction remained forever. (Proof — ongoing attempts to destroy Our World.)

— But before you destroy something, you have to invent it, create a building material, create laws and construction technologies, build … spending energy of feelings, time …

— Therefore:

— If we divide the Part-Forces A,=SOPC into Divine and devilish, = Satanic <Dark,=evil, destructive, impure> — Then the Dark destructive forces appeared much later than the Light Creators. ( Because in the beginning they had nothing to destroy …)

— And one more thing: the essence of the Light Creative Forces is creation (building, improvement, and so on). Therefore: Light Forces are Self-Sufficient Forces.

(That means, They can develop independently, without the participation of other forces; to create and to strive for harmony and order.) This is their essence.

— The Dark Forces, the essence of which is destruction and striving for chaos, are Non-self-sufficient Forces.

(They cannot exist independently. They need someone to build objects of destruction. And when there is practically nothing to destroy, they begin to destroy themselves); because this is their essence.

Block 2.4,4.

— Of course, it is quite logical that very soon it became clear, that the Dark Forces, in their unrestrained essence of destruction, chaos and other nasty things, pose a direct threat to the structure of the Universe and require close control and strict limitation of the field and scope of their activities.

— But here’s the thing:

— Even the Evil Spirit — is still a spirit. So, it has immortality. It cannot be destroyed completely. ( How to completely destroy self-awareness, which has no size, weight, color, or smell, or anything else that could be destroyed?) To destroy the carrier — yes, you can! But to destroy the spirit itself — never!

— But it is possible to change that spirit by changing its qualities; to transform; to connect with another spirit; or even to «pour» one spirit into another.

— And you can also shield,=isolate the Dark Forces so, that they begin (following their essence) to destroy themselves, tending to zero; but they will never reach it. (Because, with a decrease in the power of the Dark Force, the speed and size of its self-destruction — will decrease. This is like in the example with infinitely dividing and decreasing segments.)

— Therefore, as the Creator tells us through the Holy Scriptures and Esoteric teachings, the following was done:

— In the Subtle World the Dark Forces were isolated in a limited space called “Hell.” (Probably, these are adequate controlled Dark Forces, because they even found harmonious application — punishment of sinful souls.) The rest of the Fallen Angels, led by the «Leader», were «thrown down to Earth», in our Material-Physical range. (Probably, they did the same on some other planets of our MatPhys range.)

— And this is a very correct and wise decision. Because our material world is designed in a such way that pain, suffering and loss will always be present in it, to some extent …

— But these tests also temper us, strengthen the qualities of our spirit, necessary for its further improvement (the essence — is our improvement); for our further eternal life (as we have said and proved many times, the spirit — is immortal).

— And we have a freedom of choice: «Who are we with ?!»

— Or we (together with the Creator ) are building a new bright harmonious future (which is incredibly difficult while living on Earth); or, succumbing to temptations, promises, bribery and all sorts of cunning agreements, or any of our own reasons and convictions — we join the ranks of the Dark Forces, which, unfortunately, at the time of this writing, «run the show» on Earth.

— But just don’t forget that the Dark Forces are not self-sufficient. And as soon as they have no one to destroy, they will destroy you, their servant and slave. Well, even if you imagine that you are not a slave of the Dark Forces, but their lord, master, patron, or at least equal to them … As the thousand-year experience of mankind shows, the Dark Forces are triggered by their dark essence, and you will be destroyed much earlier than you calculate it for yourself, and much more painful, tougher and more sophisticated than you could imagine. (There are a lot of examples … At least, let us remember those who carried out repressions, executions, genocides, famines … Where are they ?! And what was their end ?!

— Well, now let’s remember those who slavishly and silently serve the devil, who gave their body and soul, as a carrier for the Dark Forces … Few have seen, but many have heard how terribly hard and painful is the death of «warlocks» who have sown a lot of pain and evil in Our World, and who (for some reason) did not transfer the dark force sitting in them, to another person, to another body by the time of death … What do they do… they even tear the roof off … because nothing helps: neither prayer, no anesthesia, no drugs … The evil force, until it is satiated, will not go anywhere and will not let the soul go and will not let it die.

Well, who has seen the happy ones possessed by demons, or other spiritually energetic entities, components of the Dark Forces? There are none! They just don’t exist!

— Cowardice, greed, venality, cruelty, sadism, envy, jealousy, a thirst to rule over the fate of others, to kill — always, always, sooner or later, but always — leads to adequate results, to retribution and a corresponding end …

Block 2.4,5.

— Evil Dark Forces cannot be called stupid. On the contrary — they are very creative. And they are trying to delay their end as far as possible.

Therefore, they are simply forced sometimes to retreat and hide, so that the Light Forces could invent, do, build something … In order to have something to destroy… But their evil and dark essence cannot stand for a long time without the energy of destruction. Therefore, more is destroying than is being built now. And our entire civilization, so far, is stubbornly approaching its end.

— Not in vain it was said: “God is at war with the devil and the battlefield is the human heart.” The whole future — specifically depends on each of us !!!

— It’s good that there are such huge cosmic distances between the planets, and our modern knowledge — is limited. Cosmic distances are a natural barrier to the spread of evil.

— And while we ourselves, on our Earth, do not curb the forces of evil, do not limit them to manageable safe limits — we will not see other planets as own ears.

May be in some pavilions and special laboratories, testing grounds — will be created the next «filmtales» about the landing of people on Mars, or somewhere else. And, perhaps, expeditions of voluntary migrants will even be sent out. But, with a one-way ticket, and with their further virtual-computer «life» for those who remained on Earth. You can see for yourself how much lies, suppression and obviously untrue are around. But propaganda constantly impose it.

— Often they try to convince us through the media that all extraterrestrial civilizations are much more aggressive than us and simply dream of capturing and enslaving our planet …

— But how many times the «flying saucers» have prevented nuclear conflicts from starting?! … How many times unknown (to us, the broad masses) Forces — have not allowed to implement projects that could lead to the imminent death of the entire planet ?! … (An example is — the Tesla’s «death rays».)

Any dangerous scientific knowledge must correspond to the moral climate of society, its (society’s) spiritual maturity, responsibility and non-conflict. And aliens are not a threat to us. We, with our aggression, greed, irresponsibility and mountains of deadly weapons and waste are the «headache» for aliens, who defeated the Forces of Evil in their worlds and have put this Evil in an acceptable framework.


Block 2.4,6.

— It would be nice, of course, to find somewhere an aliens, being very similar to us:

in appearance, biology, form of life … Of course, somewhere there do exist! But somewhere very far away.

— After all, the World is woven of vibrations. And very similar, or partially identical vibrations — should be at a decent distance from each other, so as not to interfere with each other. (It’s like two independent radio stations operating on the same wavelength, or very similar waves and being close to each other … They will only drown out each other.)

Therefore, we must understand and take for granted, that the alien civilizations nearest to us are significantly different from ours!

Well, important is not the appearance, not the formbut the essence!

— After all, the intelligent and surely extraterrestrial civilization, which is trying to communicate with us by creating figured symbols in our fields — practically did not kill a single spikelet!!! They simply have changed the structure and shape of their stems. But not a single plant died from this, and the offspring have not lost their properties.

This is who we need to take an example from! Here’s someone to learn from! Here is someone to be friends with!


Block 2.4,7.

— So, let us list once again the spheres of the Universe, already known to us, dividing them by the classes (common unifying properties):

1 class — spheres of indicated NOTHING (spheres of spaces).This is Our world space in which our entire Universe is located. In addition to Our world space, as we have already explained, there can be other spaces that are in Our A=SSPC (Absolute=Spirit Single Primordial Creative).

2 class — spheres of frequency ranges: — IC-range (range of Intangible Concepts); SW-range (range of the Subtle World); MP-range (Our Material-Physical range, it is also our material-physical world, in which we live).

— Here we can also add the emerging new range of the Virtual World . So far, this range is completely dependent on us, and is practically part of our MP range. But who knows what would happen next ?!

3 class — spheres of the basic Spiritual Forces: these are the Forces of Light and Forces of Darkness.

Different spectra of interactions and interpenetration of all these spheres — give rise to different spectra of realities.

Block 2.4,8.

— And finally, let us sum up the «general formula of the Universe».

The principle of the structure of Our Universe:

Our Universe is the information-wave structures of feelings, in the space indicated by the Spirit; created by the Spirit, living in the Spirit, according to It’s (Spirit’s) laws.

— And as for the eternal philosophical question: «What appeared first — a chicken or an egg?» You can answer like this: «Earlier, = at first, an idea appeared, = a plan. Then — a figurative project and its intended place and role in the Universe. Then a chicken spirit appeared; and an embryo that has characteristics and properties of both chicken and egg — which  began to develop into a chicken and egg.»

— Actually, in this philosophical question, it is not just the chicken and the egg that are important, but the very principle of origin. (We have already described this principle.)

As for chickens and eggs specifically, it is unlikely that the Creator would bother with one egg or chicken. It is more logical to say that It immediately created a population with chickens, roosters and eggs; let the chickens incubate the babies; and the roosters do their job.

— Let us do our main things too:


— Let’s improve, strengthen, our spirit. Improving ourselves — to improve the world around us. Fight against evil, saving the Nurse Mother Earth from all entrenched evil spirits; stuck everywhere, including our own souls. As the classic said: «We will seed what is reasonable, kind, eternal.» And we will be worthy successors,=heirs,=representatives of our native planet Earth.

End of the Part 2 of =NicA=



Part 3. Versions.

 N.B. We do not claim 100% truth in this part of the book. We are merely come up with some sorts of theories, which explain the nature of the anomalies. We try to show all possible directions for addressing the problems and issues involved.


Section 3.1.

Energies cycle.


Block 3.1,1.


 We have already explained that feelings are the basis of energy. We have also explained why it is impossible to bring to a stand completely this process. The chain of transformations or replacements of energies and feelings with one another cannot be stopped even for a moment. We have explained that the different percentage and qualitative composition of the forming ingredients: feelings, aspirations, our will… and different configurations of their vibrations, ranges, forces and vectors — give different properties of different energies.

How primary, intangible and «subtle» energy is slowly transformed into the usual and «brutal» physical energy is best illustrated by the Holly Fire phenomenon.

In the beginning, the Holy Fire appears from nowhere. We have already known that this is the energy-feeling that is emitted by the Spirit (it is invisible and intangible, but it really exists).

At first, the Holly Fire is unearthly. It is light, airy and intangible. It only shines, but does not burn … But, after a while, the vibrations of the energy-feelings of the Holy Fire gradually begin to change, «coarse», bringing its characteristics closer to the earthly properties of  regular fire that is so familiar to us.

Over time the Holy Fire slowly begins to heat and burn and finally acquires the all properties of the material and physical fire we are used to. So, the fact is that we still do not know how to use «subtle energies» for industrial purposes. It does not mean that they do not exist, but that we have not understood yet how to do this.

(Still, if we look back to the experiments, inventions and effects  that were demonstrated to eyewitnesses by the great and most mysterious scientist of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Nikola Tesla, we can confidently say that modern humanity could already convert «subtle energies» into «brutal energies. »  We could already have a source of inexhaustible energy. But, modern humanity was cut off to have this knowledge because of our super aggression, insatiable appetite for evil, spiritual, moral and ethical imperfection. Such knowledge turned out to be untimely for us.)


Block 3.1,2.

Let’s think about how a colossal amount of energy-feelings is emitted by every living thing on the Earth and the Earth is a living being … (Well, the fact that the Earth is alive was proven in the first part of the book.)

This is a colossal energy … And where does it go?…

I put forward the following versions:

—  The fact that the Earth goes around the Sun can be somehow explained by some initial impulse (but what kind of impulse?), almost complete absence of friction and all this system is balanced by universal gravitation … (In short, you can try, but nothing intelligible is not going to happen.)

— But why does the Earth still go around its axis? Universal gravitation cannot explain anything in this case. Energy is needed to rotate the Earth, and it takes a lot of it. Energy is also necessary for the rotation of the Sun (it also rotates around its axis) and the Sun needs it much more.

Everything falls into place, if we assume that the energy released by all living on Earth, and by the Earth itself, by certain parts of it, is spent both on the rotation of the planet around its axis and on going it around the Sun. And the Sun, probably, also gets some part of this energy.

Probably, all the planets of the Solar system produce energy exchange with their central Star. It is the central focus of their planetary emissions. And the Sun, as it has already been explained, is also alive and also emits a huge amount of its energy… (It is quite possible that the features of the circular energy exchange between the planets and the central Star can be the main cause of the phenomenon that dark spots on the Sun have a higher temperature than its bright areas.)

— And a particle of our energies must also be given by everyone for the process of the expansion of the Universe. We all — are parts of our Universe and of .


Block 3.1,3.

Of course, energy exchange also takes place between different ranges of the Universe. (For example: Our World is «This Light» and “the Subtle World”, and they are «That Light».)

And the evidence for this idea is the Holy Fire, the power of prayer, and, unfortunately, the power of curses.

Energy exchange and transformation of energies — subtle into brutal and brutal into subtle ones — also take place in Our World in Our Light. The evidence of this is the influence on us, on each other, on technology (especially electronic), on the weather and all sorts of Earth Cataclysms.

The scientists have noticed that the aggressive and inharmonious relations with nature, depressed moods that are dominating in societies directly affect the natural anomalies and cataclysms in different parts of the world. Obviously, the Earth can’t suffer anymore. People do not have to treat it like that. Either we «come to our senses» and learn to live in harmony with Our Mother Nature or we will be destroyed like a viral disease.


Section 3.2. Time anomalies

(sudden global changes in OCF-passports of the objects).



Block 3.2,1.

We have already explained that the human concept of time unites a number of concepts. It is also about a sequential series of events; and the perception of time (sequential series of events), both social and personal; and the main component = substance of time — a complete kit of external and internal «Carrier Waves» with stable and mobile indicators; in other words — the OCF-passport of the object (object, space, system, organism). We have explained that making any change to the OCF-passport inevitably entails changes: either in the coordinates of the object or in the inner processes of the object.

— Changes can be from imperceptible to absolute.

— Changes in the stable OCF -indicators lead to the changes in chemical and physical processes in the object and in some of its parts.

 — Changes in mobile OCF -indicators lead to changes in the spatial location of the object.

The issue of «OCF time» is so sophisticated, widespread and does not fully understand that it takes dozens of research institutes, a lot of scientists and time to study it and solve the problems and phenomena associated with it. Therefore, we will put forward only some versions, indicating possible directions of search and research.


Block 3.2,2.

Time anomalies are unusual anomalous. They go beyond the usual things. They interact with the «Carrier Waves» around us; including the sudden, unexplained appearance of new «CW» («Carrier Waves»), or sudden and inexplicable change in the characteristics of already existing «CW». From our modern point of view, this change leads to anomalous phenomena.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

— The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most mysterious places on the Earth. There are probably several different factors involved in what is happening there:

One of the main is the specificity of the currents. They cause the rotation of huge masses of water; and there are rotating energy fields that are still unknown to us, (sometimes the process is accompanied by a specific glow and some kind of fog)…

— And these factors are «Carrier Waves» of high power. And they have to make big changes in the OCF-passports of the objects that are under their influence.

 — And the results can be different for everyone. It all depends on the specific final result of the most complex interactions of all «CW».

 — Let’s take an example: a ship (an object that does not have internal «CW»). Its spatial coordinates change unexpectedly and instantly as a result of such an impact; and people (with internal «CW») and who have just been on the ship, as a result of the same impact, suddenly find themselves in the water of the World Ocean. Let’s look at the airplanes. That are just in the air and in one moment they find themselves under the water.

Moreover, the forces of inertia do not work in this case; because the movement is happening not according to the principle of gradual overcoming of distance, which we are accustomed to, but according to the principle of teleportation . So: the object was in certain coordinates — and, just in one moment, manifested itself in others … It is possible because, as we know, the Whole World is an endless kit of different vibrations of one point. Changing the linear vibrations of «CW» — we also change the coordinates.

Well, the fact that all mentioned above is really possible is proved by the next officially recorded case:

— Once, an American actor who was doing a movie literally dissolved into thin air. It was in 1925. He disappeared in front of the film crew. The same year, the body of the disappeared actor was found under a six-meter layer of solidified lava during excavations of ancient Pompeii.

The body was identified due to the steel bracelet on the hand. The bracelet clearly showed the engraved name of the actor, the year of filming and the title of the film. It is almost impossible to create such a hoax, at least with modern technologies. So, if a body, dissolving in the air, can be found deep underground under a layer of lava, then, bodies, having disappeared from the ship, can end up in the same way in the water of the World Ocean.

There are dozens of officially registered and incomprehensible disappearances in the history of mankind. There are relocations and appearances of people and objects … (There is one story. It is called «Devil’s Trap», it is worth listening …)

All these phenomena need to be studied. After all, not only the Bermuda Triangle is a mystery on the Earth. There are many so-called «black spots» with OCF anomalies in the world. The properties of these places must be studied, put on all maps and taken into account in all works. For example, there are road sections that look absolutely comfortable, solid, safe, with excellent visibility, but — a terrible accidents happen regularly there …

Now almost everyone knows that the reason for these accidents is periodic emissions from the Earth. There are waves of negative energy in this area. It leads to a sharp change in body and slow reaction of drivers, to a temporary loss of their orientation, as well as to changes in the coefficient of adhesion of the car to the road and other difficulties … Everyone knows — but people do nothing … But how long?


Block 3.2,3.

Of course, not all OFC anomalies are easily explained. Our knowledge is not ready to understand some explanations. The reasons for these anomalies are far from our usual life. Some of them are practically impossible without the participation of other mind, other civilizations, other spiritual entities; and reasons. Their roots are in other spectrum of Genesis.

— For example, spontaneous human combustion:

— When the body burns, it turns into ash, the whole body or its parts; but the clothes remain intact, the whole or some elements. This can be explained logically:

— We do not know these reasons, but for some reason, the spectrum of internal «CW» changes in the body’s OCF-passport. Time of oxidative and destructive processes (with regard to the normal course of time) accelerates thousands and millions of times …., and the course of all the rest temporary processes (external «CW») remains the same. So: the body is burned, but the clothes are not. Clothes and everything else continue to exist in the normal course of time.

     Block 3.2,4.


Still, not everything is so bad. We have described only tragic cases of temporary OCF-anomalies associated with instant global changes in OCF-passports of objects. This process can be used for good use:

— We have already said that traveling long distances (for example in space) is better using the OCF-system (making all necessary, controlled changes in the OCF-passports of the ship and crew.) 

— «UFOs» do this. It is one hundred percent probability.

And some terrestrial creatures (people’s rumors exist over the centuries and some cases are sometimes happened), like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. They have probably mastered the OCF-relocation well, or in other words, teleportation. Here is the Bigfoot — and a moment later, it is in his den, = in a house, in some super inaccessible place, in some cave under the ground, under the water or inside a mountain. Why not? What’s to stop? Chupacabra can also be from the same list.

Block 3.2,5.

So, anomalous global changes in the OCF-passports of objects are different … It would be foolish not to assume that the Forces of Darkness sometimes create these anomalies and use them for their own evil purposes. Still, the dominant force in the Universe, the Power of Light, cannot and could not leave it uncontrollably. The reason is simple. Any uncontrolled and unrestricted chaos has a natural tendency to endless growth. It means that this is a direct threat to the destruction of the whole Universe. That cannot happen.

These anomalies go beyond the usual. That is why the methods of neutralizing their negative consequences should also go beyond far away.

Therefore, it is quite natural that the Forces of Light = Higher Divine Powers, = Cosmic Wisdom probably operate in such cases with such concepts, methods, goals and time intervals which are very significantly different from our ordinary earthly ideas.

But, whatever it may be, the basic principles (the principle of the spirit immortality, the principle of karmic justice, the principle of the spiritual path towards perfection and harmony, and similar principles) — remain.

Our Whole World and Its Development (Universe) is the proof. The universe is growing, expanding — it is not dying.

Section 3.3. Human phenomena.




As we have already said, a person is a complex living structure (like other living organisms).

A person consists of: A) a physical body that consists of many living cells and microorganisms , B) inner soul , and C) the most immortal individualized spirit.

All the parts of the human personality are fused = united and live in our material and physical world. They live a single life.

At the same, the mortal body lives according to physical and mortal laws («came from the ashes, and to the ashes it returned «); and our soul also lives according to the laws of the «Subtle World»; and finally, our immortal spirit (the essence of our immortal I), lives according to the immaterial spiritual laws of the immaterial spiritual world.

The strength of connections with these worlds is quite individual for each person. Powerful and rough signals of the material and physical world and the material and physical body (including the brain and its signals) almost completely block the signals of the Subtle and Spiritual Worlds. The majority of people have such situation.

Still, when these rough signals weaken or suppress, for whatever reason, then the signals of the Subtle and immaterial Spiritual Worlds become stronger.

Block 3.3,2.


We have already said that the spirit is primary in the Universe. Everything else is created by the spirit (including the laws of the Universe). They exist in the spirit, they are controlled by the spirit and they are subordinated to the spirit.

We have already said that faith and doubt are the basis of the functioning of the laws in the Universe.

Faith is harmonization, merging, coincidence, resonance of the stream of personal vibrations with the vibrations of a certain process, object or system.

The main creator, lawkeeper, clerk is a spirit, then generally accepted physical laws can be changed with the help of faith…

Here we have the Biblical expressions: «Your faith has saved you»; «If you say to this mountain to move — and you don’t doubt it, the mountain will move.»

Any slightest and imperceptible doubt brings imbalance and change into fusion, harmonization, resonance, the vector of interactions of vibrations and vibro-structures, OCF-passports; making the conceived impossible.

Therefore, doubt is one of the fundamental qualities of observance and non-violation of the generally accepted laws of the Universe and the rules of behavior in these laws. Still, as the saying goes: » But rules are made to be broken.» One of these exceptions is human phenomena.

Block 3.3,3.


All human phenomena can be classified as follows:

  1. A) Phenomena based on strong faith, the dominance of spirit and an unusual high allocation of feelings-energies.
  2. B) The phenomena of reading information from a single information field. Its carrier is the Spirit.
  3. C) Phenomena of our individualized spirit’s memories about all past incarnations.
  4. D) Phenomena of habitation, possession and replacement of one individualized spirit with another in the same body.
  5. E) Phenomena that include using spiritual forces.
  6. E) Out-of-body phenomena: ghosts, spirits, doubles.

 Block 3.3,4.


— The phenomena of firm faith, the supremacy of the spirit and unusual high allocation of feelings-energies. These are the phenomena of physical superpowers (firewalk, levitation etc.)

— The phenomena of reading information from one information field (about past events, about current events and about the most probable future events) are clairvoyance, prophecies, predictions) «deja vu» and fortune-telling (which do not always come true, because the wrong version has come true; it is necessary to understand and remember that it is much easier to predict the movement of the entire train than to predict the movement of a drunk passenger in its cars)

It should be noted that in the process of clairvoyance, predictions and prophecies, the help of «otherworldly» forces is used quite often. But there is nothing wrong with this. If it is for good use, then that’s OK.

But now we’ll talk about fortune telling:

— Let’s take playing cards. How do their random shuffling and throwing can lead to amazingly accurate results in the hands of a specialist?

— And who said that shuffling is random and throwing is disordered?

— We have already said that one hundred percent of all information is kept in the Spirit. It means that there is all information about all shuffles and the location of cards at any given time from the very creation of a deck of these cards.

The generally accepted meanings, interpretations of each card and their variations are also known.

Information about the past and present is available. The most truthful variants for the future are available. (The Creator Spirit cannot live in one day, he has to plan far ahead. He has such a complex and well-established Universe. It works like a clock). In addition, unbreakable chains of cause-effect relationships make it easy to do this. (And there are proper protective systems, like the Guardian Angels, for unforeseen accidents, with far-reaching unforeseen consequences) Although, as the saying goes: “Things go wrong in war.”

— So, we have got an equation with all known components and with the known result… A trained spirit can only count = download the necessary information from the information field and give orders to the muscles of the trained body how to act in order to pull out all necessary cards. It is done due to the certain information picture. That’s all!

— «Déjà vu» is a phenomenon when it seems to you that such situation has already happened. It is a spontaneous and unconscious process. It is information reading about the most probable variant of an event resulting from the interaction of all chains of all cause-and-effect relationships.

— The phenomena of individualized spirit’s recollection about past incarnations are well described, recorded, verified and proven. We will not dwell on this. Anyone interested in this issue can find it on the Internet. The phenomena of habitation, demon possession and replacement of one soul with another are also well described…

— We will focus on «Mowgli», human babies raised by animals.

Everyone wonders why these kids can’t be people in the usual sense of the term? It is impossible because the human spirit left them long ago and returned to «its parent» — the Human Egregor. The spirit-particle of an animal Egregor came into their body, a wolf or other animal … It depends on who fed and raised …

Zombies are the creatures of black Voodoo magic. The situation is the same: the true soul leaves the body and some kind of particle of evil spirits enters the body instead of it.

— Phenomena with the usage of «otherworldly» forces, in addition to all mentioned above, includes a poltergeist and especially powerful curses and spells. And, thank God, these can also be miraculous healings, salvations, insights (in the broad sense of the word), and other good actions and phenomena that look like a miracle.


     Block 3.3,5.


Now let’s try to understand the nature of the appearance of out-of-body phenomena: ghosts, spirits, doubles:

— The human soul in its regular incarnation, lives in a certain era with specific knowledge, lifestyle, morality … All this evokes in the soul a very specific constant spectrum of feelings-energies. The soul is, so to say, soaked … Such a long-existing form of feelings-energies must have a name …

It is called the «astral body» in the occult sciences and the reality where these «astral bodies» exist is called the «Astral».

Astral is one of the sub-ranges — the SW-range, the .

— It is logical to assume that passing from the material and physical-range to the SW-range, the soul has to get rid of its astral body. Otherwise, there would be great confusion in the Subtle World. Souls who lived in different eras: with different morals, knowledge, customs, habits, etc. – had a lot of difficulties. It was not easy for them to find mutual understanding among themselves … Still, if there are «subtle bodies» and their place of living — the Subtle World, then the issue of getting rid of astral bodies is resolved …

But we know that energy appears when feelings arise,.. and when very strong feelings arise,  then we can see a very strong energy … And the astral body consists of these energies and is «attached» to the subtle body .

— It is logical to assume that ghosts are the essence of the astral body. They retained a very strong charge of energy while separating from the soul. Probably this can be facilitated by the circumstances accompanying the moment the soul leaving its carrier-body. Such process can cause a super emotional outburst in the soul that is leaving the body. (These can be catastrophes, painful and violent death, etc.)

— Such unforgettable and tragic events, probably sometimes create a chain of energetic connection. They consist of: a suffering soul — its former astral body, or some part of it — and the place of the event where the tragedy could happen, or something related to it.

— It turns out that the ghost is not evil, but a request for help from the soul. And there is a fact that the Dark Forces use this phenomenon to generate negativity and pump out energy. It is the vile essence of the Dark Forces and our ignorance that helps them to do this. Our task is to identify ourselves with the Forces of Light. We have to help such suffering and restless souls – with our prayers, good thoughts and deeds.

— But one should be distinguished: a spirit is one thing … and a ghost is another … A spirit is an inanimate phenomenon, only «tied by a thread» with its «former master/mistress» restless soul … And a ghost — has intelligence … A ghost is a direct visualizing carrier of an incorporeal spirit. This allows the ghost to communicate in our physical world.

— And the so-called «doubles» are most likely soulless clones of astral bodies, created by a certain spiritual Force …

— For the Light Forces do not have to do this  … There must be a reason  why the appearance of a double is usually a harbinger of difficulties and misfortunes … Any negative is a good thing for the Dark Forces as a source of power …

— All these phenomena, as elsewhere, may have their variations …

— Therefore, it is quite possible that the mysterious phenomenon of ball lightning may show some signs of intelligence. It occurs when unknown spiritual Force, for unknown reasons, uses the feeling-energy of a thunderstorm, creates a «concentrated visualizing thunderous astral body-ghost», to achieve some its own goals, which are unknown for us. (And if the astral body is concentrated, it means it has concentrated energy, taken from a thunderstorm and «pumped up» by the spirit.)

Section 3.4. Fate and Karma.


Block 3.4,1.


Basically, there is a lot in common in terms of fate and karma. Fate is what is destined for us in this life; and karma is the cause-and-effect relationship of our past incarnations that led us to this or that fate.

Therefore, our behavior in this life will affect the determination of our destiny in our future incarnations …

— Is it possible to predict the fate?

Let’s think logically:

— People with different characters, interests, vices will behave differently in certain and specific situations. And even an experienced psychologist can predict their behavior in advance … So what can we say about the Creator = the Single Primordial Spirit = the World Cosmic Intelligence, which knows everything and everyone (all cause-and-effect relationships, all variants of intersections, interactions, counteractions, and so on — everything and with everything) … This means that it knows and plans all the options for future events for a long period of time. (And without this, the World = the Universe cannot be saved from chaos.)

— So, the prediction of fate is our reality … But a person is not a pawn in his/her life. Each person was given freedom of choice. And each person has the right to decide: which Power to join, which God to pray to and how to act in a certain life situation …

— A person can change his/her fate and karma by own behavior; both for the better and for the worse …

— But that’s a matter of perspective… After all, free choice was given to a person by the Almighty not only to improve financial situation by any means … After all, everything material is temporary and mortal …

— Free choice is given to a person to improve and strengthen the qualities of his/her immortal spirit during life’s trials (inner essence). The Light Divine Power needs strong light individualized spirits with excellent qualities for the further development and harmonization of the Universe. And the spirits that have not passed the test, have lost their best qualities, self-destructive and rotting, will be traveled to the Dark Forces in their limited reservations; as it is said: » The four of them are always together right?»

— These are the brief conclusions given by our brief logical analysis.

Block 3.4,2.


Now let’s talk about Karma in details:

— We have already said that man is a complex creature; man is living simultaneously in different dimensions = ranges of «Universe».

(Obviously, other living organisms live the same way. Still, there is a difference in percentages: what is more important for them in this life — their individual soul, their individual body or the life and fate of their population …)

— So, the constituent parts of a person: body, personality <soul, plus the astral body>, spirit — lives practically in different dimensions-ranges and, what is the most important, different times: — Body and personality live usually no more than a century; soul — many times more; and the spirit lives almost forever …

Therefore, it very often happens that true eternal spiritual justice does not always coincide with the human concept of justice and is not always clear to us; we do not know, do not remember the whole history of the life of the spirit in its past incarnations. But it is quite logical that the human spirit, with its new birth = incarnation falls into the interweaving and interaction of situations and forces that it previously (in its previous incarnations) created, generated or contributed to their creation, interweaving and interaction …

Moreover, the fate and karma of the whole country, people around and Egregor affect the karma and destiny of a person …; the man might want or  not, but he/she shares (becomes a participant); plus there is the direct intervention of the Higher Forces; something new is being created, interacted, intertwined again …

And all this is overlapped on the Main Program, the Main Path  … This is a fast river of life … where everything seems random and chaotic from the inside … and only the main current is visible from the outside … But, in fact, everything is in order and correct!

As we have already proved, this whole karmic process occurs because the Universe has the properties of a point. Therefore, the spirit at birth manifests itself in that block of interaction of forces which it has more common relations with.

Therefore, we should all be very interested in improving the qualities of our spirit and in improving the world around us. We are all very interested in creating better and harmonious future, where we have to to live.


Block 3.4,3.


We have already said that the spirit is immortal. But, the soul can both rise and fall through levels, = layers, = ranges of development while developing or destroying something in itself … To join various Egregors and forces … Move from one force to another … To join them without losing individuality … Or it can lose individuality and dissolve in other spiritual entities … (The proof of these possibilities is the consistency of this block with none of the above and proven laws of Being, = the World Creation, = the Universe.)

While the human soul degrades and put itself on ant level, it will most likely be absorbed and dissolved, = its individuality will be taken away, some kind of spiritual power … And what power needs miserable, weak, imperfect, degrading and self-destructive souls?

— Well, the Divine Light Creative Self-Sufficient Power does not need such souls … So such a degrading soul will be captured by the Dark Dirty Power; Dependent that needs constant doping and feeding … Stop rotting and degrading … We need to improve and develop …


Section 3.5.


Egregore nutrition; their struggle for energies and the role of a man in this process.


Block 3.5,1.


— So, as we have already said, the spirit is the source of all energies and all vibrations. The whole World was created from these energetic vibrations = Genesis = Universe …

— But, a total consumption of ready-made «outsider» energy was occurred with the appearance of such a colossal amount of energy. This energy is releasing and interchanging. This process is quite logical and not contrary to any laws.

Such consumption of «outsider» energy is especially strong in Dependent Dark Forces and in such relatively living entities as Egregors …

— Egregor (spiritual informational energy-based creature) — comparable to the physical field by its properties: it also needs a constant source and recharge.

— Each social community has its own Egregor. Each person or group of people can be connected and feed both one and several different Egregors at once. And these Egregors consist of what we radiate to them (goodness, evil, hatred, love, etc.)

— Small = miniature parasitic varieties of Egregors: mini-egregors of one person that usually feed on the energy of some human vice (drunkenness, greed, jealousy, etc.) are called lemures (lyarvas) in esotericism.

 — Egregors and lemures (lyarvas) feed on certain types of energies that are released by people with certain thoughts, emotions, desires, aspirations … Therefore, Egregors do everything possible to strengthen these streams.

— Egregors are different: from extremely useful, to extremely harmful and dangerous … Egregors are constituent parts of the Dark or Light Forces.

— As it has been already mentioned above: we all have to do everything to create Bright Future, where our spirits will have to live in future incarnations.

— Therefore, it’s in our best interest: to destroy or transform the Dark Egregors and strengthen the Light ones.

— And to eliminate negative Dark Egregors is possible by depriving them of food: negative streams .., or by changing these streams so that this will lead to the transformation and change of Egregor…

— And there is one more thing: Egregor of the whole society is formed by the interaction of all forces and Egregors existing in this society. And the main blocks of this system are human hearts. (it is about humanity, moral and ethical spiritual values ​​and aspirations, thoughts, deeds …)

Block 3.5,2.


The whole history of mankind says that there are two main forces in our Earthly physical World: the Divine Power of Light (Light Forces) and the devil’s Power of Darkness (Dark Forces). And there is a constant and irreconcilable struggle between these Forces.

One of the main resources in the struggle is the energy resource. That is why one of the main directions of the combat is the fight for energy.

But we can see the following situation:

— Divine Light Power is Self-sufficient Power, which generates all necessary amount of energy that is sufficient for its own development and necessary gratuitous help to others. The Light Divine Power is absolutely not interested in the overpopulation of the Earth, which leads to hunger, wars and other negative consequences. The Light Power needs a limited number of individualized spirits, but with strong light good qualities, necessary in the Infinite Path of Development …

— The Dark Forces are completely different:

— The essence of any Dark Force is destruction, damages, striving for chaos and confusion, pain, fear, suffering and other negative situations.

In general, nothing worthwhile can be created or built with such a kit of qualities. There only can be created a mechanism-system of oppression and destruction in order to extract the energy of suffering, chaos, pain …

— To do this Dark Force needs more and more sacrifices: doomed souls … As it has been already mentioned, the Dark Power is not a self-sufficient force and needs a constant flow of new energy from the outside.

— Therefore, the Dark Forces are very interested in the high birth rate and overpopulation of the Earth. Overpopulation means hunger, disease, dirt, anger, bitterness … That is, overpopulation is a huge flow of negativity that feeds and strengthens the Dark Force …

— Moreover, all these people can be collided in the war …

And again: a huge stream of suffering and other negativity … The Dark Force is not interested at all in the high qualities of spirit. The main thing is to have a body, a source of suffering and a mechanism for executing the evil’s will. The Dark Force thinks that it is possible and necessary to give birth and destroy such bodies with «empty souls» in huge amounts. This is only good for evil.

— The Dark Forces have a different approach to rebellious ones, whose spirit is strong and powerful positive qualities (compassion, kindness, mutual assistance, etc.): — to destroy them by any means and at any cost …

— Therefore, it is very useful to take this section into account in the analysis of World politics and everyday life.


Section 3.6.


Family, heredity and the person.


       Block 3.6,1.


— Now, let’s have a look at the principle of the birth rate system:

— So, as it has already been mentioned, our material and physical bodies are temporary (they can be injured, bodies get old and die) carriers of our immortal individualized spirits (the essence of ourselves).

— Our bodies are living self-reproducing objects (we might say — packaging). Our science and industry will be able to create production of such self-replicating packaging on, = there will be a conveyor in the very near future …

But the main thing is not the packaging, but what is inside. Therefore, our scientists are going to clone geniuses. They do not understand that they are cloning the packaging … But how are they going to clone the spirit ???

Have you ever paid your attention to the fact that even identical twins (the same clones) have very, very different spiritual qualities … And what will these scientists do with the law of karma and other laws of the Universe that will not allow them to accomplish their plans? .. Perhaps they will turn for help to the Forces of Evil. They will come up with the creation of doubles … But, how are these scientists going to avoid karmic responsibility, not to mention other types of responsibility that are inevitable ?!

Let’s go back to the birth rate:

— It is easy to create a carrier: a human body, having men and women or appropriate technologies … Spirit is the main thing is here = what soul will enter this body = will it be born in the body?! Which of the Powers can plan this birth: Dark or Light?!

— However, no matter what Forces can plan this birth, the struggle for a newborn soul between Light and Darkness will last from beginning to end.

— Let’s just remind once again that overpopulation and a very high birth rate in some places … and extinction and degeneration in others…. are beneficial only to Darkness.

Light needs serious birth control. Light needs to control the quantity and quality of the human population and to have all people to live in  complete harmony and symbiosis with Nature.


Block 3.6,2.


— And now, from all of above, we make a logical conclusion that the genealogy of a person and his/her heredity is, on the one hand, a physical cause-and-effect (genealogical and hereditary) chain of births — deaths — births of human bodies; and on the other hand, it is a spiritual cause-and-effect chain of births — «deaths» — births of an individualized spirit, determined by karmic laws. (Here the word «death» is put in quotation marks, because we know that the spirit is immortal; it simply leaves the body and goes into a different place, until a new incarnation.)

A person — the point moving along the path of our physical life, connecting these two cause-and-effect chains of births — deaths — births (physical bodies and spirit).

— But there are also dark spiritual entities. We may compare them to the human soul in intelligence but their essence is so negative and destructive that they cannot create any constructive and vital cause-and-effect chains. Therefore, they simply rush around and try to capture ready-made packages (bodies) of weak or weakening spirits …

They move into other bodies (in our case, into people’s bodies).

— Since the time of Christ, these entities have been called demons. And since the time of Christ it is known that demons have no aim, no kind, no name; and that they consume only negative energy: the suffering of the possessed victim and the environment of this victim.

— And there is only one defense against them: the strength of inner spirit.

— Life is a complicated … anything can happen …

— If a demon has possessed your body – you need to fight …

— True feelings …, striving for the Light — this is a blessing for you and  starvation for the demon. It will leave you alone …

— And if your strength is not enough — ask the Light Forces for help. If your desire is sincere and strong, life will tell you how to do it.

Section 3.7.


Agony or the last chance to counterattack.


Block 3.7,1.


— Let’s compare the independent terrorists and revolutionaries of the past (for example, Russian bombers) who tried to kill the (russian) tsars and their closest high-ranking helpers with modern, so-called «international terrorists» who do not even come close to the houses of the » the powers that be «; they do not cause them the slightest harm or problems… neither in their minds, nor in deeds … But bystanders are blown up easily … They choose such places and time where there are no » the powers that be» and cannot be there.

— Revolutionary bombers were forced to commit robbery raids on banks, jewelry stores in order to finance their activities (calling it the expropriation of the expropriators).

— Modern » international terrorists » do not need to be involved into robberies. They have a lot of official bank accounts, which are generously and consistently replenished by someone (but who is this???). Their task is to blow up … To blow up ordinary citizens in indicated places at a certain time…  (but who are these commanders???).

— What are these modern terrorists trying to achieve? They are well managed and supplied by someone.

— And they achieve next: tension in society, the whole situation distracts society from really serious problems; and justifying the restriction of democracy and wars in areas which can be interesting for «the powers that be» …

— Interests are different: oil, gas, territory, insurance, the necessity to use munitions for the production of new ones, and so on … But these different interests have two main unifying reasons: desire to gain profit, money and power; and the creation of a flow of negative feelings-energies, to nourish and strengthen your dark Egregor = strengthening the Dark Forces.

— Conclusion is not satisfactory but logical and explaining everything:

— Modern international terrorism is controlled, financed, supplied, supported and directed by «the powers that be» (if not by all of them, but by the majority of them), through their special services and other structures under their control.

— The Kingdom of God has not come on the Earth. The Light Forces are still leading their offensive. And, unfortunately, the situation is bad. Satan rules not the whole world, but its financial and industrial elite (at least the majority of elite). He clearly understands that he has very little time left to reign and «he can’t ride the tiger forever «. That is why he is furious.

Block 3.7,2.


One might have an impression that the current behavior of the Dark Forces is like a «golden injection» for drug addicts: to go towards a certain death, for the sake of temporary pleasure …

At the same time, our attention is diverted to all sorts of unnecessary little things. There is literally best time for negative actions and lawlessness:

— As it has been already mentioned, there is a serious increase in the number of certain nationalities and segments of the population, leading to a lot of negative consequences. (And no disease or mortality can stop this growth.) The population is sharply reduced among other nationalities and segments of the population, which also leads to an imbalance with negative consequences. (This is also facilitated by the so-called «conspiracy of Big Pharm», which was even reported in the media.)

The idea of the conspiracy is that there is no need to produce cheap and highly effective drugs. It is not profitable. Everyone is getting better and then what? It is profitable for pharmacists to produce drugs that only “weaken” the disease and even give a lot of side effects that also need to be treated … And old effective drugs can be produced, but under new names and they have extremely high prices …)

— The modern economic crisis was created artificially and deliberately. Instead of pouring financial flows (the blood of the economy) into the economy, the entire mass of finance is concentrated in banks, enriching only a small amount of people and impoverishing others…

— There is an active and open collision of the Islamic and Christian Worlds … Is this some kind of preparation and justification of new bloody Crusades? …

— Press reports show that there is an active development of electromagnetic weapons that is capable of making people a herd of obedient zombies. The same press reports tell us about that some secret prisons and concentration camps are being created all over the world … Is this some kind preparation for the creation of a «New Order», like fascism? … And international terrorism and Islamic extremism are very good excuses and reasons for creating such a «New Order» …

By the way, the press reported a lot of times that almost all well-known leaders of terrorist and extremists groups, at first got angry, lost their human appearance and were trained in some secret and semi-secret prisons and special camps … Then they were released… Then they received leading positions in extremist and terrorist organizations; (including the necessary funding, weapons, explosives and documents …)

— From press reports it follows that active development and testing of the so-called «climate weapon» is underway. And we have to take into account the fact that the climate is catastrophically changing for the worse.

— We are just talking about the environment, 99% of our time, but do nothing.

— We need to focus maximum efforts and finances to neutralize/recycle the waste that is being produced by mankind, but these efforts and finances go to the development of new types of weapons and the preparation and starting new wars.

— What is going on in the media?

— Only negative things are shown and multiplied. Every second we are told that everything will die sooner or later, and most likely it will be sooner; they tell us that human life is worthless; that nothing good is in future; it will be only worse, worse and worse … We are led into a mass depression and self-programming for self-destruction … .)

(It is quite possible that one of the reasons for the high birth rate in some Eastern countries is that people there do not watch TV, do not listen to modern news or read Western newspapers.)

— Don’t the «global elite» know and understand this?

— Yes, of course, they know and understand everything!

— It is about the effect of the «golden injection» … Actions are being taken to deliberately approach the end of our civilization. After all, such an end is accompanied by a colossal release of negative energy: pain, suffering, misfortune, devastation, catastrophe … And all this is the essence of the Dark Force; its power, nutrition and great pleasure …

   Block 3.7,3.


— I’d like to believe that not all «the powers that be» have completely lost their human heart.

— I’d like to believe that there will be decent and reasonable people among them and their children who will direct their strengths and capabilities to save this civilization; to protect our Mother Nature and the entire human race; and be able to merge them into a single harmonious symbiosis.

— Well, for those who are against – I will tell you one great Ukrainian proverb: “That’s not the way it happened” …

— Light Forces: were advancing, is  advancing and will continue to advance!


Section 3.8.


And if our civilization dies …


Block 3.8,1.


— Let’s imagine that the Dark Forces won the game … and our civilization vanished … Perished, no matter how: either from a nuclear war, or from poisoning with our own rubbish, or from a number of provoked natural disasters … The main thing is that the Dark Forces have reached the maximum level of their power; and their further strengthening began to carry a direct threat of their expansion and going beyond the borders of allowed existence and influence on the Universe …

— The protective system worked in the form of the Apocalypse program … Here we are talking about the Spirit, no matter what it is, it is still immortal — His Main Carrier was destroyed: Our Modern Civilization …

— Let’s imagine that five or ten thousand years passed after the global cataclysm (according to our modern perception of time) …

What will remain from our civilization? What signs of civilization will be?

— We have deliberately focused your attention on the fact that the period of past time is taken for further analysis and conclusions (approximately from five to ten thousand years).This period is calculated according to our perception of time. Such global events, world-wide energy and other changes will inevitably lead to significant changes in the planet’s OCF-passport and to certain changes in flow of time …

— But let’s go back to the heart of the problem:

— What will remain from our civilization in five or ten thousand years?

— Of course, there will be no sign of the Internet and all electronics. All this will break, damage, fail, crumble and turn into dust, electronics will be the first … All planes, cars, factories, machine tools, ships will turn into dust and disappear … Almost all concrete structures will rust, crumble and go underground … All roads and cities will wipe off the face of the Earth … It will be possible to find some remains, pieces of unknown things underground. There will be nothing from huge, solid and massive things made of ferrous metals … Remains from non-ferrous metals will be easier to find and of some massive parts will be seen more often ..

What else can be found on the Earth about five or ten thousand years after the «end of the world»?

— Gold bars and ornaments … Platinum and silver bars … Egyptian pyramids (What can happen?)… Cave carvings …, «prehistoric» clay tablets … and some kind of another «eternal» things …

— Somewhere, in especially favorable conditions, there will be some remains of some books made of particularly resistant materials …

  — It is possible that some adapted, artificially bred and genetically modified species of flora and fauna will remain. Scientists of future civilizations will puzzle over the logical natural chain of their origin. (Right now modern scientists puzzle over the origin of wheat …)

— Primitive tribes will remain. They will be independent of civilization and will live far away from the most probable centers of cataclysms; and, probably, some isolated surviving settlements, that will have old legends about the powerful cities of an ancient civilization with their wonders …

— And a new stage in the development will begin again… And there have already been a lot of such stages  … And modern science finds more and more evidence of this …

— And there will be:

— Mass cannibalism … Mass human sacrifice … Something like the Inquisition and the Dark Middle Ages …

(After all, it was the Dark Forces of Evil that won, according to the assumption under consideration.)

— We do not known what they will use as energy sources … After all, oil and gas, in such a short period of time, are unlikely to be at the same extent …

— But these are not our problems … Although, if this scenario comes true, then it will be ours too! (Try to remember about karma and immortality of the spirit …)

And again: we will not see any stars or other planets … or a truly happy and worthy human life …

— Are we so stupid that we constantly move in the circles of evil? …

— And if not, then it’s time to break this vicious circle! And the faster the better! We do not have a lot of time!


Section 3.9.


Religions … Powers … Prophecies … We …


Block 3.9,1.


— All big world religions teach people the same thing:

— The Spirit is real, immortal and it is a creator; there are other plans = ranges of the Universe = Genesis; when our body dies, it does not mean that our life will end; our soul will definitely and irrevocably bear responsibility for everything, without any exception, for our actions, words and thoughts; God is Light, love, harmony; we need to live according to the laws of goodness, love and Light.

— Unfortunately, we manage to interpret even such simple truths in our own way …, disguising the evil deeds of the Dark Forces with the name of God; but these are own evil deeds.

Fascists had such words on their belt buckles: «God is with us» … What kind of God was with them? What evil spirits had this status?

— Perhaps, most of all crimes, from the beginning of our era to the present days, were committed undercover = the mask of the Holy Cross … This is the so-called Holy Inquisition .., and the bloody Crusades .., and two World Wars .. = and a large number of local wars, conflicts and other crimes. And all this was done with prayers, blessings in the name and for the love of God …

— Nowadays a huge number of cruel and sadistic crimes are committed undercover of the Sacred Islam and in the name of Allah …

— Well, what suras of the Holy Qur’an about such sadism and cruelty? Which suras teach to murder innocent people and preach terrorism? What suras are about hitmen — murderers for money? What suras are about illiteracy and the prohibition of enlightenment? What suras are about the destruction of other Shrines and the cultural heritage of all mankind?

— There are no such suras!!! And it can’t be!!!

— Modern Islamic extremists know about the lack of education of the population. They know that people do not know the entire text of the Holy Qur’an and what exactly these texts are connected with. Extremists take out only beneficial parts, passages and phrases of the context. They completely distort its original meaning. They interpret for the sake of Evil.

— To make it clearer how it is done, we will give an example from the Bible:

— There are words in the Bible: «There is no God» … I wonder – really? And all sorts of conclusions can be drawn … And the full phrase is: ‘There is no God — said one mad man …

— This is how Islamic extremists act according to this scheme …

— But Muslims have a legend = story = myth that one day the Prophet Muhammad woke up and saw that a kitten was sleeping on His robe. He did not wake up the kitten, but cut off the half of his robe … This fact shows us a good thing and characterizes the Prophet as a highly spiritual and very kind Personality.

Therefore, all people who use the name of the Prophet and do all sorts of evil (sadism, terrorism, murder, cruelty …) are liars and enemies of the Prophet and violators of the laws of the Holy Qur’an.

— If all people lived according to the laws of the Holy Qur’an, then even moneylender would not exist. It means that there would be no people or institutions that lend some amounts of money and take back much more. That is, there would be no people who profit from someone else’s needs. People would have a completely different «scale of values». And human history would be brighter and more correct. There is a sura in the Holy Qur’an that forbids lending money in order to gain more money and profiting from someone else’s need and misfortune!

— So: neither the Light religions, nor the Light Scriptures are to blame for the fact that we – people — strengthen the Dark Forces. We are in their ranks, feeding them with our dark thoughts, deeds, feelings; in short — the negative energies of our soul.

We are people who make Light religious teaching unrecognizable; keeping silent and not doing what is not beneficial for the Dark Forces; we interpret, = explain some parts from the Holy Scriptures, not as they were originally written, but because it is beneficial to the Dark Forces. People make very insignificant, at first glance, changes in the content of the Sacred Texts by themselves during their translations, retyping, rewriting … and, introducing such context into religious dogmas that was not written in the Scriptures at all, or what has become obsolete over the past millennia.

   Block 3.9,2.


For more specific examples, we will look at Christianity and the Bible. Because we see a real struggle between Light and Dark Forces in the Bible, it is called «Armageddon» and is described in the modern and main program for the development of human civilization, called «Apocalypse» = Revelation.

— Let’s start with Christianity and with the fact that the church, represented by the clergy, introduced the concept of «original sin». It is associated with the conception and birth of a person.

— And how did it make it?

How can the continuation of the human race be a sin?

A sin can be acts that are related to this process, crimes, sometimes even thoughts … But the conception and birth of a person cannot be a sin. Moreover, the Bible directly says that God once told people: «Be fruitful and multiply.»

— So, a natural relationship between a man and a woman, based on love, mutual consent and harmony with the surrounding reality, cannot be a sin.

But the registration and blessing of same-sex marriages by the Catholic Church is blasphemy, godlessness and service to Satan.

Where is the part of the Holy Bible about Sodom and Gomorrah and the so-called « sin of Sodom »& It is completely discarded.

— Why is this being done? … Because there is a struggle between Light and Dark Forces for energy …

— Sexual energy is one of the most powerful subtle living energies on the Earth … And this is not the shameful energy of original sin, but the most important vital energy. Our life would be impossible without it at all.

— Therefore, the attitude towards this energy should be appropriate: serious, considered, scientifically and morally grounded.

— People’s attitude towards sexually transmitted diseases and various sexual disorders and deviations must be completely changed. They are also serious diseases.

It is necessary to get away the stereotype of shame from all these diseases.

Sick people should not be despised and should not be laughed at.

Patients need to be empathized and treated.

Medicine in this sphere need be powerful and absolutely accessible.

— Sexual same-sex relationships are also a painful deviation. It is a disease. The original purpose of sexual energy and sexual relations is procreation and harmonious, fruitful positive relationship between two different sexes: a man and a woman.

The same-sex sexual relations initially contradict these fundamental vital principles. Such relationships destroy them. (Moreover, same-sex sexual relations between men, at the modern stage of development of society, are much more dangerous than same-sex sexual relations between women. The fundamental basis of the modern patriarchal society is exposed to rot.)

So, same-sex sexual relationships are a disease. That is why all patients must be treated. Sick people do not need to be punished. We should not despise them; but there is no need to encourage and propagate this disease.

— These same-sex sexual desires are a disease with a social component. Like other diseases with a social component, such as drug addiction and alcoholism, this disease wants to expand its Egregor by involving new members through propaganda, persuasion, substitution of moral values, etc.

— The spread of this disease is also facilitated by such aspects as celibacy (the vow of celibacy of Catholic priests) and relationships in prisons and prison rules. Also, some crooked rich people make a big contribution to the spread of the disease of same-sex relationships:

— They have become too perverted by money and wealth and have gone so far from God’s righteous Path. Now it is not clear, are they doing all these things consciously and subconsciously? Why do they follow the path of Satan, forgetting both the Bible and the Sodom sin…

With the help of the media, they all multiply the negative fruit — consequences of their negative actions.

— Therefore, our actions with you, the actions of healthy people (of course, within the framework of tolerance, understanding and sympathy for these patients) should be aimed at prohibiting the promotion and blessing of same-sex marriages.

The vow of celibacy for priests «during their earthly life” must be forbidden as unnatural. (To become this natural, they need to go to a monastery where there is a gated community, with its own Egregor and charter. Only then the laws of harmony will be observed.)

— In general: morality, customs and laws are desirable to transform in such way that the Dark Force (and its Egregors) would no longer be able to use this super powerful, subtle, living sexual energy in such an uncontrolled manner and in such super huge quantities.

— And how many wives and husbands should be in one family — let the peoples, communities and individuals decide for themselves: individually, by mutual agreement and taking into account own realities and the realities on the whole society …

Block 3.9,3.


— And what Forces benefit — Light or Dark — the fact that women in Christianity are prohibited from entering the Altar? And all women, and that is not their fault, feel somehow flawed, sinful, unworthy …

— These are our mothers, sisters, daughters, beloved …

— After all, all the Saints and all the Prophets also had and have mothers …

— And now I want to talk about Altar again. Saints’ and Prophets’ mothers are not allowed to enter there. It is not correct. Altar is not Holly and is not God’s at all !!!

— And this irregularity spoils the Christian Egregor. This weakens it and gives a loophole to evil spirits … (And «one bad apple spoils the barrel» — this proverb must be remembered by all of us.)

— And did Jesus Christ treat women like that, even the fallen ones? You should read this in the Bible, the New Testament and think …

— And let it be told you that Jesus Christ is Great and Divine, not because He was crucified (many were crucified) and not even because He was resurrected (history knows such cases), but because He is Great in His Spirit, in His Deeds , By His Faith, His Teaching, His Love, Kindness and Light (both in the human body and outside of it).

— What was the attitude of the Great Prophet Muhammad to women? Why did He allow polygamy?

— It is because during the time of the Prophet (and nowadays too) a lot of men died and are dying in wars and other misadventures …

And everyone wants to be happy …

— The humiliation of Eastern women is not because the Prophet wanted to be like this, but it is evil’s wish …

Block 3.9,4.


But, let’s return to the Bible and conduct a logical analysis of some parts of its text:

— If you read carefully and attentively analyze certain parts of the text from the Bible, it will become quite clear that the Bible does not deny, but allows the spirit to leave the body repeatedly and the spirit can  re-enters the body (both into the same body and into another one). Well, for example, when Saint John the Theologian wrote «Revelation», he directly said about himself that he «was a spirit»; and the Angels led him and showed him and lifted him up, the angels like the spirits. »

So, he traveled in other dimensions and saw the variants of the future in universal symbols — not in his human body, but in his spirit. He left the body. And when he returned to his body, he wrote down the deciphering of the pictures and symbols of the future that he had seen. He did it in such way as a man who lived two thousand years ago…

— And now let’s analyze the text of the Bible describing the events that took place after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; it is said that one woman mistook the resurrected Jesus Christ for a gardener (it is logical to assume that the Spirit of Christ was at that moment in the gardener’s body). It is also said that the risen Christ walked among those who knew Him, but was unrecognized by them. Then He became invisible to them and they recognized Him … They recognized Him for other reasons and under other circumstances … And then He ascended into Heaven …

— The Bible directly says that one cannot depict what is in Heaven and one cannot create idols for oneself (the reality of the Subtle and Spiritual Worlds is very difficult to describe in human language and even more difficult to draw; and it was almost impossible to do this with knowledge that humanity had two thousand years ago …) But this time is a lucky one:

— Icons: they got accustomed and sanctified and became a part of our spiritual life … And it’s nothing wrong that they differ from the real … The main thing is spiritual connection = spirituality …

— Now let’s talk about the End of the World, the Last Judgment and the fact that not everyone «will rise from the dust». We can say that here it is about the following:

— If the Dark Forces win again and the modern human civilization perishes again, then only those souls, who resisted the Forces of Darkness and Evil in their current incarnations, will be admitted to the emerging New Human Civilization.

— The rest of the souls will probably be devoid of individuality and will simply merge into the composition of the Primordial Spirit …

— Buddhism and Hinduism preach the karmic transmigration of souls, just talk about the same thing, but on a different level: it is a level of our modern civilization, without considering the events of resurrection after the «End of the World» …

— But the Bible (and not only this book) gives us strong hope that this time it will not be the End of the World and mankind will finally be able to rise to a New stage of development. It will be a new stage of the beginning of the Path of the Endless Development of Mankind … this will be discussed a little bit later.

Block 3.9,5.


— And now, I want you to remember as the prayer «Our Father» the following saying: «The devil = evil spirit — is hidden in the details»; Let us cite one saying from the Bible: » Blessed [are] the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.»

— And now let’s talk about this in more detail:

— If it were written: «Blessed are the poor, because the Kingdom of God are in them» — then everything would be right. The poor did not profit in an unrighteous way on other people’s labor, property and suffering. That is why they remained in those days as poor, but they were kind and honest … Indeed, even Jesus Christ in one of his sermons said that «it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God!» …

— So, what do we have? … Dirty evil added one extra word in the Bible … And what happened?! …

— And it turned out: » the poor are not blessed «, but » the poor in spirit are blessed  » …

The «poor in spirit» are beneficial. Only the Dark Dirty Power need such souls. We have already told you about this and proved.

— Only one word … Only one word — and everything is ruined …

— And the suras in the Holy Qur’an are generally confused …

— A lot of suras are not written down … Any honest scholar of the Qur’an will confirm this to you. It is possible that here are also the intrigues of evil spirits that are afraid of the Holy Books …

Block 3.9,6.


— There is «the number of the beast» In the Bible = the number of the Dark Forces; this number is 666. And why exactly this number?

— One researcher correctly guessed that there were not many people two thousand years ago. There were no megacities. The number of the population was mainly thousands of people. And 666 are two-thirds of a thousand. That is, it is the overwhelming majority. That is, two thousand years ago, two-thirds out of every thousand people served the interests of the Dark Forces and were their carriers …

— So, the overwhelming majority is in the power of Darkness … This is the  ecstasy for the Dark Forces  … Maybe they would like have more. If everyone only ruin, harm, destroy and build nothing, then pleasure will end very quickly. And any drug addict, sadist and maniac love to prolong the pleasure. All the evil spirits do like this – prolong their pleasure … Dark Forces need to adapt … Although, destruction is taking place faster than the process of creation … Chaos and the total end is inevitable in such a situation …

— Therefore, the maximum possible admission of the number of the Force of Darkness from the point of view of the Force of Light, when development is possible without a fear of the End of the World, is 333. (That is, one third = the overwhelming minority …) This is what we need to achieve! That is two thirds of what is happening should lead to a positive outcome and only one third — to negative.

— This vital necessity is confirmed by the well-known mathematical rule: two positives make a positive, two negatives – make positive; but plus and minus — gives a minus.

— Now let’s consider an example: what would have happened if the Hitler’s terrible regime and Stalin’s horrible regime would not fight among themselves, but would divide the entire Earth into spheres of influence — and would rule, each in its own part?! … There would be concentration camps .., genocide .., deception, degradation and suppression … It’s terrible to imagine …

— And therefore, when negative Dark Forces collide with each other, destroying each other — as a result, the World becomes more positive = better …

— The main thing is not to forget about the details and to keep the entire collision process under tight control: its power, boundaries, safety for the environment  and — in no case — the fusion and unification of Evil.

— But the collision of a minus with a plus, according to the same laws, will give a minus. (After all, it is not for nothing that there is a proverb: «Do not throw beads in front of pigs.») Therefore, plus can be used in only one way: by expanding and increasing plus’s strength and influence; to deprive the negative Dark Forces of their source of power. A very effective method is isolation (isolation of Evil = isolation of the Dark Forces).

— And these simple rules must be taken into account in the future Light policy. But we have into account one thing:

— In our multifaceted world of complex and multicomponent vibrations of feelings-energies and «Carrier Waves» there can be dominant and all-consuming and overwhelming «pluses» and «minuses». Size and strength matter. And then, as the saying goes – “out of two evils, they choose the lesser” …

Box 3.9,7.


Let’s go back to the Bible.

Revelation, chapter 10.

— It is the chapter about a Powerful Angel descending from Heaven, with a rainbow over his head. He told John that not everything was so bad. And when the last Seventh Angel sounds his trumpet, instead of the End of the World, «the mystery of God will be accomplished, as He preached the gospel to His servants to the prophets.» Well, it is said in the Bible how He preached the gospel: God said that human malice came from human youth (moral and spiritual immaturity) and promised not to destroy all of humanity with World Floods and other cataclysms.

— But, it is said that the Angel swore «that there will be no more time» in the tenth chapter of Revelation …

— In the concept =NicA= we have really «left no stone unturned» from the old concept of time; it was divided into the concepts of «Carrier Waves», OCF, the pure conventionality and relativity of the concept of time perception.

— In the same tenth chapter of Revelation, the Angel told John not to write down what he had just heard, but keep a secret for a while  … And the book given to him (John) by the Angel “should be eaten”. (John had to hide the book for a while, this secret knowledge)

— But the time has come to show it = to publish this book and present knowledge …

(And the Dark Forces will not have time to prevent this. And they will not be able to do this.)

— Not only the tenth chapter of Revelation says that the End of the World will not be and the Light Forces will win….

— And not only the Mayan Indians predicted the beginning of the New Light Era in their calendar …

— The ancient myth of the Dagon tribe (that was told word of mouth) says that the Warriors of the Rainbow will save the World at the last moment, when the World is on the brink of destruction … (Remember the rainbow over the head of the Angel from the tenth chapter …)

If somebody wish, anyone can become a Rainbow Warrior.

— From all of the above, we  can conclude that the concept =NicA= harmoniously combine not only all modern sciences requiring further development … , but harmoniously fits into modern religions requiring further development …

— And, we can remind to the inveterate dogmatists, orthodox and conservatives that a young and healthy sprout can break the asphalt; and all old things die off.

— Either to develop — or to grow old.

“But old age is followed by death.

— And for development it is eternity.


Section 3.10.


Energy issues


Block 3.10,1.


— Everyone knows that gas and especially oil will soon run out on the Earth. Still, no one knows exactly when and how this will happen. You can’t really look underground …

— And if all the oil fields on Earth are somehow connected to each other in a system of communicating vessels, through some kind of system of peculiar natural valves?! … All this in one moment

— Then there is a possibility that oil will run out on Earth at once, almost simultaneously in all fields. But even if this process takes several years, it will not bring us much hopes…

— Depletion of all oil reserves on Earth can be “a super moment” in the history of mankind, which will lead to mega-consequences; of course, the consequences are catastrophically negative in the majority of cases (if we do not prepare thoroughly for them in advance).

— There is no one exact date when oil will run out on the Earth; all scientists of the world are unanimous in their calculations and conclusions: oil will run out on the Earth even during the lifetime of the modern generation. So, this question is especially relevant for young people.

— The inevitability of such an event is known and it is known for certain that there is very little time left before its onset. The most powerful mega-preparation should be carried out for this event in order to neutralize the coming negative mega-consequences as much as possible …

— Have any of you heard anything about such a mega — or at least super- preparation? No?! And this is right … because there is no such preparation. There is no adequate understanding of such upcoming mega event … There are only talks, there are some ideas, there are some experiments and attempts — that’s all.

— Let’s imagine that oil suddenly ends tomorrow. Then all these mini-attempts are worthless … A global catastrophe — that’s what will happen then.

— Why nothing is being done adequately and powerful in the replacing oil with other types of fuel and other types of energy?

— It is so because the oil monopolies and oil kings are simply not profitable and they deliberately slow down any developments that reduce the consumption of oil products. (The Dark Force wants just to have pleasure: enjoy the endless streams of negatives that will arise with the depletion of oil reserves in a civilization that is totally unprepared for this.)

— Well, what to do? …

— It is time to take the situation into our hands and under own personal control:

— Prepare .., study .., invent .., test .., implement .., make the authorities «do something»; divide the solution of this problem into several stages and directions …

Block 3.10,2.


— My first conclusion is that there is no equal replacement for petroleum products has been invented. It is necessary to introduce technologies and systems leading to the serious saving in the consumption of petroleum products.

— The main consumer is transport. This means that the main changes must be made there.

— We need to develop underground transport system as quickly as it is possible. It is about aboveground and ground rail transport with electric traction.

— We need to create a convenient and comfortable system of public transport, roads and road junctions. We have to introduce all kinds of restrictions on the places and time of movement of individual cars. (We will save fuel, get rid of city traffic jams, reduce the car accidents.) And the development of rail transport will lead to a sharp reduction in the number of trucks and lorries on the roads. This innovation needs to be supported by appropriate laws. This will lead to fuel savings, reduced traffic congestion and fewer car accidents.

— It is necessary to develop and implement hybrid engines and power plants. The energy of inertia, when it is braking and driving down slopes, should not be just thrown away, but has to be effectively accumulated in some form and should be effectively used.

— It is also necessary to develop new and introduce already developed catalysts that can increase the efficiency of fuel combustion and make it possible to add water to this fuel. (Water decomposes into oxygen and hydrogen. Water molecules which are added to oil products in a certain proportions and mixed with them into a single combustible mixture increase its efficiency by twenty percent or even more.)

— A mixture of diesel fuel with gas also gives good results. (Both gas and diesel fuel can be produced from bio-products. Here we are talking about renewable energy sources.) And the production of energy from renewable natural sources (without waiting for hydrocarbons to run out) should become one of the main directions of energy development:

— This is biofuel that can be made from plants and waste; this is the usage of wind, sun, waves, ebbs and flows, geothermal and other temperature differences, pressures, potentials, etc.

— We probably cannot do it at the present stage of development and in the current situation: neither without nuclear power, nor without the chemical transformation of solid carbon fuel into liquid; nor without super poisonous types of rocket fuel …

But the sooner the necessity for these types of energy disappears, the better for us …

Block 3.10,3.


— And what other types of energy carriers, besides the renewable ones listed above, will be able to represent a real replacement for oil and gas at the present stage of development?

— First of all it is water that is decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen on a catalyst — an excellent, cheap and environmentally friendly fuel. Still, we need an accessible technology of catalysis and, most importantly, the gradual release of hydrogen …

 — This technology has been developed and mostly ready for ninety percent … (We have said that it is unprofitable for the oil monopolies and the Dark Forces do not need it at all.)

— Secondly, we can start developing technologies for transformation any types of matter into energy with the usage of new knowledge. But … Until we calm down our evil and aggression, the Higher Forces simply will not allow us to do this. (According to some reports, there was a civilization on the Earth with such knowledge. But it does not exist anymore … it is dead)

Block 3.10,4.


— And now let’s consider other and non-traditional ways of obtaining energy. (UFOs somehow receive this energy; and in any quantity they need.)

— As we have already said — energy is the essence of feelings emitted by the spirit. This means that all the space designated by the Spirit, the entire emptiness of the Universe is saturated with this feeling-energy …

Another proof is that each point in space has its own OCF. OCF is vibrations. And vibrations are impossible without energy. Energy is everywhere and its amount is not just inexhaustible, but tends to grow.

— The main thing is to learn how to take and use this energy.

— We can assume that a device = a gadget = a mechanism for receiving this energy and converting it into the frequencies we need has to be an oscillatory system for receiving and converting OCF-energy. An oscillatory system has a similar principle of a detector receiver that receives radio waves = electromagnetic oscillations and converts them into sound that we hear. It may be similar or be an exact copy of the previously invented and tested «Tesla’s resonator».

(Unfortunately, as we have already said, the Higher Forces or Tesla did not allow this invention to work for the benefit of human civilization, because of our inner darkness and human «filthiness». The invention was completely destroyed: both development and drawings. Unfortunately, a lot of Nikola Tesla’s inventions were hidden «until better times». They were created too early and therefore they were extremely dangerous. The power and capabilities of these inventions did not correspond to the moral values of mankind which were necessary to possess such power.)

— And we hope that these oscillatory resonators will be invented again. Meanwhile we should have time to put in proper order and raise our human values to the proper level.

— By the way, if two different OCF-resonators are somehow connected to each other by a conductor that is isolated from the external OCF influences of the space through which this conductor passes, then the resulting potential difference can give colossal energy. (After all, the inventors and creators of UFOs somehow solved the problem of isolating the inner part = the interior of the UFO from external OCF-influences … This means that they also solved the issue of coping with Evil … if they have such technologies and capacities …)

— We will not consider the tricks of «our inner» evil spirits under the guise of aliens. We have already studied and explained the strict framework and boundaries of the habitation and possibilities of Evil.


Block 3.10,5.


— All of these possible methods of obtaining energy that were considered in this section, are based on consumption …

— But the source of energy is Spirit. Then it transforms and changes its properties, etc. (By the way, is generally impossible without will, participation, laws and other manifestations of the Spirit — Genesis is an integral part of the Spirit. )

— And the main thing is that we = our spirit, generates a lot of energy … This energy will be more than enough for personal needs and for the process of the development of appropriate technologies; for example: to communicate, to illuminate the way at night, to warm our bodies in any cold, to move in space by teleportation, and much, much more … The main thing is the appropriate technologies, materials, devices; and of course: skills, faith, and qualities of Spirit …

— We will remind our contemporaries once again and especially young people: «Oil will run out on the Earth during your life! And if you do not resolve the problem of energy, it will be a tragedy, grief, nightmare  … For you, your kids and beloved. Everyone!!! «

Block 3.10,6.


— Future technologies cannot exist without Chemistry.

— What are the main parts of modern Chemistry?

— There is organic and inorganic chemistry. There is no Alchemy any more. Why? After all, Alchemy (Holy Chemistry) took into account not only the material, but also the spiritual aspect of things, compounds and chemical elements … Tested = used = took into account not only «solid», but also «subtle» energies .., their influence and interaction … — considered any object and everything that happens to it, not only in the MP- range, but also in the IC- range; which, of course, is more holistic, more correct, more informative and, in some cases, more effective … Maybe this is why modern chemists cannot repeat and recreate what the Alchemists succeeded in.

— And if it is correct that history develops in a spiral, then the time has come (at a new level with new knowledge) to revive Alchemy, or rather, to improve our approach to Chemistry as a science.

— A new look and our new approach to everything.


The end of the third part of =NicA=

Part 4. Society.

Section 4.1. The essence of the causes of modern crises.


Block 4.1,1.


When these lines are written (2013 — 2014) — «Darkness» reigns on the planet …

— Disasters, natural and technical, wars, terrorist attacks, diseases, economic crises … One by one — growing, like a snowball … Why? And what is the reason? Let’s start analyzing and understanding:

— We already know and have proved that the invisible World is more important and greater than the visible one; that the foundation is the spirit and feelings, these are aspirations and goals (that is, the vector of the direction of the application of efforts ).

— Well, what are our aspirations, feelings and goals?

— We don’t mean personalities; we mean humanity as a whole (in general — the values of modern human civilization):

— We are a consumer society, it is common knowledge and that’s all. The main goal and task of such a society is not to create (improve, help, create,  — for the sake of improving, helping, creating), but rather to consume! There are no restrictions: the more — the better. Price and consequences are in the background. The main thing is — to receive more and more! In one word — greed.

— And what does modern authority give in modern society?

— It gives individuals, who have broken through to authority, the opportunity to do so — to take the best more and more. The victorious invaders in wars of conquest receive the same.

— And what is the reason for the constant inflation ? You can talk about this topic (explain, name the reasons) a lot. But all the same, no matter how would you explain and what would you say, the rise in prices is based on an elementary thirst for more profit, that is — ordinary human greed.

— What is corruption and organized crime?

— It is the same greed, but — collective, organized and backed up by the desire to get the maximum possible profit, while spending the least possible effort. And any economic crisis, war, impoverishment — bring someone fabulous profits. (If it would be disadvantageous to the «powers that be» — they would not bring the situation to this point.)

— Can we imagine that in a natural, harmonious environment, the leader of a herd or flock, surrounding himself with a «bunch of sycophants», would only care about his personal well-being?

— Can we imagine that «healthy competition» will begin in a bee swarm and each bee will try, by any means, to train as much honey as possible to its personal combs? Do not let anyone near these combs and only sometimes «by the mood» to donate to others a small particle of honey: “generously“?!

— Of course, this is impossible to imagine, because: neither a flock, nor a herd, nor a swarm of bees — can not be viable for a long time with such orders.

— That is why we wait all the time for the Doomsday, because we understand perfectly in our souls, that society, with the values, goals and laws so perverted and inharmonious with nature, cannot exist forever. Because a path is inharmonious with Nature always leads to negative consequences. And the negative consequences cause a flow of negative feelings-energies. And negative feelings-energies lead to negative consequences …

And a vicious circle turns out, which feeds and strengthens the Dark Forces. (Well, we have already told you about the essence of the non-self-sufficient Dark Forces and the consequences of their strengthening.)

— And, of course, Mother Earth, our planet — began to defend herself …

— So, the essence of all the causes of modern crises is our: greed, a wrong path, an unnatural and incorrect scale of human values, our thoughts, actions and desires — which serves energy to feed the Dark egregors <Forces>.


Section 4.2. What do people need to be happy.


Block 4.2,1.


— Well, what and how much does a person need to be happy (not a pervert, not a moral freak, but a simple normal person)? Well, not so much …

— First of all, you need your own inner feeling of happiness. And it is achieved by a positive «satisfied» attitude to the current state of one’s own and related affairs, the absence of worries about the past and confidence about the future.

— Materially — not much is needed: this is — an affordable normal housing, normal work, normal (decent) salary (benefits, pensions), normal food and clothing; normal rest and availability of entertainment according to one’s interests; healthy and clean environment. And also — an absolutely affordable opportunity to study, heal and develop (both spiritually and physically).

— For the harmonious development of the personality, important is: a sense of one’s self-worth and, again — confidence in the future.

Feelings of one’s self-worth are mainly given by work; and a worthy and understandable life purpose, and the ways to achieve it.

— Confidence in the future will give: social security in everything and in any circumstances; faith in society and the state.

Block 4.2,2.


— And what does society need for its healthy and happy evolution and harmony in life?

— Society consists of citizens. And the more happy citizens there are, the happier is this society as a whole. Harmonious relationships between people give rise to harmony in society; and healthy ethic (morality, culture, customs and traditions) make society spiritually healthy.

— But a single (supported by the great majority) unifying idea is also extremely important.

— Social justice is very important for a healthy society: this is equality before the law, the absence of double morals, double values and standards (when the authorities say one thing and do something completely different; when some cashing in on, while others only suffer from it).

— Treatment and education — equally accessible and of equal quality. For money — only additional luxury, comfort, service, etc.

In justice: the amount of money the subjects have — shouldn’t matter at all. A law-abiding citizen should feel safe and protected, and be proud of its condition, feeling the care. And all what was said above should be felt and provided by the state. After all, it (the state) exists for this, for the citizens happiness and confidence in the future.

And if something is wrong in the state, then this is a wrong state and it need some changes


Section 4.3. Struggle between Light and Darkness.

(Personality and masses. Variants of the path of humanity.)


Block 4.3,1.


— It is said: «What does not kill us — makes us stronger.» The spirit and qualities of the spirit are brought up: both in creation and in struggle. But the struggle itself could be different: sometimes it is worthy, but sometimes it is not.

— Our material-physical world is arranged in a such way, that victory and defeats, pain and bitterness of loss, hardships of trials — will always be in our world . And the concepts of good and evil, in this case, are relative. Because there is a food chain in our world where some eat others. What is death and evil for someone — is the food and the continuation of life for others.

— People have a proverb: «You can’t please everyone.» And there are many actions, which are good for someone and are worse for others in the same time.

But all this is the realities of our world, tests and hardening of the spirit. And therefore, what does not go beyond the limits of what is permitted: natural harmony, laws and common sense; does not bring the threat of chaos and the end — is permissible.

For, as it was said, our world is so arranged, that the life in it — is a struggle.

But all this should not violate the harmony of the life of the Universe (in our case — the harmony of the life of the planet).

Block 4.3,2.

— And therefore, we all need to distinguish (very strongly and very concretely) natural, relative, harmonious evil in our world — from the evil complete, absolute, limitless, merciless, insatiable and not fitting into the harmony of balance and creation of life and the World, but striving to destroy them and destroy completely; And, moreover, with the maximum possible suffering inflicted, sadism, cruelty, greed, harm and malevolence.

— If these two evils are considered in principle, at the root, then they are generally — two completely different concepts; simply called «evil» in one word.

— And they are different because: in the first case, it is only a subjective perception of the process of natural life by various participants and observers. (For example: a flock of predators and a herd of buffaloes … Who is evil and who is good — it all depends on the circumstances …)

And in the second case the Evil — is a real spiritual force: Dark (devilish and satanic); and bringing us all the negativity deliberately, cunningly, meanly, deceitfully, thoughtfully — in order to turn everything into chaos and to destroy. For that is its essence. And the destruction of everything is its goal. And the goal matches the essence.

— Well, there are a lot of cases in the numerous languages, when the word is one, but the concepts are different.

Block 4.3,3.


We will remind you once again: — there is a struggle between the Forces of Darkness and Light in our world.

— And the history is made by the Forces (immaterial, spiritual-energetic, single-collective, active-intelligent substances-egregors).

— But we give them the power: our thoughts, actions, dreams, desires, aspirations, goals; who do we serve, who do we believe, who do we support, and who do we reject …

— Since spiritual forces are immaterial (refer to the IC-range), they need material carriers to work in our physical world (MP-range). Such carriers, in the human environment, could be both individuals and human masses (crowd, group, people, etc.).

The carriers can be both — simple conductors of the essence of spiritual forces and executors of their will, and they can be the personification of the essence of these forces (their authorized representatives.) The carriers can be temporary and permanent.

— Since the spirit, information, feelings are primary, then the behavior and actions of the masses and individuals are determined by the spectrum, quantity, strength — the spiritual qualities, feelings, information, desires interacting with them (perceived, rejected, formed, emitted, etc.) ). As a result of all these interactions — goals appear … Well, our physical mind , as it was proved earlier, is an instrument for achieving these goals in the physical world. But any mind, on the other hand, is exposed to the influence of other minds and itself affects other minds …

— And in all these «brain contractions» the main thing is the direction of thinking. (That is: direction <vector, sector, «corridor»> in which each of the minds thinks and tries to solve the set tasks and to achieve the set goal.)

Block 4.3,4.


Since absolute homogeneity is rare in nature, the main thing is — which of the feelings (Light or Dark) prevail inside the people. It is not in vain that it is said: «God is at war with the devil and the battlefield is the human heart.»

— Well, since «nothing lasts forever under the Moon», then both the individual and the masses can change their feelings, beliefs, views, connections, values, priorities, etc. They can improve themselves and the world around them; or they can degrade and destroy.

— We know that the body is the carrier. But the main thing is our soul . And therefore the main thing is — who we are in our soul , to which Forces we are more drawn (to the Light or to the Dark), with which egregors the connection is stronger … And the main thing is — what do we emit ourselves: Light or Darkness …

— And then — the impact … Then — the struggle…

— Any human mass (crowd) consists of us — individuals. But there is such a concept: «crowd psychology». In principle, this is a spontaneously arising short-lived egregor … And most important is — which forces dominate in this short-lived egregor; commands of which forces (Light or Dark) this egregor of the crowd is ready to accept and execute …

— If the Light -that is good; if the Dark — resist it … Learn to resist and not let any filth in your soul, in order not to strengthen the Evil. And if you successfully resist the Evil yourself, then help to resist others … And then the psychology of the masses will go into a light and creative channel.

Block 4.3,5.


— Yes, egregors protect their main representatives from any unnecessary influences, accidents; while the forces need those representatives, or until the force of the enemy destroys both this protection and the representative that is under it.

— But if something went wrong, then it makes no sense to blame one, at least some leader, for all the troubles. There is a strength of «egregor» behind any leader. And the composition of this force «egregor» — is you … Maybe you succumbed to deception, promises, maybe bought; or maybe you haven’t been able to defeat this power yet; or maybe with your silence, humility and inaction — you gave the opportunity to this force to develop and exist …

— In any case — start accusations from yourself: «Have you done everything so that something does not happen; or enough for something to happen, or change? And what can and should be done ?!»

Block 4.3,6.


— And for the servants of the Dark Forces, we will remind: «Do not forget their dark, non-self-sufficient essence and the need for a constant influx of negative energy …»

— Therefore, it is established among the Dark: as long as an individual, a group, a mass, a crowd — is necessary and while it is possible to use it for this purpose — it is necessary to give them support. And as the need (or opportunity) disappears — trample, destroy, devour! After all, an additional surge of negativity … Alas! Such is their Dark Essence!

— And therefore, no matter how you serve the Dark Forces, no matter how you put things in order in your system, the sphere of activity of influence and responsibility, but the end is the same: everything will fall apart … and they will resume, albeit slightly controlled, but — chaos! Because chaos (confusion, enmity, decay, etc.) gives a greater negative flow than the order. And all the more so that a permanent order in the matter of destruction and demolition is also impossible for the reason, that too quickly there will be nothing to destroy … And they (the Dark Forces) need order temporarily, only to build something quickly (of course at someone else’s expense), so that later it could be destroyed, with great pleasure to Satan…

— In the chaos (even slightly controlled) — neither individuals nor groups cannot be in power for a long time. Chaos — is chaos …

— Sometimes it’s just profitable for the Dark, this process to be stretched in time … But the ending is always the same! And could it be otherwise? Destruction, chaos, bad end — this is the Dark Essence! And so — everything is logical.

— For self-sufficient Light Forces — everything is different. They do not need to devour, trample, destroy any of their own … The energy of life — the Light Forces generate themselves; they themselves create, they themselves improve, they themselves put things in order …

And for further creation (in all ranges of the Universe) the Light Forces need strong, light individual personalities , tempered in struggle and adversity, uncontrollable to the Forces of Darkness. Such is Their Light Essence!

— In our world, the Light needs a hierarchy: gradual, planned and natural, including positively revolutionary, ascent and development; creation and order.

— Darkness need the controlled (to last it longer) chaos and oligarchy: a clan devoted to Darkness in power, providing a constant stream of negativity (suffering of peoples, nature, Earth …)

— Think about it … Make conclusions … And read on …

Block 4.3,7.


— We have already told you that, unfortunately, in our material-physical range of our planet Earth, the Forces of Darkness rule the basics of World politics and human civilization. And the Light Forces are attacking and fighting: for us , for the Earth and the World.

— And one of the strategies of the struggle between them, the Light and Dark Forces, is the struggle for the direction of thinking (both of the whole society and of each person separately).

— After all, in what direction a person and society think — in that direction they go; looking for solutions to all problems and tasks, setting goals, writing laws, creating a scale of values and morality. All their actions, path and goal, are subordinated exactly in the direction in which they think.

— For example, let’s consider a lawsuit:

— There is a trial … A lawyer, a prosecutor, and a judge, and a plaintiff, and a defendant, and witnesses, and experts — all are the participants in the same process … But the motives and goals are different for everyone … And everyone’s thinking goes in its own direction. In life — it’s the same:

— Each Force tries to conduct thinking in the direction, which is necessary for the Force. This is the main source of resources, energy; the power of this Force and the path.

— But the goals, paths — are different for each Force … It’s your choice!

— And the concept — is the direction of thinking of the Light Forces.

Block 4.3,8.

Try to understand and to remember:

— If we will not learn to live in harmony with Nature (neutralize our harm and garbage), take care of Her, honor and observe Her laws — we will perish. (We will die shamefully in own waste.)

— If we will not impose strict birth control all over the planet — we will perish. (From the enormous mass of problems, arising along with the supercritical overpopulation of our planet.)

— If we will not stop killing, robbing, deceiving, humiliating each other; and to serve the Forces of Evil by other similar methods; (Greed, envy, aggression, sadism, cruelty, indifference to someone else’s misfortune, an arms race, a race of material wealth and luxury, in the media — solid negativity, lack of spirituality and the cult of only brute physical strength and money) — we will perish. (Because of an overabundance of negative energies, consequences and results).

— If we will not find new energy sources and new waste-free and environmentally friendly technologies, but if we will follow the lead of modern energy and industrial monopolies (with their greed, temporary benefits, and practical service to the Forces of Darkness) -we will perish.

— Because, in all these cases, the Forces of Evil will win on Earth. And there will be no talk about our further development, about expeditions to other planets !!!

This is not Hollywood action movies about Star Wars, but the real life … With its real laws of the Universe and the real protection of Our Universe from the threats of «Hollywood Evil».

— Among peoples of the world, these natural laws are expressed in proverbs: «What you sow — you reap», «Sow the wind — you reap a storm», «Do good and throw it into the sea» and similar proverbs, fairy tales and parables …

— And from a scientific and a karmic point of view, this is a cause-and-effect chain of actions, leading either to endless development and improvement, or to the degradation and the end … And all this is under the supervision of the Higher Powers …

— Until we will establish total and effective control over the death-carrying parts of the Forces of Darkness, absolutely over all its parts: (organisms, egregors, entities, systems, programs, ideas, etc.) and the epidemics, wars, any lawlessness they carry — we will fight, study, seek, temper, improve and grow up … But, into the distant space, at this time — the way will be closed to us. Quarantine …, and the system for protecting the Universe from Evil …

— The elimination of global threats from Space (if we are all worthy of protection, and we ourselves cannot cope with that threat yet) is the business of God and the Higher Powers (of course, the Light ones). Proof and guarantee is — Their Light Essence.

— When we will change our attitude to Nature (which gave birth to us and gives us the opportunity to live here), to our Mother and Nurse planet Earth; when we will correct our harm and mistakes — all the cataclysms will end .., because there will be no reasons .. created by us … Well, with those elements that remain, we will learn to get along, adapt and defend ourselves …

— And the Apocalypse program will be permanently disabled. And we will follow a new interesting program of the Path of Infinite Development … (In harmony with our native Earth and with unknown secrets in the Space.)

Block 4.3,9.


— As very important, we repeat: «Devil is in the details …»

— As very important, let us repeat, that one of the most favorite techniques of the Dark Forces in the fight against what is dangerous for them is the application of the principle: «Organize and lead» …

And while light souls are building something light, fighting for something light — the Dark Forces quietly and systematically move their representatives «upward» …

— Well, then — the «details»: lies, slander, intrigue, chatter, unnecessary links, double standards, double morality … And then — like a snowball: substitution of all the original slogans, programs, promises and oaths.

And what cannot be substituted — is brought to the point of absurdity in interpretation and implementation.

— And then — open actions for liquidation: with the help of provocations; proven, allegedly ineffective; ruthless repression against the disobedient; terror, blockades and war …

— And this strategy of the Dark Forces must always be taken into account in all political and public life; and stop in time!

— And to summarize:

— Darkness — will lead us to the death and degradation of the spirit


— Life, endless development, reincarnation in our future happy World — gives us Light.

— And for this we need to preserve and improve Our World …

Section 4.4.

Socio-economic models of the structure of society.

(The social system — what is the main thing in it ?!)

Block 4.4,1.


— The history of mankind knows many social systems: primitive communal, slave-owning, feudalism, capitalism, socialism …

— Any social system, in other words, is: «socio-economic model of the structure of society.» And, like any model, it has its main components (parts, details).

— In any system there is an economic component of this system; and there is its social component (relationships between people, groups, classes, etc.).

Both of these constituent parts, in turn, are also just models (one or another mechanism of relationships within society).

— And these two mechanisms are united with each other with the model of state structure and management, with its foreign and domestic policies.

Block 4.4,2.


— The modern (still) view on the fundamentals of relationships in economic models of social systems was best described by Karl Marx.

These are: money — commodity — money (including all variations).

And — the decisive, determining, the main role plays the form of ownership of the means of production: private, collective, or state (including all variations).

— Well, in fact, is it really so extremely important who is the owner of the means of production: either a private person, or a collective, or the state ?!

— After all, any economic model, and any form of ownership can be changed as you like with the network of laws, taxes and rules — : up to complete change beyond recognition; when formal ownership: a factory, land, transport, etc. — will not play any role !!!

— Both the economic component of the social system and the model of state structure and administration — with the same network of laws, taxes and rules — can also be changed, reformed, transformed, as you like in any direction.

— It turns out that all this: both the form of ownership and the ruling class are not the main thing.

Most important are — the laws and rules in a society, by which it (society) lives; what it accepts and what it rejects; what honors and what aspires to.

Block 4.4,3.


Well, what is the main thing then?

What forms, supports and nourishes the foundation and the very all-encompassing basis of any social order? What gives rise to and what dictates the foundations of public morality, ideology, laws and behavior?

— We know: the primary is the Spirit!

— And this means that the main thing, in any socio-economic and political structure of society, , is its spiritual component basis .

That means, the main thing is — which Spiritual Power in this society (system, regime) is dominating — Light or Dark.

— For a better understanding, we will give one paradoxical and shocking example:

— All sane people on the planet know that fascism — is bad. Everyone knows and remembers the atrocities of the Second World War, that the fascists committed to people, whom they ranked among the lowest inferior races and nationalities. And no one sane will doubt that the spiritual and ethical content of these nazi regimes was spiritually dark. That is, the Spirit of Evil was dominated …

— And now let’s change the spiritual and ethical content of these Nazi regimes: from Dark to Light … And let’s say: «You are a Nazi! You belong to the Highest Nation. You are above everyone. You are the best. They are plebeians from lower nations, races , castes, nationalities — can behave like barbarians: offend, humiliate, mock; kill old people, women, children; burn, destroy, bring grief and death … You are a Nazi !!! You — cannot do like that !!! For you are higher them them, better than them, and by your behavior you should give them an example: how the higher races behave !!! «

— Paradoxical — but true!

— And once again we have proved to you: the main thing is Spiritual Forces; the main thing is — what at the head: Forces of Light or Forces of Darkness … And therefore, for each of us, the main thing — is our soul and on which side it is …

Block 4.4,4.


— And now let’s ask ourselves the question: «Why, while they rule, Dark Forces are satisfied with not socialism or feudalism, but capitalism?» Why exactly do they everywhere praising, propagandizing, and claiming that capitalism as an eternal system?!

— After all, as they say «and the horse understands» that inherent in capitalism constant unhealthy competition , hostility, deceptions, wars …, in short: personal gain — at any cost, and unlimited personal consumption, unlimited personal accumulation; and, of course, all this to the detriment of others — cannot continue forever!!! So why? — We give the answer:

— In the modern official dominant scale of values, the main thing is — the material wealth. And capitalism, with its spirit of entrepreneurship and brain stimulation, from the point of view of the production of all these material goods — is more productive, than feudalism and the rest of the lower kinds of order. On the other hand, the spiritual basis of modern capitalism, its moral and ethical content, the essence of this system is — the competition between people (any, cruel — for the purpose of profit).

The unwritten slogan of capitalism is: «Dog eat dog.» In Latin: «Homo homini lupus est». It literally means — «man to man — is a wolf». And to cash in on someone else’s labor, property, grief, need — is justified and legal.

— And what is the main thing for a non-self-sufficient Dark Force?

— The main thing for it, is: a huge stream of negativity … because this is its food and essence. And if the motto «dog eat dog» lays in the basis of relationships, then the negative flow is huge and guaranteed.

— And this negative stream is much amplified by negative streams in the media. Well, if it still succeeds (with the help of slander, provocation, deception, religious fanaticism, terrorism, nationalism, racism, fascism, pseudo-revolutionism, etc.) to unleash some kind of war, drive people into slavery, misfortune, want, enmity, wild Middle Ages…

— Here is a great holiday for the Dark Forces.

— Well, in more progressive models of social systems: from socialism and higher — the main moral and ethical principle is completely different: «Man is a friend, comrade and brother to man.» And the exploitation of other people’s labor, needs and misfortunes, for personal gain is not welcome at all…

— Do the Dark Forces need it?

Where is the «great flow of negativity» ?! Just the «brook», or a «little stream» …

— So it is necessary (for the Dark Forces) to slander such a system, to destroy it, to prevent it from gaining strength; bring to the point of absurdity and change completely, beyond recognition; so, that there would be no attraction and no dream …

— And how can the Dark Forces do this? — Just as always:

— To try to lead on their own; try to organize it and to direct on the necessary Dark channel… And then — to destroy, according to the above described and more than once worked out scheme of the Dark Forces struggle with the advancing Light …

— And it’s time, oh, it’s time — to unite into a single Light Force: to all, spiritually strong individuals, who do desire the Light.

Maybe someone will think that he (she) is not worthy … But the main thing is to choose the path. And walk along it. Till the end. The rest — time will tell.

— The main thing is to remember: all material accumulations are temporary; and spiritual accumulations remain with us and in us, practically — forever.

Section 4.5. New social order — Homonism.


    Block 4.5,1.

— We all live in different places, states. With different models of economy, government, morality, laws …

— But we are all human. We all are the earthlings. And we live on the same planet with the name «Earth».

— And therefore it is necessary to unite not only on the basis of party, class, religious, national, property and similar principles (although this is also necessary); but most important, the main unification in the name of life on the whole Earth — should take place according to moral and ethical principles.

— After all, everyone knows that good people and bad people are everywhere: in any parties, castes, nationalities, etc. — this must be taken into account.

Block 4.5,2.


— A new unifying system on the Earth (to which we must strive now, at this stage of evolution, at this stage of concepts and the alignment of forces) we will call — the Homonism, which means: Human system. That is: a system worthy of the high title of Human.

— And the adherents and builders of this system, we will call — the Homonists.

— The main task of the Homonists (when building a new unifying system on the Earth, Homonism) is, in all states, in all existing systems — to replace the spiritual and ethical content from the Dark to the Light.

And if something in the systems is incompatible with the Light and represents an obvious Evil — it must be changed, removed, transformed … We must fight and win.

Block 4.5,3.


— It is necessary to develop civilization by the way, which will provide to humanity (and therefore to own immortal soul in future incarnations) the Path of Infinite Development and a worthy Bright Future of the Earth. In contrast to the modern principles of the development of civilization, which are leading to its inevitable death. And for this we need:

— To recognize the main value that gives life for all of us — the Living Nature of the planet Earth.

— Spiritual values have to be recognized as the main human values; moral and ethical qualities of its (persons) soul. (All the more, this is true: after all, you will not take money or gold with you to the Subtle World.)

— To recognize that: the main path of human development — is spiritual, harmonious with Nature, Light and — endless …

— The material benefits of civilization (their development and improvement), are also necessary, of course; but they (these benefits) must harmoniously fit into all the principles of Homonism, and not run counter to them. This implies the need to transform the basic scale of values:

— The main place in the new scale will be occupied by spiritual values ​(including positive spiritual development: both for each individual and society as a whole). Material and consumer values will not disappear, but fade into the background …

— In relationships between people: instead of the concepts «man to man —  is a wolf», and therefore «every man for himself» — to introduce the concepts: «Man to man is a friend, comrade and brother»; which means “help in trouble is obligatory and selfless”, which means “mutual help is natural”, which means a new motto and concept: “Each is for the other”. The relationship under this motto, under this new concept «Each is for the other» — leads to a harmonious circular process of mutual assistance and the development of a happy and healthy, strong and confident in the future society.

— And the notion, that the planet Earth is our Mother, Nurse, Life and Nature; and the highest material value — this concept should «be absorbed into us with mother’s milk», at all levels (including moral, genetic and all others).

— Only in this way will we carry out the transformation of a consumer society, into a society of creation.

Only in this way will we be able to leave the program of the Apocalypse and switch to the program of the Infinite Path of Development.

Block 4.5,4.


— As a symbol of Homonists, we propose to accept:

— A multi-colored circle, or any other multi-colored figure that successfully and extensively reflects the meaning of this ideology.

— And after the significant development of the Homonist movement in the states, these symbols can be placed against the background of most of the flags existing in the world.

Section 4.6.

Imperfection of modern economics and socio-economic policy.


Block 4.6,1.


At the end of the twentieth — the beginning of the twenty-first centuries, crises in various sectors of the economy go in a continuous stream, leading to global economic crises.

— Why actually???

— Let’s assume that there is a crisis in metallurgy: more metal is produced than consumed; factories stop, workers are fired, wages are not paid. The metallurgists no longer have the money to buy food, buy clothes and household appliances, pay for electricity, fuel, utilities, go on a tourist trip, and so on … Trade and payments are frozen …And although: food and clothing, equipment and electricity, everyone would be enough; but in fact, everyone begins to miss; but in reality — everything deteriorates and stays in warehouses. But in fact — in all these sectors of the economy, a crisis is also developing. Enterprises also stop, workers are also fired, there is also no money and no salaries. The crisis is affecting more and more sectors of the economy. There is no money to produce basic necessities … There is no money to produce food and plant a crop …

(In fact: in some places, some people, for a while,would be paid some kind of unemployment benefits; in some places, some people would be given some state subsidies; Some would be given more or less profitable loans under state guarantee… But all these measures would, only slightly and temporarily, soften the circumstances of the global economic crisis, growing like a snowball. For all these measures are aimed at mitigating the consequences and do not eliminate the causes.)

— And, no matter how paradoxical it sounds, but, for the overall global economic system, it would be much more profitable to continue paying the same salary to metallurgists, who are not working (because of the crisis), in order to prevent the spreading of crisis to other sectors of the economy.

— Now let’s take and consider another example:

— When gathered super-rich harvests of grains, oilseeds, citrus fruits, legumes, etc.; or when milk or meat is produced in large quantities …

The healthy logic of a healthy civilization suggests: «Feed the hungry; create stocks; improve the quality of products (by selecting the best parts of raw materials), and the rest — for processing, for livestock feed and for the production of organic, environmentally friendly fertilizers …»

— But no … The «excess» harvest and «excess» milk and meat products are destroyed !!! To keep prices from falling. Because, in the current model of the economy, such a drop in prices: for someone — is a path to collapse and ruin, and for someone — is just a drop in profits (although these profits, they have already accumulated, are so huge, that neither they, nor their descendants will not be able to spend it all on themselves). Of course, the interests of us, all members of the society — are not taken into account.

— We gave two examples. Only two … What kind of perfection, harmony, common sense and sane economic science, can we talk here ?! To put it in simple words: «Not the economics, but some kind of madhouse …» Stupid wrong economics.

Block 4.6,2.


— The entire economic system, as a whole, can be regarded as a single peculiar organism … But if the economic system itself is an organism, then financial flows in it are, relatively speaking, — a kind of circulatory system of this organism.

After all, finance is, so to speak,the feeding of the sectors of the economic. Good food — the sector is working and developing; bad food — the sector shrinks, slows down in development; no food — the sector of the economic organism, ceases its activity , turns off.

For the resuscitation and restoration of such a disabled organ, a sufficient infusion of is necessary.

— To manage the entire economics

(except for the issues of raw materials, labor resources, safety and environmental issues, etc.), is also necessary to manage competently and effectively the financial flows . And this, at this stage of development, is, perhaps, the most important thing.

— Currently, banks play the most important role in the «circulatory» system of the economics; most of them are commercial. And the modern goal of all commercial banks is — to accumulate as much currency «financial» funds, as possible . And all of their (bank’s) actions, plans, aspirations are aimed precisely at achieving their main goal.

So it turns out that banks, which, according to the logic of things, should be a regulating nodes of «blood flow» in this system, and be fully interested in uninterrupted «blood supply» to the entire economic organism — in fact, are interested in collecting all this «blood» for themselves. And if at least they give to somebody a little of «blood», then for the sole purpose of taking back much more of this «blood» …

— But, the immense accumulation of blood in one place leads to the exsanguination of the whole organism in other places, to the disease of the whole organism and even to its death.

— But, as they say: «what is the disease — so is the treatment.» That is: in the repair of a dark system (stupidity can’t be made of light), dark methods and tools are also used:

— Inflation saves the situation a little (the rise in prices makes it necessary to print more money, thereby increasing the total volume of «blood») …

— The interposition of the state financial system, which produces emissions, interventions and the like, helps a little …

— Preparation for the war saves the situation a little: the state forces to make «revitalizing infusions» into the military-industrial complex, which is practically connected with all other sectors of the economic.

— But most of all the war saves. When the «blood of the economic» is withdrawn from the storehouses and sent into an action, into circulation. And the bigger is the war — the better…

— Inverted world … And the same morals … But, alas, this is the truth of today.

— Well, after that, everything is the same again: accumulation in banks, before the new crisis …

— Each crisis, at the same time, can become the last: either the entire economy will perish, or the war will get out of control and destroy everyone …

— And therefore:

The main task of all banks and the entire banking system should not be the task of accumulating as much «blood» as possible in their stores, but a thoughtful and effective distribution of this «economic blood» throughout the economic organism, in order to improve the life of people and the planet as a whole …

— In a market economy model, this is practically unrealistic. A planned economy model and planned distribution of financial flows are required.

Block 4.6,3.


— Actually, what is the financial distribution ?

— This is the stimulation of this or that sector of the economy; that is: permission for their launch and operation, or prohibition.

— The finance is, at the same time, blood «nutrients» for the body of the economy, and means of influence on all subjects of the economy.

— At present, the main world monetary means of assessments and settlements is — the US dollar . But if earlier the US dollar was backed by gold (and, on demand, could be exchanged for this gold, or at least for values equivalent to gold), now, this dollar is not backed by anything!

— And therefore: no matter what they say, but the modern US dollar is, in principle, an ordinary painted piece of paper … And it is written on it, that the value of «this piece of paper» is determined by a free tender (that is: exchange currency games «trading» and similar tricks). If you all value this piece of paper, and everyone agrees to give or do something for it, it will be worth something until then … But if all of you would not agree, or some very powerful force would not agree — and that’s it! .. The end of both the piece of paper and the whole pyramid !!!

Block 4.6,4.


— But who issues US dollars, and who controls this issue (that is — the number of banknotes put into circulation)?

— The so-called Federal Reserve System (abbreviated: FRS) prints US dollars, and controls their release into circulation, at its discretion. (That is why it is written with a small font on US dollars: «Federal reserve note»).

— Well, what is this FRS — in principle?

— In principle, it is a private company that dictates its own rules and conditions, practically, to the entire planet; the main manipulator and puppeteer of most of the events taking place:

— If they wanted something to happen somewhere — they sent there a couple of suitcases of their «wrappers» — and that’s all … If a couple of suitcases are not enough — they will send a couple of wagons … Expenses: to cut the paper, to paint it «under the stencil» and to deliver … That’s all.  The job is done and, whoever needs it — is chained on a solid «debt chain»…

— In practice, the FRS is — the basis of the Shadow World Government.

There are no wars, revolutions and crises without their direct participation.

And so-called international terrorism is generally impossible without their support and funding. (Long time ago people noticed, that they are blowing up not «the powers that be», but innocent citizens).

— There is an adage: «each medal has two sides»:

— It may be, that they (the FRS ) want to do something good, positive … It is possible, that by inventing international terrorism

and financing it, they thus want to avoid nuclear war between the states…

— May be by thinking up and creating local wars (interstate and civil) — they want to thus reduce the number of people on the planet .., to avoid global economic crises .., and, having seized power and management of all energy deposits, they try to ensure that they have enough energy for a longer term … It is possible that in their morality, all this is — a blessing …

— But! They themselves are the hostages of their own line of thinking:

— Consumption, greed and lust for power; personal accumulation and personal gain — for the sake of personal accumulation and personal gain; wars — for the satisfaction of personal pride … So much stupidity and suffering — for the sake of simple self-affirmation … And everywhere and in everything — playing on a lowest feelings, and the raising of the vile to the highest rank …

— And who benefits from it: negative, lowest feelings-energies?

— Of course, this is beneficial only to non-self-sufficient Dark Forces.

— And if this process will not be changed, then Everything will perish! (With the members of the Federal Reserve System and the Shadow World Government, with their relatives, friends, servants and descendants — including.)

Block 4.6,5.


— Sooner or later, but the World Shadow Government, together with the FRS, will have to completely collapse the US dollar, depreciating it many thousands of times … And introduce, instead of the US dollar, a new «private» world currency, prepared in advance and accumulated at home.

— This is necessary in order, firstly: to devalue those debts, that no one can ever pay off (because of their extra astronomical unrealistic amounts).

— And secondly: to finally privatize and subjugate the entire world economy

… Well, then — everything will follow the old channel … That is — again on the way to the End of the World …

— But no… We are not that stupid… After all, as they say, “six of one and half a dozen of the other” (same thing only different)… In order to survive — you need to change the very principles of the entire functioning of the modern world economy; including modern financial principles.

Block 4.6,6.


At the present stage, during economic crises, a massive layoff of employees takes place at the enterprises, which are suffering from the crisis.

— We have already said that it would be better if the state would pay them the same salary; and then the crisis would spread less …

— It seems that some states have already partially understood this and began to pay: at least someone, at least some kind of cash allowance — at least for some period.

— A person does not work and receives money… Does not work at a time, when we have done such a sever thing on the planet .. that during the life of several generations we will have to restore the planet’s initial ecological cleanliness and natural order… (This is an ill-conceived, imperfect system…)

— And what have to do those people, who have lost their job and left without any benefits; without a livelihood and without a home; without the ability to feed their family, their children and themself? …

— What is their way out? Begging ? … Someone will do this … Look for a new job at a new place? … Someone would do this … But that job would still be not enough for everyone.

— What will the others do? Everyone would commit a suicide? No!

— They would go to steal, rob, kill; would join the gangs, terrorists, mercenaries, killers …

— They would take revenge on our wild society, where, at best, we demand the shelter for homeless dogs — and, at the same time, treat hungry homeless people with contempt… They would take revenge on society, and society is — we! Each of us! And each of us, or our loved ones, can fall under this revenge. And who should we blame?

— Well, how much state funds (our taxes) will be spent on the fight against crime and terrorism? …

— And the officials (who steal), they will simply say: «Yes, it is not a sin to steal from such a society» — and, in part, they will be right. It is not for nothing that it is said that «every nation is worthy of its government.»

— And the absence, in some countries, of a pension system and systems of social guarantees and social protection — leads to uncontrolled population growth in these countries and regions. (Because a person has no other choice: only to create at least some guarantees for itself in the future in case of illness and old age — by creating a large number of close relatives; at least one of them will take care of this person).

And a critical overpopulation even in one place — leads to many problems in other places. The modern problem of migrants is a direct confirmation of this. Therefore, in socio-economic policy — everything also needs to be changed.

Block 4.6,7.


— Is it profitable to pollute the nature?

— Today — yes! And what losses and expenses await us tomorrow? (And any «tomorrow» will turn into «today».)

— The attitude to ecology must also be radically changed!

— Let’s take stock market games, the purpose of which is: the enrichment of the most cunning, shrewd, sagacious, «drones», who do nothing useful and do not produce anything :

— Stock exchange game — GAME !!! These are not logical and necessary actions for the benefit of the entire population of <people, country, humanity>. The bottom line is the same — gambling for money as playing cards and the like.

But the worst thing in this stock exchange game is, that people who are not at all involved in this game (work collectives, regions and states) —  become its hostages.

And this is much more terrible and many times more dangerous than any casinos, «scams», gambling, etc.

— So why, the attitude towards these things ranges from disapproving to criminally punishable, but nothing alike toward the stock exchanges?

Does the healthy economy need a stock market game ?

And the game must be a GAME … Without hostages … We do not live in a slave system …

— And what is the difference between the trafficking of athletes and human trafficking? …

— In general, we think that you understand: — The entire economy and socio-economic policy should be changed. And immediately!

Section 4.7.

Foundations of the new economy and socio-economic policy.


Block 4.7,1.


— It follows from everything analyzed and proven above: that, in order to save the entire modern human civilization (heading towards inevitable death), is necessary a complex reboot <revision, improvement, change> of all its economic foundations, almost all of its laws and the entire scale of values ( personal national and planetary).

— Therefore, to begin with, let’s ask ourselves a question and let’s decide:

— What are we going to build?

— Think! Decide …

— Who is with us — have already decided:

We will build Homonism! (The system, which is worthy of the high title of Human, socially just and harmonious with the nature of planet Earth.)

— The question: — What forms of ownership will we rely on?

— We answer: — As already mentioned, the forms of ownership, by themselves, do not play a particularly decisive role. Everything is regulated by the spiritual-ethical and legislative bases.

— Therefore, all forms of ownership are acceptable (at least- at the present stage).

— The principles of social justice and environmental harmony — we will regulate with the network of laws, standards, taxes and rules. (All this will be described below.)

— The question: — What model of the economy will we take as a basis and will develop: market, planned, or some other?

— Before answering, let’s conduct a brief analysis of various economic models:

Market economy — reacts very quickly to any changes, but only after these changes have already taken place; therefore, the market economy cannot impede the onset of the crisis.

Planned economy — plans everything in advance, therefore, it can withstand the impending crisis; as it plans and implements anti-crisis measures in advance; or rather — plans so, that crises are generally excluded. But, the planned economy, going strictly according to the plan, is very inert and not agile, relative to the rapidly changing external factors.

— Therefore, the golden mean is — in an economic model with analytical and planned economic control (abbreviated: APEC). That is: everything is analyzed. And, based on these analyzes, the strategy and tactics of economic activity are planned; this is the law.

But within the framework of this and other laws, entrepreneurial activity «initiative» is permissible, as the basis of a market economy.

— Then, all negative manifestations that arise will be neutralized by the systems of reserves and stimulation, which will be described below.

— And then — the specific principles of a comprehensive reboot:

Block 4.7,2.


— The scourge of modern society is unemployment <«surplus people»>. And this, as already mentioned, is — deprivation, suffering, crime, moral decay, uncertainty about the future, instability and other problems. This phenomenon, as already mentioned, is unprofitable from the economic point of view and unacceptable from the moral and ethical «spiritual and ethical» point of view.

— To eliminate unemployment, we do the following:

— We create the State Reserve Service, which includes a network of State Reserve Enterprises: these are public works; and strengthening of service sectors; and own projects using all kinds of schedules and forms of working conditions (including the rotational work method, for travel to work in other regions and even states).

— In the State Reserve Service (abbreviated: SRS) and in its State Reserve Enterprises (abbreviated: SRE) there will be two kinds of staff:

— One kind of staff — permanent (consisting of the permanent staff members of the GRS — SRE).

The other kind of staff — «flexible» (consisting of the reserve employees, with constant «staff turnover»).

— Applying for a job in the SRE as a reserve employee and dismissal — are voluntary, and, on the part of the SRE, they are trouble-free (that is, you cannot be denied a job in the SRE as the «flexible» staff, nor in dismissal of it) … But the working conditions are negotiated.

(For example: if you live alone and go from the village to the rotation — who will look after the house and farm? These issues should be solved by the SRS, which provided you with such a work schedule; Because: Behind the SRS — stay the state, which should foresee everything, analyze, to plan, finance and arrange. The state is for citizens. And not vice versa.)

The pay of «reserve employees», in any cases, should not be lower than the real official subsistence minimum and higher — depending on the work and working conditions. This will create healthy competition for unscrupulous businesses that mistreat their employees; and employees will be able to leave such an enterprise without fear of starvation.

(We remind you once again: all possible nuances are regulated by thoughtful laws and controlled by honest regulatory bodies; including self-government bodies, analysis and planning bodies, trade unions, courts, etc.)

— If someone wants to engage in private business — please! Pay the taxes, obey the laws, and — go for it …

— But the one who does not have legal benefits, and therefore — the legal grounds, simply does not want to work, but wants to live at the expense of others — is a lawbreaker. Because the law will prohibit: both unemployment and parasitism.

— And therefore: for parasites, alcoholics, drug addicts, petty thieves and swindlers, the so-called compulsory medical and labor dispensaries will be opened; where they will be treated and tamed to socially useful labor.

— This whole system described above — leads to the work of a simple socio-economic formula:

— If there is a surplus of personnel in the production sphere — personnel are transferred to the non-production sphere … If in the production sphere, there is a shortage of personnel — their inflow goes from the non-production sphere … And no paralyzing crisis phenomena occur.

And besides, in the still operating imperfect economy of human civilization, there are a lot of things that need to be done immediately, but this is economically not profitable today. Well, for example, the same cleaning of nature of garbage … So after all, instead of just paying the unemployed the benefits and producing the phenomena of the crisis, of course, it is more profitable (even according to all market laws) — to give people the opportunity to work and get at least something from it.



Block 4.7,3.


— So, the money — is the universal equivalent of accounting for the value of all things, work, savings, losses. And the monetary unit (any) — is a conventional unit of such accounting. It (a monetary unit) can be backed by gold, can be backed by all the property of the state, or maybe, in fact — backed by nothing at all; like the modern US dollar and other currencies.

But this conventional monetary unit is also a «key and fuel» to launch any modern economic mechanism and the entire economy as a whole.

— Well, if the unit is conditional, then why should the economy of a state (of any kind) depend precisely on the number of «painted wrappers» ?

After all, pure logic dictates what needs to be done in the same way as the Soviet Union did in the twentieth century:

— In addition to the cash national monetary unit, make a non-cash monetary unit of universal accounting: for non-cash payments between enterprises within the state, which will lead to the launch of an economy slowed down by the crisis.

— Everything is very simple:

— The State Bank , according to the decree of the analytical planning body of the state, deposits the required amount of non-cash money (non-cash euros, or dollars, or hrivnias, etc.) into the accounts of enterprises.

And the economy starts to work. To the extent of its capabilities and development, but — it is working !!!

— And the same State Bank, according to the decree of the same analytical planning body of the state, decides and sets the rate of domestic conversion of the non-cash national currency — into cash, which is used to pay salaries, make foreign payments, etc. (This cash national currency can also be used in non-cash payment options, for example, in electronic form).

Simply, in any state, two types of national currencies are introduced:

— Cash and non-cash, to protect their state interests.

— Of course — for this type of economy, it is better for the state to be as self-sufficient as possible. That is, to have sufficient resources for the fullest possible economic autonomy, or to produce something that would be in demand abroad and would bring sufficient profit to the state treasury.

— Therefore, in the future, it will be simply necessary for all states of the world (taking into account all the historical, mental, economic, social and other aspects and levels of their development). In order to achieve maximum self-sufficiency — to unite in the Economic Unions, for the possibility of effective introduction of the Union non-cash currency, for a more successful solution of their personal and general tasks.

Block 4.7,4


— So, as we found out, in order to overcome the consequences of the World economic crisis, launch some state economies, and their successful independent functioning, it is advisable and necessary to introduce into the financial flows of the state — the second type of a monetary unit, namely: Non-cash state monetary unit; The release of which and control over its turnover is carried out by state planning and economic bodies. And this automatically provides for the leading, dominant role of the Central State Bank and its extensive state branches.

— Then the question arises: — What to do with commercial banks and other commercial investors? After all, it is well known that «breaking over the knee» of any well-oiled economic mechanism leads to chaos (albeit temporary) in the entire economy. Is it possible to do without «excesses» and carry out a civilized transformation <reorganization, change, modernization, reboot> of the outdated market system of commercial banks and other investment structures? We answer: — It is possible!

— Commercial credit investment financing of industries and entities — it is possible provided that the profits of banks and investors from these operations should be «tightly tied» to the profit and profitability of the industries, entities, enterprises financed by them; and make up a certain agreed percentage of the profits of these enterprises. The banks will receive this percentage of the profits of enterprises until they return the loan amount and the additional interest agreed on the loan.

— As you can see, the main commercial principle: making a profit is observed … But, according to the outdated modern scheme, the bank does not care how to get its profit. Very often it is profitable for the bank: to give the subject a loan, and then ruin it (the subject), bankrupt, appropriate property, sell again …

— And according to the new scheme, the collapse and bankruptcy of such entities will not be profitable for the bank. Because then, the bank will receive nothing. Because (within the framework of social justice) have to be introduced a law, according to which the property of bankrupt and closed enterprises will go to those, who will provide new work for all employees of the closed enterprise, and employees will agree to it.

— So, the new owners of the bankrupt and closed enterprises will be mainly the state represented by the State Reserve Service.

— But commercial banks, for the insurance of their operations, can jointly create insurance systems, information and analytical systems that can closely cooperate with similar government systems.

— But, nothing shall be as it was before:

— That is — profit — only for the bankers and banks; and losses — only on  the shoulders of the ordinary people … And where is a social justice?

— And Homonism is — a socially just system.

Block 4.7,5.


 — Banks are the part of the «circulatory system» …

And not the «circulatory system» should command, but the Brain Center …

— And, as a such a Brain Center is proposed: A unified state service for collecting information, analyzing, coordinating, planning, financing and monitoring of all types of activities. Abbreviated: State Control Center (SCC).

— For the control over joint-stock companies — the introduction of a mandatory «State Golden Share» with a «veto» right in all joint-stock companies, operating in the state, without exception.

— To counteract the main vice: greed, and the economic manifestation of this vice: inflation — it is necessary to establish the state control over the sources of all price and value chains; and then — the strictly limited permitted interest markups… Moreover, if it is said that the maximum trade markup should not exceed, for example, 50% of the manufacturer’s price, then it should not be exceeded, regardless of the number of  the resellers.

— Within the framework of economic, social justice — the creation of grids of strict interdependence of all salaries and incomes:

— Salaries of state employees — there is a certain percentage of state revenues.

— The salaries of the bosses — are strictly dependent on all the salaries of their subordinates.

— Payment of dividends on shares — on a residual basis.

(Well, how then, for example, within the framework of social justice and free non-commercial medicine, to avoid: equalization in the salaries of ordinary and excellent doctors? Answer: — Well, firstly, we can introduce «coupons-questionnaires» of strict accountability affecting salaries;  secondly, the scale of values will gradually change — and being respected in society as an excellent specialist doctor will be more prestigious, more comfortable, more honorable than being just a doctor …)

— And, the grid of interdependence of the comfort of life of officials and those in power, and the comfort of life of the people — should also be introduced in some states, where the gap between the rich and the poor is simply enormous …

Block 4.7,6.


— Still, the market economy, keeping the manufacturer in constant competitive tension, greatly stimulates his intellectual activity aimed at improving and updating the products; and to the reduction of the cost of its production, to increase competitiveness. For the standard of living of the manufacturer himself — depends on this.

— A planned economy makes it possible, so to speak, to relax in this regard and not really care about the issues of competitiveness of products and services.

— Then what should be done to stimulate the improvement of services and products in a planned economy?

— In the Soviet Union in the twentieth century, this problem was partly solved by the development of socialistic competition between different manufacturers. (With the encouragement of the winners, mainly in non-material and moral forms; well, material as well.) And the State Acceptance controlled the quality, guided by the already existing State quality standards. And in the prestigious and especially important for the state industries, such as space exploration, the stake was placed on self-awareness, pride in the company and the country; and high material incentives. This positive experience of the USSR of the twentieth century — can be used in the foundations of the new economy and socio-economic policy.

— But it will still be expedient and very important: to introduce a system of so-called virtual leading standards. These are the future standards of the: quality, comfort, energy saving, cost price, design, and the like, for all types of products and services. All, without exception, manufacturers must: either reach these standards, before a certain time deadline; or constantly reduce the cost of manufactured products and services.

But environmental requirements and standards — should only be constantly raised, and unconditionally fulfilled by everyone.

Section 4.8.

Foundations of the new jurisprudence of the <legal system of Homonism>.


Block 4.8,1.


— In a just state of law, there must be fair: laws, rights and obligations, justice and judicial system.

Of course, the main thing, as we have already proved to you, is the Light spiritual and ethical filling of the entire legal system; and judicial system as well.

— Homonism is a fair system, harmonious with nature, and — Light.

And in light of this, it is necessary to change, improve and supplement — the entire jurisprudence of all states. System reboot is as follows:

Block 4.8,2.


— At the heart of the trial,=process, in most states, today — is the principle of a competitive duel between defense and prosecution …

And there should be — a general principle of establishing truth and justice. (It’s natural and elementary.)

— And for this, the main thing is: in all legal foundations and legal proceedings — to exclude absolutely: the influence of money and connections on the course of these processes; on the establishment of truth and justice; and on the verdict.

— And therefore: release on bail — should be excluded. Because: if one has stolen and hidden a lot — he (she) can easily pay off. And if one has stolen a little — «stay in jail»!

— And therefore: paid lawyers are unacceptable. Because: those who have more money (including money obtained by illegal means) have greater opportunities for their protection, justification and mitigation of punishment.

And prosecutors, looking at lawyers (who make money on the investigation and trial) — start taking bribes.

And the judges, looking at lawyers and prosecutors, also begin to make decisions that depend on the amount of their personal remuneration and on the personal benefit received.

So what, in such a situation, should the law enforcement and investigative bodies do ??! …

— And therefore: both the Bar and the Prosecutor’s Office — must be an equal state structures and to receive a state salary.

— If prosecutors can be appointed by various government bodies, the judges and chief regional lawyers should be elected by direct popular vote. ( The rest of the Bar staff should be recruited by the elected regional lawyers themselves.)

— We can also add, that in most difficult and serious cases, one single judge — is still not enough: people’s assessors are needed; or judges — from three judges or more … Because, due to the specifics of realities in some states, jury trials play a very ambiguous role there, mainly due to the lack of professionalism of the jury …

Block 4.8,3.


— Different states have different structures of law enforcement and investigative bodies with the different names: these are the militia, and the police, and investigative committees, bureaus, and so on. But all models of law enforcement agencies need three essential additions.

— Firstly: the creation of criminal history departments — to investigate the crimes of the past. (And not with the aim of revenge and the like. Just because unsolved crimes — should not be in principle.)

— Secondly: the creation of departments of the assistance for the citizens in non-standard situations . (For example: money, documents, clothes — were stolen from someone on the way; someone lagged behind the train, etc. The police,= the militia — must help.)

— Thirdly: the state legal special forces, of course — have the right to hide their faces behind the masks, they have the right to act instantly and quickly without presenting of the documents and the like. But they must have personal identification marks of the soldier , for example — clearly distinguishable numbers; for the possibility, in the case of intra-service or judicial investigations — to establish the actions of everyone.

Block 4.8,4.


— All world intelligence services are engaged in, actually, the same activities: intelligence, counterintelligence, and special operations (including the collection of information, analysis, forecast, development and actions). And all this in the vector of a given topic, a set goal or a command. And all this — is in favor of those, who specifically pay these special services (including those, from whom specifically these special services receive profit).

Of course, all these actions aimed at the detriment of the opponents of the clans, which pays money to the special services.

And there is no question of any real (and, therefore, ideological and disinterested) service to the interests of their peoples, and even more so — to the interests of planet Earth.

— Of course, in every special service (almost everyone), there is a part of disinterested ideological employees. But we are talking about structures in general …

— And in general, in the special services — changes are needed:

— For the system of special services of the states which are building the Homonism — a single new main goal should be set: ensuring security, harmony and infinity of the development of human civilization on the planet Earth.

This means, that the priority in the work of the special services — should be the issues of environmental harmony and safety of all human activities. Not forgetting that the human — is a link (and one of the main ones) in the infinite living. And to identify, prevent, change, transform, suppress everything, that interferes with this harmony and security… This is: the environmental safety of developments and production, the corruption, the shadow economy, organized crime, the terrorism; and the spiritual and ethical content of all projects, ideas … But certainly not the discredit of the competitors and political opponents …

— Therefore, the selection of employees for the state special services must be carried out from a psychological point of view: not according to the principles of a «cunning dog», but according to the spiritual and ethical principles; recruiting conscious, staunch and intelligent «warriors of Light», ideological fighters against the Forces of Darkness, for a happy future for their peoples and planet Earth, as a whole.

Block 4.8,5.


— Considering the issues of legislation and law, we can confidently assert, that the laws cannot foresee all of the possible situations.

— Therefore: in the courts, in the legal proceedings and in the actions of government bodies — there should be: the rule of law, morality and common sense — leading to the establishment of the truth and the adoption of a fair decision.

— This requires a social and analytical examination of all laws for their compliance with the norms and principles of social justice. Homonism — is a socially just system.

— (We must remember that the Dark Forces will interfere and do everything for the greatest possible additional extraction of negative energy-feelings. This is their food …)

— Therefore, in order to maintain justice and to possess the ability to have the moral right to punish a person for minor offenses, it is necessary: to achieve the absence of the homeless people, hungry, naked and forgotten by all, abandoned to their fate.

— People without a livelihood — should not exist in principle!

— There should be no people without housing, in principle!

— Inaccessible medicine — should not be in principle!

— Inaccessible primary and vocational training — should not be in principle!

— Those, who need special help and do not receive it — should not exist in principle!

— Practically disenfranchised — should not be in principle!

— Unemployment and homelessness — should be prohibited by the law everywhere, in all countries that have decided to build Homonism.

— And the solution of all emerging related issues and problems — is the task of the state. For this, the state exists — to solve the problems of society.

— If the state does not cope, we need to help it. And if the state does not want to cope — everything must be changed in it!


Block 4.8,6.


— And therefore: all salaries, benefits, pensions — must fully comply with the requirements of the implementation of social justice. And there should be a rigid grid-dependence of the salary of the boss on the salaries of subordinates, the salary of the employer on the salaries of its employees.

— For employees of enterprises of all forms of ownership — unified social standards and social protection.

— And for an owner-entrepreneur, the incentive should not be a thirst for profit on someone else’s work, but a sense of its own dignity and its own benefit and significance, and its respect by others.

— However, with a change in the scale of human values, this incentive will become basic, prestigious and natural.

— And it will be necessary to make an inventory and audit of all living quarters and premises, suitable for alteration for housing; and to adopt the laws appropriate to the circumstances and social justice. To intensify the state building and to open adaptation temporary hostels; and to provide everyone with social and public housing. To prohibit the evicting people to the street or in unprepared housing; considering such actions as a crime of the gravest category. All homeless people will need to be accommodated in hostels, hotels, temporary shelters, etc. — by circumstances, but at the expense of the state (because the state is responsible for all its citizens and for everything that happens on its territory) …

Block 4.8,7.


— In the existing modern system of lending and distribution of profits and losses: profit is privatized (that is — appropriated by a narrow circle of owners), but risks, losses — are socialized (that is — they fall on the shoulders of society). Well, where is the justice ?!

— The principle must act: the one who had more, when everything was good, should lose more — when suddenly it became bad. (By the way, for those in power, this is an additional incentive to think; and, therefore, an incentive for progress.) This means, that all loan agreements, and all relevant laws, must comply with this principle (in the light of the principles of justice of Homonism).

— Any excess profits should be fairly taxed with increased taxes (of course, within the framework of a «reasonable», which does not bring the issue to the point of absurdity, a progressive scale of taxation of financial profits).

And it doesn’t matter where the super-profit comes from: from super-profitable production, or from winning the lottery … After all, they «these lucky ones» — do not live in a vacuum. They live among us and enjoy all the benefits of civilization, created by our labor:

— They drive on the roads, eat food, use premises, technologies, gifts of nature, etc.

But not all the industries, institutions, services — have the opportunity to receive such excess profits; many of them functioning due to the subsidies and the budget. But without their common work — no one, ever and anywhere, would not be able to receive any of their personal super-profits! … And the «lucky ones» will sleep more peacefully, knowing that they have paid a fair tax. And taxes will go for the common good: the good for us, the good for them, and for our descendants …

— The control over the use of taxes — is our common business; The Martians will not deal with this issue.

— By the way: to the systems of fines — an individual approach is also desirable, depending on the financial situation of a person.

Block 4.8,8.


— Now, let’s figure it out further:

— The state levies taxes … This means: all state services should be free. (Because: paying taxes and paying again — is a double payment.) It is unfair and illogical.

— Next, we need to distinguish:

— There are a budget-forming production and financial operations. Of these, either taxes are paid to the budget; or the amounts are credited to the budget in full or in part.

— But there are also operations that are financed from the budget.

— It turns out that a certain amount is allocated from the budget for a certain business. And then, a certain (usually quite significant) part of this amount — is again withdrawn in the form of taxes. Where is the logic? What’s the use? Entanglement and «shadow» …

— It is more logical: just allocating less without taxes… Then it will be easier to control…

Block 4.8,9.


— The gambling business must be taxed in a special form:

— Each bet must be taxed. (If there is money to «throw it down the drain» — share it with the state.)

— And the block of laws on the gambling business should be special:

— This is a mandatory audio-video registration of the bets (for the possibility of taxation); this is the strict prohibition on playing in debt; this is the strict prohibition on gambling by any funds, other than your own; it is a law that at the end of the game, the player must have an amount — not less than the official living wage; (before the start of the game, the player deposits this amount in the casino for storage, and, at the end of the game — takes it out).

— The state should establish control over all this. Only in this case the gambling business can be tolerated.

— The sports business should also be regulated by a separate block of taxes and laws. (Although, in principle, sport should be a sport, not a business.)

— Therefore, there must be a mandatory availability (fully meeting the demand) of free sports clubs in the most sports. The only exception can be made for «especially financially intensive» sports.

— Paid higher education, under Homonism, is, in principle, permissible, but only partially and only in a limited humanitarian sphere. (Well, who, for example, wants to go to a mediocre doctor, who bought a diploma for a lot of money ?!)

— For admission to a higher educational institutions, we need a competition of minds, not a competition of wallets.

Block 4.8,10.


— We cannot eliminate the criminality in one day. So it is necessary to reduce it systematically: removing the reasons, «soil», egregors.

— It is necessary to force criminals (even when committing a crime) to comply with certain limits, excluding «lawlessness» (cruelty, sadism, murder, etc.).

We must close all the loopholes of avoiding responsibility for committing of serious crimes. And for this we need to do the following:

— Following the example of the Constitution of Ukraine, to introduce the concept of «criminal order» everywhere, and a legal right — not to carry out such an order.

— Leadership of a criminal gang, consultations of criminal gangs, development of the plans for criminal gangs and other significant assistance to criminal gangs — should become especially dangerous serious crimes.

— Leaders of the criminal gangs should be responsible for all crimes committed by the members of the gang. (After all, in legal spheres of activity the bosses are responsible for the actions of their subordinates.) So, if the mafiosi does not want to receive the capital punishment, he (she) will make sure that their bandits observe the «limits of decency».

— Considering of any case, its moral and ethical part should become the main one. (After all, this is a big difference: if a person stole something in order not to die of hunger, etc., or if it stole something to get rich, or out of envy, etc.)

Therefore the base feelings, dark, evil — should aggravate the guilt.

Therefore, the feeling of jealousy — should aggravate the guilt.

Greed — should aggravate the guilt. Sadism — should double the severity of punishment.

— Infinite terrible Evil — should not have a single loophole to evade responsibility. And therefore: those who have committed especially grave crimes — must be isolated from society for the rest of life, regardless of age or mental illnesses.

— What is «demonic obsession» — we have already explained. But the obsession, when the obsessed person commits a crime — cannot be an excuse. Because each person is endowed with the freedom of choice: what to let into own soul — Light or Darkness. Even under hypnosis, you cannot force a person to do something that is contrary to its spiritual, moral and ethical principles.

And it is necessary to heal the possessed. To isolate and to heal …

— But, we must remember that it is useless to apply the death penalty against the possessed. The death penalty — is the victory of the demon. Life imprisonment is more effective. Because, the soul of the possessed,  any lost and sinful soul — have the opportunity and the chance to realize, repent and struggle. And the struggle between Light and Darkness — is the main thing in our life.

Block 4.8,11.


— In all new jurisprudence, it is also necessary to take into account the fact of the existence of egregors and their specificity (basic qualities and features).

— It is necessary to remember about the constant energy-information exchange between the egregor and all its constituent subjects (individuals, groups, collectives, crowd, etc.). It must be remembered that individuals, with their feelings-energies, feed and support egregors; and form all their (egregor’s) features, qualities and strength. And egregors, in order to maintain their existence, increases power and capabilities, act through the subconscious on the behavior and thoughts of individuals, connected to these egregors.

— It must be remembered that when the egregor stops feeding it needs by the energies-feelings , the egregor begins to self-destruct, forcibly spending irreplaceable energy on influencing its remaining members (in order to try to recover and to survive).

It must be remembered that when the individuals, who are the members of the egregor, begin to think and act differently — they begin and emit different spectra of energy-feelings . And this, in turn, leads to transformations in the egregor. And the further fate of egregor depends on the features of these changes.

— Therefore, for the destruction of the egregor of killer maniacs, killer sadists, and the like — the death penalty is ineffective. Because all potentially connected with these egregors — cannot be destroyed at once. And the quick death of individual members of the egregor does not pose any particular threat to this egregor. The egregor still has enough power to influence on a new suitable imperfect personalities and for the producing of new killer maniacs, etc. In addition, the death penalty, whatever one may say — is the dark energy-feeling: the essence and nourishment of Evil!

Yes, minus and minus — gives a plus; but only in a collision. And belated revenge can only increase Evil. Where is the exit?

— We have already said: «Isolation — is an effective tool.»

— To isolate for life: and make them think and radiate into the egregor a sense of the inevitability of punishment; feelings of longing, regret, remorse, etc.

— The egregor, acting for alive, but isolated forever maniac — will spend its evil — devouring itself. And nothing else — a system works like that.

— Therefore, the replacement of the death penalty with life imprisonment has very strong and scientific justification.

— And one more thing: a person should always have something to lose. Therefore, the conditions of detention should be different for different people …

Block 4.8,12.


— In the wildlife, there is a well-functioning mechanism for the control of fertility and the population of the species. If this mechanism is violated, then hunger and wars for a place in the Sun — restore the balance …

— People, in the egregors of some folks and social groups, have a semi-conscious system of fertility control and regulation. And the egregors of some other folks and social groups do not have such a regulator. So, the mechanism of wars is turned on to reduce the population on the planet.

— In addition, war is what is needed to the egregor of the Force of Evil.

— If we do not want war, it means that we also need to establish strict control over the fertility. The state control; and where the state control fails — international control. But, in compliance with moral and ethical standards, without prejudice to those, who is already born.

Laws on birth control must be strict, up to forced sterilization.

But, of course, the main thing is the development of self-awareness and understanding of the vital importance and the necessity of introducing global fertility control on Earth.

— Actually, for this, to be meaningful, it is necessary to create the dominance of the power of Light.

And, in order to preserve moral and ethical harmony and exclude the possibility of the process slipping into the side of fascism — along with strict control over fertility — there must be the same «tough» struggle for the lives of those who was already born. Moreover, it will both advance science and stimulate responsibility …

Block 4.8,13.


— We have already explained what «relatively living objects» are.

— Under the Homonism: both living and relatively living objects — cannot be absolutely powerless. From our subjective human point of view, we propose to form their rights on the basis of the following indicators:

  1. — Moral and ethical side of the matter.
  2. — The right of other living objects to this object and its value for them.
  3. — The ratio of harm and benefit from this right — to the mankind.
  4. — The ratio of harm and benefit from a given object — to the mankind.
  5. — Level,=the range of globality, occupied by this object, in comparison with one human personality.
  6. — The value of an object in the environment of the Universe.
  7. — Calculation of certain consequences, from certain actions of a person, in relation to a given object.

— Having studied these indicators and deriving the conventional units, we can then multiply these units by the conditional coefficient of the object’s vitality and obtain the formula-symbol of the object’s right.

— And then we will change many views and attitudes: to Nature; and to Our Mother Earth; and to the colonization of other planets; and to other forms of life on them and here, on the Earth. And even more so, we will have to take into account and observe the rights of the robots with artificial intelligence we create, and the rights of the artificial intelligence itself.

— The higher is the knowledge, the higher is the responsibility. Otherwise — collapse.

Block 4.8,14.


— If there is any law, restriction, or prohibition — they must be observed.

And for this: before we accept something, we need to think over, to model and to calculate many times.

— Otherwise — disrespect for the authorities, laws and all prohibitions and restrictions — in general.

Section 4.9.

The path to the infinity.

Block 4.9,1.


— And now, basing on all our knowledge, reflections, analyzes and logical conclusions — let’s summarize the main conclusion:

— What exactly do we need to do to completely replace the development program of modern Earth human civilization? How to switch the current program of the Apocalypse, which provides for the death of the modern civilization , to a new program of the Path of the Infinite Development of Mankind? How to start it?

— In principle, it’s very simple:

— We need to remove our greed and aggression everywhere and in everything; it’s a very simple overarching principle …

— And for this we need to change our generally accepted priorities: the spiritual is primary, the material is secondary.

— You need to sow around: light, love, creation; not evil, destruction, darkness.

— We must remember that envy, lust for power, any passion, varieties of greed and aggression — violate the harmony of life in general.

— Recognizing the rights of others, we need to go for a meaningful and conscious self-restraint.

— Realizing that the path of humanity is a collective path, we must think and care not only about ourselves, but about everyone. (And in a healthy society, first of all — about everyone.) Then the society, a healthy society — will take care of you.

And then the principle of Homonism will work in the relationships between people: «Each for the other!» The principle, which exclude hostility and war; and which guarantee a mutual assistance and understanding.

— Realizing that without Nature (without wild nature, as we call it), we will die — we must protect it, not pollute, and purify the polluted areas; we have to limit the area of our vital activity, giving more freedom to the «wild nature» of the planet Earth.

— Realizing that hydrocarbon fossil energy sources will run out soon, we need to give a flight of our thoughts and find fundamentally new energy sources and fundamentally new safe technologies. (And if oil and other hydrocarbons were «left to us» by previous Earth civilizations, then they already owned some other energy sources.)

— Realizing that the climate is changing globally, we have to invest our knowledge, searches and resources — not in weapons and all sorts of «trinkets», but in global projects and development of humanity’s adaptation to these global climate changes.

— Realizing that money is just a conventional universal unit of account, we have to stop putting the money in the rank of a deity. We have to learn to live, to work, to produce and to consume — consciously, self-limiting and thinking about others. And money will not be needed at all. And accounting units in economics, society, ecology, art, etc. will become more perfect (by the example of physical, chemical and other conventional scientific units).

— Realizing that the Universe is Alive, Smart, Infinite — we have to improve spiritually in order to become full-fledged worthy members of the Light-Reasonable Universal Brotherhood in the future.

— Realizing that the Evil will not give up its positions easily —  to go forward boldly. On our side is the God, who is the Truth, Light and Harmony.

— In general, it is necessary to change the spiritual and ethical content of all aspects of our civilization, so that LIGHT reigns.

Block 4.9,2.


— And further — a few specific clarifications: what should the human society do following the new program of the Infinite Path of Development:

— The first stage — is the introduction in the state (states) the foundations of a new economy and new jurisprudence; and the unification of states in economic unions in order, as already mentioned — to achieve the maximum possible self-sufficiency, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the introduction of a «cashless monetary unit».

— The second stage — is the creation of a Legal World Government and the beginning of solving of all problems faced by humanity in a globally coordinated and carefully thought-out aspect.

— And the third stage — is the continuation of the endless development of the mankind, but already according to the Harmonious Laws of the Universe; According to the laws of Good, Creation, Light, which provide and permit such an endless path.

— And the rule of World Harmony here says, that the spiritual and ethical development of mankind must always outstrip its material and physical development. Because any invention and any technology require a certain spiritual and ethical maturity of the mankind, so as not to cause a trouble; after all, even now we can already destroy life on our planet, and later the power and capabilities — will only increase.

— And finally: when the mankind will develop so much, that it (mankind) will feel cramped in its Earthly Cradle and it (mankind) will want to leave it (the cradle); or when the mankind will reach such a level of its spiritual development, that it will want to move from the material-physical range, to a new different range of the Universe — then the «modern mankind» will have to prepare the Earth for a new round of development of the New Earth Civilization with the New Mankind; whose genes are now dormant in primitive tribes, who are stubbornly live in the Stone Age and in the primitive communal system; and stubbornly unwilling to join our cruel (as it is yet) civilization …

End of the part 4 of =NicA=




Part 5. What to do. (The result — is the beginning of a new action.)

Section 5.1. Where to begin.


Block 5.1,1.

We say to novice Homonists: — Start with yourself! Create for yourself a scale of life values and determine priorities (that is: what is paramount, main, necessary; and what is secondary — in terms of actions, necessary to build a worthy common future).

— Just remember that: any «day after tomorrow» comes and turns into «today.» And what’s this «day after tomorrow» will be like — depends on your and our yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s affairs.

Therefore, do not do what is contrary to your conscience, do not follow criminal orders. Live according to the principles of Homonism. Learn, realize, remember, write down in your genes the basic rules :  — Homonistic principle of relationships between people: «Each is for the other» — only this form of relationship guarantees a harmonious, healthy and endless development of society.

— When communicating, remember: that under the same word, different people can mean different concepts; and the same concept —  can be called with a different words by a different people. Please understand …

— Decide what is white and what is black; and do not let anyone decide it for you.

— Remember: the basis of social stability and calm historical development — is common social justice.

— Understand: money is not a deity, but just a conventional unit of account; the future will be free of it!

— Remember that the soul is immortal; a person is born naked in Our World and leaves in the same way into the Other World; and takes there only what is in it’s soul! And therefore: enrich your soul, improve your spirit (remembering that the Light needs strong, kind, self-sufficient, creative souls; and the Darkness needs slaves, who carry out any orders, and whose souls the Darkness will «devour» anyway).

In your life:

 — Do not believe anyone thoughtlessly — a lie can be at any level and any degree of preparation.

 — Do not be afraid of anyone — fears are the tentacles of Darkness; There is no worse for the Darkness than a pure, kind, bright and fearless Heart.

— Try not to ask anyone for anything — so as not to be obliged to anyone, so as not to be dependent on anyone.

— Organize yourself, relying mainly on your own strengths and capabilities, and the strengths and capabilities of your trusted friends.

— Unite, listening only to your personal heart. For in the camp of your today’s political colleagues and allies (formed by the media and superficial knowledge and acquaintances) — may be many of your “heart enemies”, and in the camp of your today’s political opponents and enemies — may be many of your “heart-felt allies” and like-minded people.

In short: in principle, it is enough, for everyone in its place — to ignore and not carry out negative, inhuman and criminal orders.., and to join the soul in the ranks of the Forces of Light! (About those, who managed to conclude a contract with the devil — is a separate topic; but God, by Its Power, can annul it (the contract), if you personally show the worth of your soul in life.)


— «Turn on your brains», listen to your heart, improve your personal spirit — and become worthy of the Light !!!

Section 5.2.

Self-organization and struggle.


 Block 5.2,1.

There are many states on the planet. And everywhere — its own specificity of existing problems, situations, conditions …

Of course, peaceful and legal self-organization of Homonistic circles, movements and parties — is desirable. But if somewhere, for some reason, there is no way to do it legally and peacefully, then underground and militant self-organization — is allowed (with the election of commanders and the conscious discipline of the fighters). But, at the same time, it is imperative to remember, that the shedding of blood — is a super-extreme, super-unwanted, and super-controlled measure. And the shedding of the blood of the innocent — is a crime and a shame.

The purpose of the struggle is:

— Construction of Homonism (a socially fair Light social system, worthy of the high title of Human and harmoniously fitting into the Earth’s nature and the further program of the Infinite Development of Human Civilization).

When choosing allies and opponents, and in all your actions, you must take into account:

— It’s not only people, who get ill. Systems, folks, egregors — can get ill also. (Diseases, of course, can be different — from mild to fatal.)

 — Having caught the authorities in a lie — do not believe that authorities at all; let the authorities be afraid to lie to you.

— In any situations and confrontations (war, revolution, etc.), the main thing is — to figure out: where are the Dark Forces and where are the Light ones. And since good and evil are relative in Our World, and Light Forces are at war with Darkness, then, as in any war, the positions of forces are changing. And it is necessary to analyze, feel and understand: what is leading to light — is Light, what is leading to dark — is Darkness, and in controversial issues — do dispute; after all, in the dispute emerges the truth is.

— Consider also, that when there is no war, no natural disasters, no global technical catastrophes, and the authorities tell you that you need to be patient now, «tighten your belts» while this government carries out some kind of reforms; but then, someday, after these reforms, general prosperity will come — don’t believe it. Most likely — they are lying. Of course, situations are different, it’s hard to take everything into account, to foreseen everything; but, usually, in most cases: if improvements begin, then they begin immediately, and not sometime later.

Moreover, what is strange: when ordinary people have to endure the problems that have fallen on them, then the «moneybags», at the same time, sharply increase their capital … There are no crises in the economy, and there are no wars unleashed, in the result of which someone would not get profit. Where is the justice here? If to endure — then everyone!

— In the process of the struggle, it is necessary to achieve the legal constitutional consolidation of the Homonistic principles of justice, the foundations of the New jurisprudence and the foundations of the principles of the New Economy.

— We must start to struggle now, from this moment — and already to the end, to the victory! To struggle, preferably, legally, calmly; but firmly, constantly and consistently; using the Internet, mass media, meetings, public actions, elections, the creation of parties and public organizations.

We must go and delegate the Homonists to the governmental bodies; and to control the government and all its actions, by the method of making public (via the Internet, the media, etc.) all unworthy actions of the government and subject these actions to popular opposition.

In general — act as appropriate. But act in such a way, that your methods and means would not strengthen and feed the egregors of the Dark Forces; they are (even without it) too strong and too cunning. Conscience, dignity and harmony should always be the rule!

— In the upcoming struggle, it will be very effective to create a civil association to fight the corruption, bureaucracy, sabotage and indifference. Principle of operation: — To explain … To ask politely … And to achieve persistently…

Section 5.3.


 Three ways to come to power.

 (Revolution. Elections. Decree of the autocrat)

 Block 5.3,1.

A revolution is a revolution … But very often there is no other way out. Evil does not want to retreat without a struggle. We have already told you about the favorite methods of Evil. Let’s repeat a little more and add:

 — There are proverbs: «The revolution devours its children» and «The revolution is invented by the notionalists, implemented by the romantics, and the scoundrels use its fruits.»

 Because, while the good people are doing the job, the «not good» «on the sly» — seize the power. Because for some, the direction of thinking is — how to change the situation for the better for the whole people; while others have a clear goal — their personal coming to power to solve their personal mercantile problems.

And therefore, making a revolution, do not tie the entire revolutionary process only to some specific individuals. Remember that the Forces implement the global history. The main thing is to change the system itself for the new Light Forces arrival.

And without changing the system itself and without eliminating the influence of the Power of Darkness you can change specific people, one for another, an infinite number of times — without any sense…

 All this should be in the consciousness and subconsciousness of the revolutionary masses. You need to direct your energy against the system you hate, but not against a specific person.

And removing a hated person from power — is a matter of course. Along the way, with the destruction of the hated system. The challenge is — to create a system that will work itself — for the good of society, regardless of any particular individual.

And so that crooks, careerists, people with double morals, etc. would not get into the new system of power — to introduce the principles of Homonism, including the principle, that the higher is the post , the higher are the requirements and responsibility; and not the possibility of enrichment and «sweet life» as it is now.

Under the Homonism, a person will be the first and most of all respected for the qualities of its soul; for the mind, professionalism and his contribution to the common cause. And its positions — are temporary. And its material wealth, if only it was honest — in general, is its own business.

Block 5.3,2.


 The coming of Homonists to power through free legal elections — is the best option. But the question arises: «Where to get the required amount of money?» It will be good if the state will bear the costs, if there will be rich people who (following the example of certain Biblical characters, who distributed their wealth to the people and followed the Christ) will make the financing of the election campaign of Homonists.

It will be good if people will show consciousness and maturity and will bring the Homonists to power. And in other cases: first it is necessary to conduct and win the struggle to eliminate the influence of the amount of money on the election results.

How to do it? According to the circumstances. «Turn on your brains!» (Also, according to the circumstances and «turning on the brains», it is necessary to seek the exclusion of illegal influence on the election results from any of the existing forces.)

True, in these cases, a problem arises: how to limit the number of candidates within the reasonable limits ?! «Turn on your brains.» Maybe a hierarchical system will suit … Maybe something else … up to the drawing of lots (if there are a lot of candidates, let them draw the lots) Remember — you will be worthy of what you have chosen.

Block 5.3,3.


 There are the states, where emirs, kings, sultans, princes and dictators rule individually…

 History knows the examples of abdication and voluntary transfer of power… It is possible that this chance will be realized somewhere.

 Or, maybe, the King will decide to become a Homonist …

 Everyone has a chance to start a new life …

Section 5.4.


The next steps.


 Block 5.4,1.

It is impossible to embrace the infinity. It is impossible to foresee everything. The main things — we’ve told you.

Next — act according to the circumstances. Know (after all, this is logical), that by changing the direction of thinking of the majority of humanity, you will also change the program of its development; from the program of the final path of development of modern human civilization — called the Apocalypse; To the program of the Endless Path of Civilization Development — described in =NicA=.

The possibility of such a replacement of global programs, as we have already said, is provided, in a veiled form, in chapter 10 of the Revelation of St. John the Evangelist, in the New Testament, in the Bible.

But even after the inclusion of a new program of the Infinite Path of Development — the struggle between the Light and the Darkness — will continue. And it will depend on everyone: whether humanity will continue to follow the Path of its Infinite Development, or will again descend into the Apocalypse. And, at the end of the description of the option for the further actions proposed to you, we introduce several clarifications that, in the future, will help you:

Block 5.4,2.


 Having come to power, you will face the problem that in many countries, there are many state structures — rotten through, corrupted, connected with organized crime, completely captured by the Forces of Evil. And the egregors of these structures — are the same.

And therefore, the best way out is — to disband these structures completely and to create new ones, with the same or similar functions, but with a new emerging egregor (devoid of that former powerful negativity) and with a new personnel.

And in order not to lose the accumulated positive experience and knowledge, it is necessary to create of the former worthy employees an «institute of consultants», who will advise newcomers and pass on positive experience for them.

And, for now, at the present stage of development, in the power structures, while the spirit of corruption, etc. will not be completely eliminated — a constant and mandatory rotation of employees of these structures — is necessary (that is, a change in the place of service of the officers every 3 — 4 years); to the purpose of elimination of spontaneous creation of the corruption ties and systems of esprit de corps.

— Of course, for this, and for other purposes too — a very wide network of departmental public housing will be needed … So it (this network) needs to be created, revived, built …

Block 5.4,3.


 Considering and analyzing wars and other conflicts, for the establishing of the truth (what was done, what was violated, and by whom, etc.) it is necessary, in addition to the obvious parties involved, also to take into account, the possible hidden presence of a third force, usually specializing the provocations, that contribute to inciting and prolongation of the conflict …

 Creating the Economic Unions, it is necessary to take into account not only economic interests, but also the mentality of the of folks and nationalities. If the differences in views on the further path and unification — are too big, it is not necessary to suppress someone, or to redraw state borders. It is much wiser, in these cases — to create autonomies and federations …

In any case, under the Homonism, the right of peoples to self-determination should not be infringed upon. Even if some peoples, somewhere in something are wrong, then having made a mistake — people will understand it very quickly …

We must remember that the language issue — is a very painful and explosive topic. Everyone has the right to use its own language. (Of course, without bringing this question to the point of absurdity. Because the absurdity — will hit those, who created it first.)

And for interethnic, interstate and other international communications (Internet, science, production, technology, etc.) — it is desirable to have as few international languages​as possible. These can be languages which are already existing, and hybrid, and artificial; how people would decide …

 In short: in language politics — no forceful methods! Only self-regulation based on common sense, convenience and mutual understanding …

It must be remembered, that world culture — is a mosaic picture, consisting of different cultures … And therefore, we have to act according to the rule: «Remember yours — respect others».

 But!!! Anger, hatred, Darkness — are not permissible in any culture and must be eradicated …

All Homonistic cultures must have a Light spiritual and ethical content.

And to distinguish true art from any surrogate, use a simple and universal formula: — Art — is what does not leave indifferent and makes people=a person — better.

Block 5.4,4.


 After the creation of economic state unions and the introduction of intra-union non-cash currencies; the state unions themselves, in turn, will create a world inter-union currency and an inter-union committee with functions and powers delegated to it. And thus, on our entire small single planet, will arise a single lawful focal point for the planning and development of human civilization and control over this process.

This, in principle, will already be legal, official and controlled from below — World Government.

 Let’s say straight and honestly: for various reasons, not all states will join the economic unions. But, about some states, which does not bother anyone — it will be possible to say, that this is their own business … But with other states and territories, that live off the cultivation of drugs, trade and production of drugs, the slave trade, piracy and the like, or which simply do the harm to the environment — you’ll have to find the solution of the problem.

But, before the applying punitive sanctions to them, social justice requires that at first — they should have a choice and a real chance and opportunity to live according to the normal laws in normal conditions and without their criminal craft. (By the way: as for personalities — the same thing …)

 Among the main tasks of the World Government will be:

— Replacement of the global economic supercomplex for the production of weapons — with a global economic supercomplex for processing and neutralizing the waste of civilization and solution environmental safety issues. (After all, when strict birth control and the planned management of the world economy will be introduced, such an insane amount of weapons — will no longer be needed by anyone. And it will take more than one generation to restore natural purity on the Earth.)

— Creation of the Service of Perforced Resettlement of the Peoples, in connection with global climate change and global disasters.

 — Limiting the areas of active human activity, to provide «wild nature» with a controlled opportunity to develop freely. After all, we will not survive without healthy nature.

 — Entering into normal contact with Extraterrestrial civilizations. Contact based on the Light Universal Spirituality.

Block 5.4,5.

In all types of the construction, the following should be considered:

 — Before starting any construction of industrial, residential and any other objects, construction of which will emit any waste — we must first build a biological safety complex (BSC); consisting of places for temporary safe storage of waste and a complex for the utilization, neutralization and treatment (UNT) of all types of waste, which, according to preliminary calculations, will arise after the construction and commissioning of facilities. And only after that — should start any construction, that does not exceed the design capacity of the above-mentioned environmental safety facilities.

— In the future, it will be necessary to replace gradually all existing technological processes and their chains with environmentally friendly technologies. In principle, each manufactured product must have an «environmental product passport», providing for the environmental safety of the production, operation and utilization of this product. What was taken from the nature — must be returned to the nature. (If you invented something — before launching into production, you have to come up with and to ensure the recycling and environmental safety of your invention.)

— It is impossible to sprinkle the roads with salt, chemicals and sand in the countries with cold winters — for the centuries…

We need to develop rail modes of transport …

We must either build the roads, that do not hold ice or snow, or build appropriate all-terrain vehicles …

The easiest way is — the ultra-light tracks on transport and anti-slip pads on people’s shoe soles…

— In all types of structures and transport — introduce the engineering concept of «living capsule»=places of long stay of people. Such «capsules» should be maximally protected from all kinds of negative accidents and influences.

Block 5.4,6.

The modern universal unit of accounting for everything is — the money …

It is universal now, but humanity is rapidly developing in all directions, and the primitive single universality — will no longer be so suitable soon. And in the future, it will not work at all. One of the proposed options for accounting for everything is — a network scale of accounting units.

That means: a unit of account should be chosen for each sector of civilization’s activity. For example:

— Ecological unit (for the rating of the wealth of nature and the harm caused to the nature).

— Cultural unit (for the rating of the cultural values).

— Energy unit (to rate the energy consumption and energy potential).

— Material unit (for the rating of the products, that do not have special cultural and historical value: such as cars, electronics, furniture, etc.)

— Resource-consuming unit (to account of various resources and their use).

— Food unit (for accounting of food resources).

— Social unit (to rate the position of certain social groups).

— And, most importantly — the Life Unit (formed by the derivative of the results of calculations across the entire network scale). This Life Unit of accounting will be more informative than the primitive monetary unit and is quite worthy to come, in the future, to replace the money.

Block 5.4,7.

The future society will be more perfect and the need for money will gradually disappear. But, gradually introducing free services and goods, you must strictly follow the rules:

— Before producing something free and generally available — in this area, it is necessary to completely eliminate the deficit.

 — First, it is necessary to educate the whole society to consciously limit the excessive consumption of material goods — in accordance with the general state of affairs …

Block 5.4,8.

During the initial and transitional periods, even in the most extreme cases, it is not necessary to nationalize property; it is quite enough to make the nationalization of the management of this property .. and to regulate everything else by adopting the appropriate laws. (But, if these laws will be maliciously violated by the owners, then — to nationalize!)

For the harmonious development of society, it is important, naturally and gradually, to reach such a level of consciousness and concepts when the owners themselves will consider it natural and necessary to nationalize their industries …

In the future, when the religion and the science will cease to compete with each other, in order to preserve positive religious egregors, and merge all Light egregors into the Single Egregore of the Earthly Light, it will be advisable to equate the clergy with the government officials; and entrust them with the mission of protecting, extending and developing the spiritual and material cultural and religious heritage of our civilization…

— A gradual reduction in the duration of the «obligatory» working time (without compromising the standards of living); a gradual increase in the duration and the number of vacations; for increase the possibilities of free spiritual, physical, intellectual and creative development of the human and mankind …

Block 5.4,9.

And finally, a parting word. Three simple rules:

— Everything has its consequences …

— Instead of curse the darkness — light a candle …

— To finish the journey you have to keep putting one foot in front of another …

The end of =NicA=

The =NicA= program is the future of your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren…

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